What drinks can help shrink your belly?

What drinks can help shrink your belly?

Choosing what to drink when attempting to lose weight can be difficult.

In fact some of us will completely forget about our drinking habits and will continue to drink those soft drinks and caffeinated beverages without giving a second thought to their calorie content.

This is a huge mistake and can prove costly as these few extra calories can add up to a lot over time.

If you want to shrink your belly then cut out those unhealthy drinks, instead try one of these alternatives:

#1: Flavoured water

Water is one of the best drinks available to you as it helps keep you hydrated, while helping to stop bloating.

It also contains zero calories and will help increase your feeling of fullness.

Lemon and limeThe only issue with water is that it can be a little boring, which is why you may want to add a slice of lemon or lime to it for a bit of flavour.

#2: Watermelon smoothie

While smoothies often contain added sugar if you can make your own then a smoothie can be a great way to hydrate yourself.

The watermelon is a great choice for a smoothie as it contains very few calories.

It also contains the cancer fighting nutrient lycopene and the amino acid arginine that has been shown to help reduce body fat while increasing lean muscle mass.

#3: Iced peppermint tea

The peppermint in peppermint tea can help you body to process fat much quicker than normal, so those high-fat foods do not cause weight gain.

#4: Pineapple frappe

To make this you need to blend flaxseed oil with pineapple.

The flaxseeds contain monounsaturated fatty acids that have been shown to burn belly fat, while the pineapple contains bromelain, which is an enzyme that can help your body to break down protein, ease digestion and reduce bloating.

#5: Green tea

There are numerous benefits you can experience through the consumption of green tea, not only weight loss.

For a start it can help reduce the risk of developing cancer and heart disease, while the catechins and antioxidants it contains can help reduce that dreaded belly fat.

#6: Dark chocolate milkshake

Dark chocolate has been shown to reduce food cravings, unfortunately this milkshake contains quite a high number of calories so may be a better option if used as a meal replacement.

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