7 Ways to Slim Down for Wedding Season

7 Ways to Slim Down for Wedding Season

Spring is now upon us, and with the weather starting to warm up there will be more of you looking to lose weight for weddings.

Even if you are not the bride yourself, if you want to look your best you will likely want to drop a few excess pounds.

Please read on for a few tips on how to achieve this goal.

#1: Make sure you eat

You maybe tempted to skip meals or drastically cut your calorie intake if you want to lose a few pounds.

And while this may work in the short term, you may end up weighing more by the end.

The reason why starving yourself does not work is firstly you are unlikely to stick with it long-term as you will likely feel tempted to over-indulge.

However, the main reason is that your metabolism will slow if you do not eat, which makes it difficult to burn calories.

As you are not able to burn fat, your body will turn to your muscle for energy, which will reduce your metabolism even further as the muscle is broken down.

#2: Get regular exercise

To burn calories and to get slimmer you will need regular exercise, and while cardio is a good start I would also recommend trying to incorporate some muscle building exercises too.

Building muscle will help to increase your metabolism, so you will find that you are able to burn off more calories than you would normally, even when you are resting.

Another bonus of building muscle is that it is denser than fat, so you will appear more toned too.

#3: Cut back on salt

While salt may not cause too much weight gain on its own, it can give the impression that you have gained weight.

This is because salt or sodium causes water retention. So cutting back on foods that contain salt, and by reducing the amount of salt you add to your foods you can lose water weight and appear slimmer.

#4: Watch those ‘empty’ calories

There are so many foods and drinks that provide next to no nutritional content, these are full of what I would call ‘empty’ calories.

Of course the occasional indulgence wont harm, and is actually encouraged to help ward off boredom with your diet, I would recommend cutting back on these foods.

#5: Choose smaller portions

Sometimes your weight can be affected not by the types of food you eat but the amount of food you eat.

Even healthy foods contain calories, so please be aware of your portion sizes.

A simple way to cut your portion sizes is by using smaller plates and bowls. The portions will appear larger on a smaller plate.

#6: Eat more fibre and protein

Both fibre and protein-rich foods are filling so will help satisfy you and help ensure you encounter fewer cravings between meals.

Fibre is also good for your digestive health, while the protein is essential for building muscle.

#7: Use a proven weight loss supplement

PhenQOur final tip for help you get slimmer in time for wedding season is to use a proven weight loss supplement, for example a product like PhenQ.

PhenQ is made from proven ingredients that can help your weight loss efforts, providing the following benefits:

  • Body fat reduction
  • Appetite reduction
  • Stop fat production
  • Improved mood
  • increased energy levels

PhenQ comes highly recommended, if you want to find out more information on this product please click the link below to read our full review.

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