Should pregnant women really eat for two?

Should pregnant women really eat for two?

It has long been believed that if you are pregnant then you should be eating for two, well you do want a healthy baby don’t you?

However, this is untrue and there is really no need for you to be eating extra.

A new report has stated that most pregnant women expect to gain between 22 and 26 pounds during their pregnancy. Yet, the same report recommends that those women who are too heavy should be referred to either Weight Watchers or Slimming World.

The NHS report stated:

“GPs and midwives should offer pregnant women funded referral to lifestyle weight management programmes.”

What has prompted this report?

You will probably be unsurprised to learn that we are currently in the grip of an obesity epidemic, which the government need to solve in order to take some strain off the creaking NHS.

Child weighingThe hope is that changing the eating habits of mothers will ensure tomorrows children do not grow up to become overweight or obese.

“Obesity is a family affair and it starts early.”

What has been proposed?

The report has proposed that a Cabinet-level minister should tackle the potential problem, with parents receiving “healthy eating and lifestyle advice” for their children.

There will also be family liaison workers based in local schools that will be on hand to encourage children to exercise, to eat healthily and to spend less time sat in front of the TV or computer.

Breastfeeding should also become the norm, according to the report, with mothers to be persuaded to avoid giving their newborns fattening formula milk.

Jenny Caven, a spokesperson for Slimming World had this to say about the proposals:

“If we don’t take steps now to do something to support families to adopt healthier patterns, our children will die before us.”

In my opinion though, while these proposals sound good in theory, getting them implemented will no doubt be a difficult task.

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