Is Slim Genix Pro a scam?

Is Slim Genix Pro a scam?

In this day and age we should be wary about products that seem to good to be true, especially when it comes to online purchases.

Take Slim Genix Pro for example, this product claims to help “melt away fat” and is available on a risk-free trial but should you risk signing up for the offer?

On the face of things it seems like a good deal, unfortunately the reality is something entirely different.

Lets look at this supplement in more detail to see why you should think twice before signing up.

Claimed benefits of Slim Genix Pro

Slim Genix Pro apparently offers the following benefits:

  • Burn off excess stored fat
  • Suppress your appetite
  • Retain muscle mass
  • Boost energy levels

With supplements like this it is important not to rely purely on their claims. They must be able to back them up, which is why it is important that before you sign up for any trial offer that you check what ingredients the supplement contains.

Without this information how can you tell just how effective the supplement is?

What ingredients are found in Slim Genix Pro?

While there is a mention of Raspberry Ketones and Green Coffee being included, there is also mention of other ingredients.

Unfortunately there is neither a mention of what these ingredients are, nor any dosage information on the two ingredients it has mentioned.

As I have already mentioned above, how can you tell what effects a supplement can provide without any mention of its dosages?

In my mind this makes me doubt the albeit impressive claims made by Slim Genix Pro.

How much does it cost?

Risk-free does not mean free of charge, which anyone who signs up for this trial will soon learn for themselves.

To start there is a £2.99 postage charge just to receive the supplement, then 14 days after you have signed up there will be another charge that may come as a shock.

This second charge amounts to £94.99, which is quite frankly ridiculous. Then every month thereafter more charges will be made to your account as you have also signed up for an auto-ship program.

Would we recommend Slim Genix Pro?

There is nothing to recommend about this supplement. There is very little information on the ingredients used, and the cost is simply too high.

To top it all off the use of auto-shipping will surely lead to complaints that it is a scam, which is understandable as nothing is mentioned on the website itself, with this payment information hidden away in the terms and conditions.

How to contact/cancel Slim Genix Pro?

If you wish to cancel your trial or simply wish to talk with Slim Genix Pro then I suggest you use one of the following methods to contact them:

Phone: 0808 169 2023
Email: info-eng@buyslimgenix.com

Please use the form below if you have been caught out by this trial offer.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Alternative to Slim Genix Pro

If you wish to lose weight and are looking for a more cost effective alternative to Slim Genix Pro then my suggestion would be Raspberry Ketone Plus.

This particular supplement is sold online by Evolution Slimming for just £19.95 for a months supply, with no trial offers or hidden charges.

It contains the recommended daily allowance of raspberry ketone, along with various other powerful fat burning ingredients meaning that its use alongside a healthy diet with regular exercise will result in incredibly weight loss results.

Click here to read our review of Raspberry Ketone Plus

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  1. I wish I had found your comments before I became a new victim. I have never bought anythng from unknown websites before and I never will again. They do not answer the phone and so far neither do they answer emails. I fell for the Lorraine Kelly recommendation as I know another friend has. You are never to old to learn are you? I wish this set up was better known as whether it works or not the rip off is too much to handle.

    • hi i have just been caught with this scam,,,,,,what did u do to stop the payment going out of your bank account???? just been to the bank they cannot help me because its not a standing order or direct debit

      • ive had the same problem. you need to ring the number and just keep ringinf it took me 10 minutes for them to answer THEN they are canadian or some sort and the line is lagged. They told me to ship the bottles back (mine are empty) with a tracking number. I rang them back with this number and they cancelled all payments. Long process but better than being charged. AlSO they offer you 50% of longer trial bla bla bla but dont so this. Hope this helps

        • hi could anyone if possible send me the address to send it the bottles back.thank you will be so grateful xx

          • I need a phone number for this scamming company as they have taken money from my account I’m fuming!! Also could any one please give me their address for these scammers?

          • I’ve found the original packaging with the return address 204 baker street suite 004 London EN1 3JY

        • Have just been caught out on this scam.

          Has anyone informed Trading Standards about these people?

          Am just about to do so.

      • i’ve just had the same problem, I cancelled my credit card and changed password and asked for new card to be issued only to find that the cancelled card would still be live for 30 days. So I rang the bank and asked them to block any payments which they did and also cancelled the payments for the trial packs, I did explain that it was a scam in as much as it was made very difficult to contact anyone and a lot of complicated proceedure to go through you, you needed to obtain a RM number from them otherwise they would not except goods returned and if this not done before the 14 days you have another lot to pay for. So block any payments to them, if the bank wont do that then close your account and go elsewhere.

        • After I ordered the pills someone rang me saying they were from the same company and they were going to take money out of my account for this package deals, if I block the company that I bought the tables from will it block them aswell?

