6 Simple Food Tweaks for Faster Weight Loss

6 Simple Food Tweaks for Faster Weight Loss

To lose weight you do not necessarily need to make drastic changes to your lifestyle choices.

Sometimes a small change can have a huge impact on how much weight you can lose.

For example, the following simple food tweaks can ensure you experience faster weight loss. Read on and discover how you can incorporate these tweaks into your own lifestyle.

#1: Eat more often

There are a few reasons why you should eat more often than you do currently.

For one you will be less hungry, as you will be almost always satiated.

Eating often will also ensure that your metabolism remains high, as you will constantly be working to break down the food you have consumed.

I would recommend that instead of the usual 3 large main meals, that you instead opt for 5-6 smaller ones.

#2: Have a glass of water before a meal

It has been proven that drinking water before a meal will fill you up, therefore helping to ensure you do not overeat when it comes to your dinner.

It is also a good idea to drink more water in general, most of us fail to get the recommended 6-8 glasses daily.

This can leave you feeling tired, and dehydrated, which can sometimes be mistaken for hunger.

The next time you feel hunger between mealtimes, have a glass of water before you reach for food as it could be your bodies way of telling you that you are thirsty rather than hungry.

#3: Have a small coffee

Coffee contains caffeine, which is a mild stimulant that can boost your metabolism.

As your metabolism is raised that means that your body is able to burn off more calories than normal.

The problem most people have with coffee is that they are often full of added sugar and cream, which unfortunately adds many calories to the drink.

You could either have a black coffee, or opt for a small coffee instead. Or best of all, skip the coffee entirely and choose plain water instead.

We have already mentioned some of the benefits of water, but it is also free of calories too so wont affect your daily calorie intake.

#4: Watch the alcohol

We all enjoy a night out from time to time, but what you drink when having fun can have an effect on your weight.

Beer is full of calories, and those cocktails are full of sugar too.

Vodka is a good option as it contains very few calories.

#5: Make healthy food swaps

The next time you are in your local supermarket have a look at the labels of some of your favourite foods.

You maybe shocked at what it contains, as well as their calorie content.

Chances are there will be alternatives available, so have a look around and choose one that will be better for your waistline.

#6: Snack healthily

We all get hungry from time to time, but rather than letting your snack choices ruin your otherwise good efforts perhaps you should opt for some fresh fruit the next time you are peckish, rather than a packet of crisps or a chocolate bar.

Frozen grapes are a good option, they are sweet, so will curb your sweet tooth, while also filling you too.

One final tip for weight loss

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