3 signs you should change your diet

3 signs you should change your diet

For most of us the way we gauge the success of a diet is by the amount of weight that you lose.

Well, while this may be important it is certainly not the only way we can see if a diet is working for you or not.

While you may want to change your diet if you are not losing weight there are certain other factors you will want to avoid if you value your health.

Find out 3 signs you should change your diet below:

#1: You have no energy

If your diet is leaving you feeling tired then you should look for an alternative, as this is certainly not what you should be looking for from a diet.

This is probably one of the reasons why you started dieting in the first place; to lose weight and gain energy.

It is likely that if your diet is leaving you lacking energy then you are either not consuming enough or there is a lack of nutrients available in the foods you are actually eating.

Whatever the reason you will need to find a diet that will provide you with the energy you need for your everyday tasks and to ensure you have enough spare to exercise too.

#2: Digestive problems

If your diet is causing you constipation, cramps or diarrhoea then it is time for you to seriously consider altering your diet as it is likely that you are missing some key nutrients from it.

While weight loss may seem important to you, and though it can reduce the risk of developing some life-threatening conditions you should not risk your general health or go through pain to achieve your goal.

There are plenty of diet choices available that will help with your weight loss efforts without risking pain or embarrassing side effects.

#3: Anxiety or depression

Is your diet making you miserable, maybe because you are worried about what foods you are allowed?

If so then maybe you need a diet that is less strict.

Stress and anxiety caused by your diet is certainly not going to be good for your efforts as this can cause an increase in the production of a hormone known as cortisol within your body.

When these hormone levels are raised you will be more likely to want to snack, which for someone looking to lose weight can be devastating.

Final thoughts

In my opinion fad diets or those that are overly strict may see initial results but any weight lost will likely return once the issues surrounding them surface.

You would be better off making more of a lifestyle change; eat healthier and get regular exercise if you want to lose weight. The results may be slower, but they will be easier to maintain.

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