        • I have also just read the letter that they sent me and found out about the ridiculous charges so I am going to cancel my barclaycard.
          This is a scam through and through. I did try to look it up, but obviously I did not look hard enough.

      • I have also just read the letter that they sent me and found out about the ridiculous charges so I am going to cancel my barclaycard.
        This is a scam through and through. I did try to look it up, but obviously I did not look hard enough.

      • I’ve just been on the phone to my bank and they said they can block payments from then but I also rung them up to cancel and they have asked whether I want a 40% refund because I was not happy at all! She said she has requested it but I’m not going to hold my breath.

      • My bank rang me as they were concerned 2 lots of £2.99 and 2 lots of £0.99 had been used to test my account.
        They advised that my card be blocked and another one sent out.
        Lost £7.96 (small price). Bank is trying to get money back but don’t hold much hope.
        Rang them and obtained a RMA No. and sent tablets back unopened.
        They tried to offer 50% but you have to stand your ground and say NO.
        They cancelled the order.
        Will wait to see what happens.

      • They are totely full of shit they send me a trial n than next month widout order from my they took 94.99£ from my account n send me a more bottle of tablets, fuxk u n fuck ur company u ass hole bastrads

      • I got caught up in this scam also, I had to close my credit card account so that I wouldn’t be debited anymore….. It’s horrible!

    • Sorry to say, I too fell for this scam. Never before have I purchased a specific item from which the vendor has assumed a continuous authority to indefinitely deduct several times that amount, without providing me with any prior warning or my actively selecting an auto shipment policy.

      I emailed them immediately. They responded, promising to stop further shipments, but stated that I still needed to call to cancel the free trial or I would continue to be charged £94.99. I responded and asked them in what way did that make the free trial free. No response. Tried calling the number too, but no answer.

      So I called my credit card company to seek their help – they said I didn’t need to cancel the card, but that they could block the merchant, with immediate effect, which they have done (merchant details were on the initial £2.99 transaction).

      This means that the company will not be able to charge my credit card for any further transactions, and that if any transactions do appear, the credit card company will dispute the transaction with the merchant and refund my credit card within 48 hours. I also requested a call reference from the credit card company, so I have evidence of their promise.

      Here’s hoping . . . . .

    • hi. i am the same felll for it, what a pain!! so from T&C when you receive them if you do you ring them get a number send then back and they send you an email or you ring again and should be cancelled as long its with in your 14 days and number last 7 day. still loose out with p&p there and back but don’t have £100+ coming out of your bank. i also rang my bank and they said they have stopped the money coming out and canceling my card with not stop them from taking it. hope this help… SCAMMING B*******S!!! :-@

    • I have too been conned by this i have rang them but the best the will offer me is a 25% refund which is just not good enough. I’m going to try again tomorrow then head down citizens advice and have emailed panorama with this you can buy pills like this from Amazon starting at under £5 which i told them hopefully i will have luck soon

  2. I wish I had looked this up before I signed up… I fell for it. How on earth am I going to cancel this? I have emailed them and nobody has replied and the phone just rings… Need advice

    • It is surely a scam and cancelled the amount by 50% by calling this number.

      I was not sure that it is monthly rolling contract then I called this number 08081685594 which happens to be from Costa rica according to a lady by name Sandra which i dont hink is a true name.
      Any way you can try and try to get refund as much as possible. In my case I got refund upto 50% it is sad but not very bad. I have learnt a lesson before giving my bank details to anyone.

      9AM TO 5PM
      Junapert hill and beuty limited
      OX5 1L

  3. I wish I had read this too, however I am going to cancel my bank card so that they cannot take any monies from it, a pain but I should have been more careful.

  4. I got caught out with this too……I tried to phone them and they pick it up but then put you on hold for just over 12 mins before they hang up. My bank has told me to contact Retail Disputes on 0845 366 0391. I hope some other people can find this helpful. My bank has said they get this sort of thing all the time and Retail Disputes will be able to sort it all out for me……here’s hoping!

  5. how do i get in touch with them they never answer the phone, and i wish to send the product back

  6. I’ve jus been caught with this too, how do they get away with it? I’ve ordered my trial on cc so I’m hoping ifni ring the cc company, they will be able to stop it. Long shot but fingers crossed, any advice?

    • Hi there,
      That is exactly what I did. Credit card as I don’t usually order things on line but thought I may be protected by credit card.
      So I will cancel my cc right away.
      Sadly just last night barclaycard texted me to find out whether this was a transaction that I had made and I said yes. Pity as I have just read the paper now and I could have said no.
      Hind sight and all that.
      Did yours cancelling the credit card work?
      Another one to watch out for is HP instant ink ….. you can’t cancel that one either.

