Would we recommend Slendatrim?

Would we recommend Slendatrim?

Slendatrim is a supplement available from Vitegrity that promises to “melt the pounds away” and “achieve your weight loss goals simply”, but how does it work and is it as effective as it is made out to be?

In this review we will look at this supplement in more detail to see what ingredients it contains and whether it is the miracle pill we have been searching for.

Benefits of Slendatrim

Slendatrim offers its users the following benefits:

  • Burn away unsightly body fat
  • Feel satisfied with less food
  • Boost your drive and energy levels

When looking at weight loss supplements, or indeed any supplements it is important not to get carried away by claims. They are easy to make up.

You should concern yourself more with actual facts. For example, what is Slendatrim made from? With this information you will be able to tell exactly what benefits will be experienced.

How does Slendatrim work?

Unlike some weight loss supplements that only focus on one aspect of weight management, Slendatrim helps in a variety of ways.

Its unique formula contains thermogenic ingredients that can help to boost your metabolism that will help burn calories and burn fat.

It also contains ingredients that can cut your appetite and help you to control your cravings for food.

There are also ingredients present that can stop the formation of new fat cells.

Ingredients found in Slendatrim

The ingredients found in Slendatrim are as follows:

Slendatrim bottleBitter Orange, Glucomannan, Green Tea, Hoodia, Irvingia Gabonensis, Black Pepper as well as Calcium, Chromium and a range of vitamins.

While there are some good ingredients (Glucomannan, Green Tea and Hoodia) and certainly some that will help with your own weight loss efforts there are also those that could potentially cause side effects to occur.

Potential side effects of Slendatrim

While the vast majority of the ingredients found in Slendatrim should not pose a problem there are some that could potentially lead to side effects.

Take Irvingia Gabonensis, there are reports of mild side effects such as flatulence, headaches and sleep issues from users who have tried supplements containing this ingredient.

Bitter Orange also has issues, such as headaches, but also more serious problems when taken with stimulants like Caffeine. For instance an increased risk of high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes.

Finally, high doses of Chromium can cause damage to your liver and kidneys, and may also affect your heart rhythm.

If you encounter any of these issues when taking a supplement it is best to discontinue use immediately and seek advice from your doctor.

How much does Slendatrim cost?

A single bottle of Slendatrim (containing a months supply of 180 capsules) will set you back $39.97, which is quite affordable.

There are also other packages available that will bring the cost down even further. For example the 6-month package will cost just $159.88, with 2 free bottles.

Is Slendatrim recommended?

While the cost of Slendatrim is good and it also contains some good ingredients that will likely lead to some promising results, especially if used in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

There is no getting away from the fact that some of its ingredients could potentially cause harm.

It seems as though there are also a number of user review online that have mentioned numerous side effects too.

If I were you then I would be looking for an alternative.

Is there an alternative to Slendatrim?

My suggested alternative to Slendatrim is a supplement called Raspberry Ketone Plus.

This particular supplement contains a number of proven weight loss ingredients that will surely help with your own efforts.

You can buy a months supply online from the Evolution Slimming website for just $30. Raspberry Ketone Plus comes highly recommended by those who have used it.

Click here to read our review of Raspberry Ketone Plus

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