Why you should avoid Slim Body Ketones?

Why you should avoid Slim Body Ketones?

With sales of Raspberry Ketones still going strong there is little wonder there are companies still looking to make money using dubious tactics.

These tactics are used to scam unsuspecting people who are desperately looking for a miracle cure to their weight issues.

A common scam is through the use of auto-shipping, where a company will set up a website with a product listed at an incredibly cheap price. Often just to cover the initial postage and packaging.

However once you sign up you will also be signed onto a membership scheme where you will continue to be sent packages of the supplement each month along with a bill.

You may believe that the initial offer is good, yet once you see the actual price of the supplement I am sure you would change your mind.

The prices of these supplements are often grossly inflated and if you do not check your bank balance regularly could result in hundreds of pounds being taken without your knowledge.

Slim Body Ketones is another product offered as a trial. Let us look at its ingredients and the actual cost of the trial before we say if it is scam or not.

Claimed benefits of Slim Body Ketones?

Here are the claims made by Slim Body Ketones:

  • Increase your metabolism
  • Increase fat oxidation (fat burning)
  • Increase energy
  • Help with weight loss
  • Help fight fatigue

Now, each of these claims are what you would expect to see on a website selling a Raspberry Ketone supplement.

To verify these claims we will need to look at the ingredients used.

Slim Body Ketones ingredients

Slim Body Ketones contains Raspberry Ketone, Resveratrol, Hoodia, Green Tea extract and Apple Cider Vinegar.

Each of the ingredients has shown in the past to aid slimming so it is disappointing that there is no mention of any dosages on the website.

Another worry is that you cannot legally sell Hoodia in the UK, so how is Slim Body Ketones able to market their product?

Price of Slim Body Ketones?

The biggest issue with Slim Body Ketones is the price. There is no mention of price on the homepage of the website, just a sign up form.

If you click on the terms and conditions in the footer you will see that the trial will initially cost just £1.99 to cover postage.

After the 14 day trial period has ended you will be charged £84.71 for the bottle you have already received.

You will subsequently be charged for more bottles monthly until you cancel your membership.

Is Slim Body Ketones a scam?

Auto-ship programs like Slim Body Ketones are best avoided. Trial offers are made to look tempting but the true cost of the supplement is too high.

How to contact Slim Body Ketones?

You can contact Slim Body Ketones within the UK on their freephone number (0203) 514 0667

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Is there an alternative to Slim Body Ketones?

If you want to buy a Raspberry Ketone supplement then there is one that is highly recommended.

Raspberry Ketone Plus contains the recommended daily amount of Raspberry Ketones and is considerably cheaper than Slim Body Ketones at just £19.95 for a months supply.

Click here to read our review of Raspberry Ketone Plus

28 comments on "Why you should avoid Slim Body Ketones?"
  1. I have also been scammed how do i cancel the order and get my money back?

    • Hello Clare.

      Have you tried contacting Slim Body Ketones on the phone number listed above?

      It is apparently a freephone number. 🙂

    • Unfortunately I have been scammed by this organisation and have had to contact my bank’s fraud department. I am also in contact with Trading Standards Unless I receive reimbursement for goods not received in the next 24 hours I will be notifying the fraud authorities as I consider this to be theft.
      For the avoidance of doubt I wish to cancel all future deliveries.

  2. Please take my phone number off your contacts etc, please stop random numbers ringing me up!

    Thank you.

    • Hello Jacqueline.

      We are not associated with Slim Body Ketones, we have only highlighted this product and its business practices. I would suggest contacting them if you do not want them to contact you in the future. 🙂

  3. I have tried phoning the phone number only to be told repeatedly that all the operators are busy and to contact their website on ” priority at premium products support .com ”

    Have tried many variations of the name…with lower case or capitals for the first letter..putting words to run as one ..without success.

    Has anyone succeeded in stopping their ” account ” and how ?

    • Hi

      I was scammed as well,just phoned banks fraud investigation teem who have put a stop on any more payments going to this company,i have to wait 15 days and if no order turns up for the money they have taken from my account,io have to get back on to fraud team and they will organise return of my money,,good luck everyone

    • I had cancelled my order and received notification from priority at premium products support that they have cancelled my subscription but two days later they took another payment and then sent me another bottle !

  4. I’ve just realised that it’s a scam. I can’t believe I fell into it. I ordered the trial bottle before checking that it was ok. How silly is that??

    I will try to call them tomorrow and ask them to cancel my trial and not to send the bottle. If I cannot get hold of them I will cancel the card I used to pay so that they cannot take more money from my account apart from the £1.99.

    If it’s not possible to get hold of them it’s for a reason. they don’t want us to get hold of them…

    I think I might not even bother calling them and just cancel my card straight away tomorrow.