  7. Ordered for a friend without reading the smallprint. Try for 14 days and if not satisfied then return. However you need to ring them to get an RMA number and you have to send the bottle back all within the 14 days. If you don’t you are charged approx £90 for a year supply. At that rate you’d probably weigh about 2 stone if you agree with the product claims. Anyhow what you need to be aware of is you are charged 2:99 for the delivery and on topof that they send you a crappy newsletter which also costs 29p billed each month for subsequent issues. To return they suggest a tracked package which costs around £6 and they ask you to ring them to tell them the tracking number. My advice is avoid this company at all costs!

    • Cancel your bank card that you used to make the purchase, simply by reporting it lost to your card provider then your new replacement card arrives and no more costly unwanted purchases!

      • What you have done wont work because your card is still active for 30days. ask the bank to block all payments to them and explain why.

        • I had the same problem. Called up my bank and said my card has been stolen and the card is then frozen and cant be used. I have a new card on the way, with a new card number and 3 digit code, so when the company try to take payment it will be declined as the card is now voided

      • Hi,

        I’ve stupidly been caught out by this. Have just reported card as being lost with bank so they are cancelling all future payments.

        Did cancelling your card work for you?


      • Hi

        I have been caught out with this to. I rang them up and asked them to cancel my subscription I did get through to someone sounded like a call centre in India. She told me that she cancelled my subscription but I still need to ring them up before 14 days after trialling it to let them know if I want to send the product back. If I ever receive the goods I am then going to call them up and just send them back without using them.
        If I then cancelled my card I used to pay on is there a guarantee that the money will not be taken from my account?

        • Feel a fool. Thought this was too good to be true and have learnt the hard way. Followed an advertisement which came up whilst viewing Daily Mirror a miracle weight loss pill so I gladly paid the shipping fee. Less than 24hrs later came various emails about a newsletter which they would take payment for from my account. Then I did some research to find I’d be duped, feeling really stupid right now. Managed to call bank to stop payment but was told the payment needed to be cleared before I could dispute it but they are sending me out a new card so no other money can be withdrawn. So pleased I realised this was a scam now before £100’s of pound get withdrawn from my account. Buyers beware do not touch this company with a barge pole.

        • Hi,

          I have also been bitten in the bum with this scam. Did they ever give you a returns address?

  8. I have just received my bottle of each at what I was lead to believe was £3.99 and £2.99 and now I’m reading the letter that came with them telling me how I will be charged nearly £100 a month, I feel really stupid. I am in receit of a pension and have c.o.p.d. I am just learning my way round my computer to make life a bit easier to shop on line, now I just feel my confidence is shattered, I’ve tryed to get hold of the company by phone and email but no luck I will be sending the bottles back in the morning registered, and changing my bank details as I’ve been told that’s the only way to stop them taking any more cash. Is there nothing we can do to stop these kind of people taking advantage of others like us?

  9. Holy hell is this just one big scam!!?? I fell for it too ffs !! I am overweight and have sleep apnoea and am desperate to lose some weight as this came help. I can’t believe I fell for this. I’ve seen these websites before but never ever have I fallen for them until now. I’m so angry right now!

    • Hi there, just to update anyone who still reads this, I recieved my products today and I emailed them saying I wanted to cancel. They emailed back with a ticket number, but not a return number. I called them and guess what? An Indian guy picks up oh yes! An overseas call centre for crying out loud and the guy doesn’t even understand that I want to return the items for a refund. After being on the phone for more than 5 minutes I gave up and cancelled my existing credit card. Hopefully this will solve it and I can’t be bothered to send the items back and pay myself.

    • Ask your doctor to try you on topiramate. It’s a drug used in the USA for treating overweight people. It is an appetite suppressant. It is traditionally used in the UK to treat epilepsy.

  10. Cancel your card. Ask your bank to initiate a chargeback because you have been Mis-sold goods. The bank will have to refund you. If it’s too good to be true it usually is!

  11. Oh my god
    I’ve caught too!!!
    After i ordered a free trial,
    I got a google to look for more information on this product and the frist we that i click is this site and when i read all this info i imdtly i started my internet bank and i applied that i lost my bank card.
    Thanks guys for the info.

  12. I have just recieved the products and was so shocked that I am to be charged £94.99 for the free trial!! I called them, he did answer but kept saying ring up after 14 days to get a reference number to return the products! How can you return it if you have taken it and could you not just empty out the pills and send back the empty bottles?!
    My bank were very helpful and said they have stopped any future payments from this company and would start a retail despute. I’m still really worried about whether to send the bottles back? Help!!

    • I took the same action but I thought it better to send them back with a letter saying I did not want anymore goods from them, I kept all their corispondence even the the packet with the address in case I’m asked for any details, make sure you get proof of sending from the post office.

  13. I too have been caught by this offer, I never fall for this kinda stuff and was obviously having a weak moment!!
    The credit card company cancelled the subscription but I too don’t know how to return goods…. I don’t understand how this can be legal…it stated nothing about the costs with the “free trial”

  14. Please look at Slim New on all forums. As far as I can see this is the same company just trying to get around all their negative scam/con/fraud posts.
    The first thing you must do if you’ve been caught out by this company is to contact your bank and get them to stop any future payments. If you have received your pills and you are within 14 DAYS FROM THE ORDER DATE you should contact the company and ask for your RMA number and confirm with them that you are cancelling any further shipments. Email address above. If they give you your returns number post the pills back with your RMA number on envelope. Send it so you get a tracking number through the post office. You must send this tracking number to the company. You must send them back within 7 days of getting RMA. When you do make sure you put in email, again, that you are cancelling any further shipments. You have then done everything stated in their t&c to get a full refund. If you do this by email you have written copies to show the bank if the company takes unauthorised payments from your account. If you are outside the14 days still cancel with the company and notify your bank.
    My daughter was caught in the slim new scam. She never received her pills. We did try cancelling within the 14 days from order date but they would not cancel or issue a RMA number until she had received them as the RMA is only valid for 7 days. A complete scam as how can you get an RMA, cancel and send them back within 14 days if you haven’t received them? Anyway we have lodged a dispute with the bank who are crediting the money back to her account. They then contact the merchant who has 60 days to appeal. The merchant will have to provide evidence of the order and delivery. As I said to the bank if these pills are worth almost £200 they will have to be tracked and delivered with a signature. As there will not be a signed receipt for the goods I’m hoping this will be enough evidence that the company did not meet their side of the contract.
    According to a reply I got from the company these pills are not tracked. I also understand that you don’t have to sign for them.
    Keep spreading the news – not just with the names of these companies (they keep changing their company names) but with the message don’t buy diet pills off the internet.
    I used to be overweight and know how hard it is to lose it. Just try a little each day and every pound of weight you lose is a success.

  15. I too got caught out by the promise of weight loss and a free trial and like everybody else was not happy to see the actual cost of this product. I did however manage to get through to a call centre person, who has given me a RMA number, now I have to get them sent back with a tracking number in order to not be charged further, the person I spoke to tried to offer me a 50% discount on the products but having read all the comments, I still would rather send them back and lose the posting costs than be lumbered with forking out such a silly amount of money for some pills, my fault I guess for being duped into thinking this would help me lose weight.

  16. I got caught too … !!! It isn’t until you click to purchase the pills that the information on the future costs is revealed .. I went to my bank and reported my bank card lost the next day, to safe guard any money leaving my account. I contacted the company at least a dozen times by email, I had 14 days over the Xmas period to return the goods. Once they arrived I got the RMA numbers and posted back 1st class recorded delivery with royal mail, glad I did because they emailed me this evening to ask if I had a tracking number, I checked with royal mail online to see if it had been delivered, and it had, showed me that someone from their London office had signed for it.. so I had great pleasure in letting them know that!! They have assured me that my account is now closed. I’m keeping all their emails just as a precaution .. and dieting the healthy way come 1st January .. my advice folks if it sounds to good to be true it usually is.

  17. I am the new victim of this scam,my 14 days time is finish and I came to know that slim genix take money almost 200 pounds from my account,I am shocked. All urs comments are very helpful . I called my bank they were very helpful and blocked all payments for them and gave the dispute team number that they will refund my money in 24 hrs.

  18. Just to add to this, I called my credit card and looked up the transaction and it goes out to a company called Health Lean. Also I looked at the label for return address on the padded envelope and it says :

    204 Baker Street Suite 004
    EN1 3JY

    This is NOT London Baker Street…it is based in Enfield hence the EN postcode. There’s probably nothing untoward with the address but there seems to be a lot of different company names all purporting to health. I contacted my bank and they will be stopping all payments as I have not been able to contact anybody at the phone number given…contact your bank or credit card company immediately!

    Good luck


  20. Hi,
    I have just fallen for this scam.Having received my tablets this morning i rang the telephone number straight away.It was about 10 minutes before anyone answered but i was given an
    RMA number to return the items.This number was just my order number with RMA in front.
    He advised me to send them back and to ensure that i rang them with my tracking number.
    I did ask that if i failed to get through could i email the tracking number and he said yes.As soon as i had posted the item i rang and after 10 minutes i was answered.I gave my tracking number and after a pause the lady said that they had received my items?/? (Obviously she was reading from a card)and that no further payments would be taken- i am still very doubtful.I am also going to email them with all my information.My bank have said that as long as i follow all the terms and conditions to the letter and money is still taken from my account they will then step in to get me a refund.I still can’t believe how stupid i was and i find it unbelievable that scams like this are allowed to continue.

  21. Hi. Gone through all the hassle with them about cancelling, got the RMA numbers etc but have realised we can’t find the address to return the stuff back to. Can anyone please post the return address so we can get this sent back asap.

    Thank you!