      • Call your bank and tell them you lost your card and get it cancelled, otherwise they won’t stop taking money from you!!!These guys are rats…don’t let them take more money….

    • Their email address is

      I asked them to cancel my order and told them that my bank would deny any payment to them. I then went to my bank and cancelled my card as lost and no payment was taken from my account so they got my email, cancelled the order but did not reply.


  6. Just come back from bank and what a surprise? £84.71 was chared from it for nothing ! Is it any way I could ask for my money back ? What about the bank ? Anyone any help please

  7. Scam or not? Not really sure. I requested the product after reading the terms and conditions. I decided to give it a go as I could cancel within 14 days. The product did not arrive for 17 days by which time they had taken £84.71. I cancelled the subscription straight away by phone but they would not give me the authorisation code necessary to return the products unopened within the 30 days stated in the terms and conditions. After making quite a fuss I have managed to get £42.35 back but am quite determined to continue until I get it all. How on earth can you be trialling a product if it hasn’t arrived? The main issues are that the 14 days start at date of order not on receipt of purchase. It’s legal but, in my opinion, not ethical. The terms and conditions say that a refund may be offered if the products are returned unopened within 30 days. On quoting this back to them they say that it says ‘may be’ not ‘will be’. Again, probably legal but what a dreadful organisation. Maybe their products are good but who wants to do business with these people. Contact Trading Standards and make sure the fraud section of your bank known about them. My bank knew exactly what the organisation was – asking me if it was the white bottle with 3 raspberries on it! Don’t feel silly – they are very devious.

    • same happened to me, pills arrived on the same day that they took £84.71 out of my account for the next lot!! Still waiting to hear from my credit card company though they have put a hold on that payment. Also waiting to speak to citizens advice (left a message with them today)

      Noticed that your last message was 4th. Any update?

  8. It’s looking more and more like a scam. Today the product that I had returned to Thrive Investments Ltd (as shown on their website) came back marked as ‘gone away’. The advice from the CAB is that in returning the unopened product within 30 days involves no financial loss to the company so there is no reason to not refund the whole amount. Therefore their Terms and Conditions are misleading. In addition to this, my product did not arrive for 17 days which, if deemed as an unfair business practice as clearly you can’t be trialling something if it hasn’t arrived, is a criminal offence. Good luck everyone – contact the CAB and let’s get this stopped.

  9. They just took 204 euro from my account!!!!! How do I cancel my membership with them and get my money back ?? Someone please help me!!!

  10. Contact your bank, they can put a stop on all card payments to these frauds.

    Slim Body Ketones are a total rip-off do not get involved with them, I am trying to set up a facebook group to let others no to avoid these shysters.

  11. I have fallen for this scam . I have not received any products after paying £1.99 .. Then noticed they have taken £84.71 out of my account . I have emailed them without no response . All telephone numbers I have kept me on hold for over an hour . If any one as a number they have got through on could you please let me no . I am going to take this company to court if they do not refund my money scamming people all over the place !!!!! Not happy

  12. I have constantly been calling customer service numbers and they never pick up – I have e mailed the support e mail and this is an invalid e mail address – I have had money taken from my account on numerous times – I have called the bank to cancel this as I was un aware costs of tis would be taken from a free trial which is not free!!!

    Please someone urgently advise how to contact this company to ensure this is cancelled and no further money is take as I want my details to be deleted

    I will also take this to court and get the police involved if I have no reply and no action is taken towards refunding my money that I never authorized to be taken

    This is ridiculous does anyone have any way of contacting them?!!!

  13. Can anyone tell me the name they use to debit your account?

  14. Like others on this site I have been duped into their so free offer. The code word for the help line is invalid and they don’t answer the telephone. I did wonder that the telephone numbers they do provide charge at a high rate? I shall contact my CAB for the record.

  15. HI,just been on to banks fraud team who explained its not actually fraud they have commited as somewhere in the small print you agree to have more pills sent out,they cannot refund the money allready gone out,but can get any further payments taken out refunded,,they gave me the police website address to report these people and said if enough people report this company the police will investigate and close them down,,,, actionfraud.police.uk

  16. the name on my bank statement is slim body ketones

  17. Warning to all who come across this Slim Body Key Tones advert, avoid ,avoid ,avoid. This company has failed at all levels to acknowledge their responsibilities to their customers. I made the stupid mistake of buying this product and so far I have been ripped off for nearly £3oo.oo, When I approached my bank, Nat West to try and block this money from leaving my account they said they could not help other than to monitor the money that this company was taking, I traced their address in Kensington Does Not Exist, also there are several other companies that are registered at this address none of these have a connected phone number. This tells me that this is a massive scam that is ripping the public off for a vast amount of cash.

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