    • Paul, I posted the bottles back using the address label on the padded envelope they arrived in. the address was as already mentioned: 204 Baker Street Suite 004, London, EN1 3JY.
      However I seem to remember a first line like Product Return.
      when I finally got through on the phone after much crackling, far away voice etc. etc. the guy gave me the two RMA numbers which were actually the product numbers in question! I typed these onto sticky labels and put them onto the registered return envelope and hot-footed down to the post office. when I returned home there in my emails was a message with two RMA numbers which were my product numbers but EACH WITH AN EXTRA THREE DIGITS tacked onto the end of them! Back down to the post office and managed to alter the labels accordingly. Don’t know if this helps at all. Initially I couldn’t get through to them but managed by replying to their email which said ‘do not reply to this email’ I also inundated them with emails telling them that I cancelled all orders ‘forth-with’ and so on. finally an email from them showed my ‘ticket status’ as being ‘closed’ I am assuming by this that they mean no further action on their part. Keep copies of all your dealings and let your bank know of the state of affairs. Good luck from ‘All in homespun, lost in the big bad city’

  22. hi there can anyone tell me what it shows up on the billing statement so i can let my bank no to put a block on it please i have also been duped by this

  23. Just become the latest victim….wish I’d seen all these posts prior!

    I had paid by Debit Card so my Bank have cancelled my card and confirmed nothing more can be taken on it (other than the postage costs already taken) from here.

    Tempted to keep the bottles, but will probably go through the returns process but with M and M’s inside!!

    Good luck all.

    • Hi ive just seen this been stupid and ordered this online today before i seen this forum. Been in touch with my bank reported card lost and the kind lady also stopped anymore payment to go out to them. £2.99 & 99p was taken out which is a fraud as it only states 2.99 what was the addtional charge either way its not been 24 hours yet and i have emailed them and requested to cancel this purchase and return my money back asap if not the fraud team at my bank will be taking this up. Lets see what happens. Such scums

      • I got caught out with this scam too. The 2.99 is the postage, the 99p is for the order to be processed ASAP.

        I rang the company as soon as I realised the problem, but you have to take delivery of the pills before you can cancel any further orders! I then notified my credit card company. They’ve made a note of everything, but they have to let the company have a chance to do what they have said they’ll do. If they take any more payments, that’s when the bank will get involved.

        I’ll not make the same mistake again, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is

  24. Biggest scam out there I got through straight away was told I had to wait until pills arrived before I got tracking number I didn’t even click on free trail but because I’d entered my card details they proceeded I’ve been given until 25th January to phone for rma number that is within my 14days and 7days from then to they receive them before they will cancel and close my account they told me to send empty bottles back and take tablets but I’m not taking the risk healthy eating and ex cerise is way forward for me good luck everyone

    • It would be good if you put it into writing to the company too that you want to cancel even though you haven’t received products yet. My daughter never received hers which makes it impossible to follow their returns procedure. They won’t give the returns number until you have received them and then you could be outside the 14 days. Also contact your bank now to cancel any further payments. We have got our money back from the bank but have to wait 60 days to see if the merchant appeals.

    • i clicked on the free trial but luckily enough i did not enter card details! thanx to looking on this site first! thanx 4 the warning

  25. Hi
    I just wanted to update my comments.I received an email from slim genix confirming that my order has been cancelled but the wording is very dubious. After checking my tracking number i could see that my returned items had been received and signed for so i rang again to check that the order had been cancelled.After going through their terms and conditions last night i spotted a DIFFERENT PHONE NUMBER (for refunds and returns)0808 169 2022(only 1 digit different but they answered more quickly)They said that all orders have been cancelled but i am still not convinced.I rang my bank tonight and they were brilliant.Apparently i had been given completely the wrong advice on my previous visit and they have put in a complaint on my behalf.They have blocked any further payments and will monitor my account very closely.It takes 48 hours to start the block but if any payments are taken the Bank will refund immediately.Please RING YOUR BANK STRAIGHT AWAY!!!! They are really on the case with these horrible scams .I hope my comments help .

  26. Hi everyone

    I nearly did it…. It was too good to be true, I was about to enter my payment details when a nagging feeling stopped me!….. Giving my credit card details online isn’t something to do on an unknown website! I then did a web search on the product ( not just believing the article) and found this with all your messages of horrors, I am very sorry for you all…. It is clear that someone is getting rich over people like us that have been struggling with our weight for years!

    By the way… Did the pills actually worked!!? Or is it just sugar? I wish you all luck in stopping those scammers to take any more cash… The bastards!!!!

    • I did exactly the same. Its when the ‘ free trial’ suddenly required a postage charge that I got suspicious. Thank goodness for all these warnings. I’m just sorry for all of you who have fallen into this trap. It so easily could have been me too. Good luck to you all. X

  27. These people are scam artist at the most shocking level – call your bank straight away and either cancel your debit card or if a credit card, which I think you are more safe with using, they can block the people straight away. That’s what I did. My bank was very good. They said that they have blocked them and am putting back on the money for the trial.

    Basically, as you all know, we saw this advert and when you see that they say Vicki Patterson of Geordie Shore has used it etc and endorses you think well she’s famous she is not stupid I will give it a go and you are suckered into getting the product as £2.99 for these miracle tablets which makes you slim seems so appealing. Well as people say if it looks to good to be true then it is too good to be true. Basically I clicked on it and put my details but didn’t agree to any terms and conditions. The the dodgy looking email comes, not professional at all, with the invoice stating only £2.99 but funny how £3.99 comes out. Then a next one comes saying that they will give us a newsletter and charge at 30p a month and click the link…well I didn’t click it and yet 30p has come out!! So I look to see if this is a scam and low and behold it is and I will be subsequently be charged around £95 which they will just take without our permission…somewhere dodgily its in the small print somewhere, but seeing as I never agreed any terms and conditions how could I agree to it..but the small print is not legible and cannot be seen as far as I cam concerned when you agree to the free trial anywhere and I read all bits carefully so its a scam. I emailed them saying I know its a scam and that I won’t be paying for it and that I have got my credit card company to block them of which my bank has done and reimbursed me the money. They said as at the warehouse it can’t be now stopped so I emailed back and said that as its at the warehouse but hasn’t been shipped therefore I am letting them know I am not accepting the product and if they want it back if it does come they can provide me with a freepost envelope to send it back. I am so annoyed and angry that I have been deceived in this way and I have told them so. I will also be contacting trading standards and I suggest you all do the same as that way they can get closed down as apparently they are opening up and trading under different names all the time doing this scam. It appears the only way to really get slim is to put down the knife and fork and move about a bit so I am now off to get my water with lemon in it instead of the full fat coke. God knows what the tablets contain and what we would be putting into ourselves if these bastards are scam artists. I would warn people not to take them.

  28. I have fallen for the same mistake as well unfortunately.
    I received the supplements this morning and straight away googled it and im so glad i did otherwise I would have never known it was such a scam.
    I rang the company up immediately and again it took a few times to get through to someone that I could actually hear properly. Once I rang to them, I had about a 20 minute conversation with a gentlemen who was persistent that I should carry on with my free trial and see how I feel at the end of the 14 days and if I want to carry on or not. He pretty much refused to tell me how to send the products back and stop the payments. So of course I rang my bank straight away and they have blocked all payments to the company, however this may not stop them from using other companies to get the money off me, so its important to keep checking your account just incase. What a hassle!!!! Never will I be purchasing off unknown sites again!!! ****************WARNING TO ALL ******************

  29. i seen the advert to these pills on healthy mum daily but i had just read a post from muscle and health about male muscle building and fat loss pills, by josh gordon. the report was in parts word for word the same as the slim genix pro article. i was going to go for the free trial but thought it a bit funny how the two product trials what the articles authors was supposedly doing of the pills was the same wording. so i thought i would google the product first to check the ingredients. so very glad i did, you have saved me so much money with this forum. check out the articles and you will see most parts are the same but the two products are supposed to be different. eg the male one testcore pro and no2 extreme surge was supposed to build kg s of muscle and strip loads of fat. and the female one slim genix pro losing weight. thankyou again for stopping me losing out on all that money and im so sorry to the people who did. x here is the link to the artlicles i read. SPECIAL REPORT: JASON STATHAM CAUGHT USING. BUT IS THIS CHEATING – HOW DOES HE GET “JACKED” SO FAST? EXCLUSIVE: New ‘skinny’ pill takes country by storm. U.K. Mum breaks world record by losing 2.2 stone in 4 weeks !
    This report was created by Healthy Mum Daily to expose the truth behind a new diet sweeping the U.K.

  30. I’ve just received my pills this morning and contacted the company to cancel my trial and return the bottles. What a hassle.

    The foreign guy on the other end of the line kept ‘suggesting’ and ‘insisting’ I keep the bottles and try them until the end of January, then if I didn’t want them I could return them. At first he refused to give me the RMA number in order for me to return them. When eventually he did, it’s your order number with RMA in front!!

    Not only has this scam cost me the postage of receiving the pills and sending the pills back, it’s also the cost of calls to the company and to my bank, from my mobile!! I’ll never be caught out like this again – once is a very harsh lesson

  31. Hi, I just wanted to warn people, I didn’t even complete the payment to them and they took the money anyway.
    It comes up to a donation page and you can either click “yes I will donate” or “no just continue with my order” or something similar, I didn’t click anything, just left the page but it had already come out of my bank. I am now scared of the money coming out in 2 weeks time. I cannot afford that!!
    Please can somebody help me????

  32. My advice would be to contact your bank immediately with these details advising them you didn’t press continue with order and the money has been deducted from your account. Ask them to put an immediate stop on all future payments to this company.
    Then email the company stating what has happened and that you want to cancel the order (which you didn’t finish placing) and for them not to send any further shipments. Also state that you have contacted the bank to ensure no further payments are taken and that if the company tries to take any more money then fraud investigations will be actioned. Tell the company to close your account.
    As soon as you receive the items send the company another email asking for the RMA number. You only get 14 days from date of order to get RMA number and then a further 7 days to send them back by a tracking method with the post office. You can ring but it’s better to get everything in writing so you can present it to the bank. If you haven’t received them by day 13 after order phone your bank again and give them an update. Day 14 the company try and take your money.
    I hope this helps. Message again if you think I can help more.

  33. Hi everyone!

    I was scammed by this too, for the products Slimgenix and Cleanse EFX.

    I was so cross with myself when I found out I have been scammed but don’t worry! If this has happened to you, make a note of all the details you have. Call you bank firstly and explain the situation and they will block all access to your account from those two companies, as they will have the details as the company will have already taken the post and packaging cost of £2.99 out of your account. The bank can block these meaning that if they ever try to take anything out of your account, your bank will send the payment back to them and the bank will re-credit you so that you do not lose out.

    I then contacted Action Fraud – a website you can find easily online. I reported the company which everyone should do to try and get this shut down. You fill in an online form which is easy to do.

    I was worried that further payment would come out of my account as soon as my trial ended, but luckily the bank blocked all this. £0.29 was taken out of my account for a magazine that the companies subscribed me to without my knowledge. The bank is going to recredit this for me too.

    I then made many a phonecall to the company using 0808 168 5594 which does work eventually – I promise! You can tell them that you want to cancel all further payments and subscriptions. They will make you wait until the products arrive – I would advise not even opening the bottles inside just incase they try to say you have tampered with the product or anything. Once you have recieved the product, call them up and ask for your RMA number so that you can return the product. They will give you an address to 204 Baker Street in Enfield. They re-package the item and send it back including the RMA number. I sent it back using Royal Mail Tracked which did cost me £6.00 – but I would have done anything to ensure my account was shut with the company.

    Then re-call the company on the number I said, and tell them your tracking number. They then officially closed my account and said no further payments would come out (either way my bank has me covered too!)

    Make a record of everything just in case – such a pain that this happened but dont worry – it can be fixed!!!!!!

  34. I too have fallen for this scam, Avoid it at all costs. I am currently waiting for this products to come in the post and I am just hoping they show up. I have literally tried to cancel my order since an hour after I made and It was too late. Its a lesson learned researching something after signing up. The customer service team people are all foreign and unhelpful and tell you there is nothing you can do until the pills show up. They also like to keep you on the phone for ages , trying to persuade you and giving out useless information.

    Ive tried emailing the company numerous times and they have only responded once and gave me the contact number of a customer service team of another company. This made me realize it is definitely a scam, I called my bank to block payments.

    They also charge 29p for a newsletter and add on additional costs of 99p to send each of the two products.

    Im just waiting in despair , I can not afford to be paying such hefty sums for something i thought was a bargain trial. Ill keep everyone updated on the outcome.

  35. I too have been caught by this scam! finally managed to send the product back this morning and emailed them the tracking number. Did anyone else get an automatic reply upon sending the email along the lines of ‘your ticket has been submitted and you shall be hearing back from us shortly’
    – any idea what that means?

    thieving bastards! hope nobody else gets caught out by this too!!

    • They do send an automatic reply to your email and then, in my case, email you back a couple of days later although in a some instances it has taken them four days to reply. I have been emailing them for the last month. Make sure you contact your bank as well to block payments telling them you have returned the goods. Their time schedule is so tight you don’t want to find they have taken the payment before they acknowledge receipt of pills.

  36. I clicked on a link from Facebook and was directed to a website called Mum’s Online or some such name. Being a very pessimistic and suspicious person and also remembering another website that said to never trust something that purports to be independent yet carries adverts for the product, I scrolled back up to the top and noticed that it states the page is an advertisement. I then did a search on Google and ignoring all the other sites that say it is a brilliant product and should be bought immediately, I came upon this one. Thanks very much everybody for saving me money and good luck.

    • I’m glad this website is helping some people to avoid this scam. I’ve been busy over the last few weeks writing on any forum I can find hoping it will save someone the stress my daughter’s been through.

  37. All my correspondence was sent via email and in every message, I made it very clear that if they didn’t reply, I would be taking action. They soon reply then!
    With one day remaining, I have finally got my account closed with them. Before you receive your product, contact them and pretend you have got your product already so they hand over the return number ASAP. You are very likely to receive the product within 7 days abyway and can send it back and if you don’t, demand a tracking number from them. This speeded up the process for me greatly.

    • The only problem with asking for your RMA before you receive the products is that you are acknowledging receipt of them. My daughter didn’t receive hers and we’ve used the Consumer Protection distance selling regulations to be able to claim her money back. No goods received within 30 days of order date means there is no contract and they have to refund any monies taken within a further 30 days. We didn’t claim the money back from them as the bank did a charge back but we do have this ready incase they dispute charge back with our bank.

  38. Great I just ordered some ….

  39. For everyone caught out..follow these steps to help your situation In the biggest scam ive been misfortunare to have been duped by.

    1. Don’t wait for an RMA number. .They are trying to make the time go over 14 days so the free trial is up and they snatch £94.95 from you. There was no risks apparently with this free trial so how come they gonna take money after. .The RMA number is just your order number with RMA in front or it so don’t wait..send it back by registered post. However you should know that the order is sent originally with no tracking so how do they know you even received it. I personally wouldn’t open it and just return to sender.

    2. Block all future payments and also cancel the card and get issued a new one. The merchant will try and change their name to extract money from your account even if you block them so cancelling will guarantee they don’t have the bank card details. Threaten to leave your bank if they wont be accommodating. Mention it’s a scam..how you never agreed terms and conditions because there wasn’t any and certainly nothing about a monthly subscription or more money coming out.

    3. Don’t let slim lean or health lean or whatever they are choosing to call themselves make you feel you have to grovel to get them to stop. I told them In no uncertain terms that they are scam artist. .that they are blocked from my email..that my bank has blocked them..That I have reported them to the fraud dept. and trading standards.

    You will have noticed that where this website was at the top of the Internet search it’s now nearer the bottom and that’s cos these scam artist have created their own Web pages and lots of them making out this product is genuine and real with even having the cheek to nick the title of this page to stop you looking further. Sneaky and I bet it’s worked to. Don’t let these bastards beat you..They are scum and if they are reading this you con artists…F and U.

  40. I fell for this, realised as soon as i paid, tried phoning back got through to a lady who was extremely useless and there was a delay in the conversation so missed what she said, she did say she will email details. no email.

    i did email the company as well they replied this morning saying it was to late to cancel and to phone up to get authorization number, i emailed back saying i have tried. so i phoned again only to be told this is the wrong number.
    now back on the phone and it just rings

  41. Can’t believe I fell for this too thank goodness I called my bank and blocked all charges!! I hope that I was quick enough to stop it before they even try to charge me £94/200

  42. Ive just ordered this product and now have read all this. I immediately emailed them saying how they are a scam I want a refund and don’t want the product sent out to me. I plan to call my bank first thing tomorrow morning. I cant believe this has happened. They emailed me back giving me a ‘ticket number’ and said they will get back to me which I highly doubt. I will be sure to call them and tell them a thing or two. Will never buy any product from the internet again.

  43. Oh my days. I’ve also been a victim of this. Can’t believe I’ve been such a fool. Only need to lose 7lbs!!! Eat less exercise more yet my vanity and laziness has got the better of me. Feel so stupid. My bank have been great and cancelled future payments. Haven’t even received the tablets. 🙁

  44. My beautiful slim wife has been truely had by these scamming idiots. Thing is she don’t need lose weight now she has lost 3 nights sleep worrying about it!!! We’ve contacted bank and cancelled payments. Just hope this is the end of it!! Ps no tablets have arrived

  45. Ive just called my bank this morning and they are very helpful. I explained everything and they have blocked all transactions to the company. The transactions were under two different names so both of the those are blocked plus they said they keep an eye out for any large transactions coming from my account and if they was to still some how get hold of my money the bank will refund the amount taken. I spoke to the disputes team who deal with fraud like situations. I haven’t heard back from the company surprise surprise. I was very lucky to have found this site so quick after I purchased an item. I will stick to my healthy eating and exercise regime and will stay off all health sites. I have found numerous sites online who are actually the same company I never realised how bad this was. Lost alot of sleep last night but now I can breathe. They are absolute assholes. If it wasn’t for this site I wouldn’t of have been sure how to go about solving this fast and effectively.

  46. Hi all I ordered them and when I got them and read the letter I just rang the frauds team with my bank told them I didn’t know the transition on the account and they cancelled my card and all future payments to the company all emailed them but has nothing back as yet put in my email that I was going to cancel my card if they didn’t give me my RMA number still nothing

  47. DO NOT ENTER INTO FREE TRIAL – If you have DON’T PANIC, you can sort it out:

    Contact Slimgenix customer service (they do eventually answer) and ask for returns reference number, they are very persistent in trying to get you to carry on but just be firm. I just said I wasn’t happy with the hidden charges.

    Ring credit card company and ask them to stop any further payments (I had to call mine a back a few days later at their request just to wait for the postage charge to clear). Very simple and straight forward.

    Send the item back recorded at the post office so that you know it’s signed for to: Customer Returns, 204 Baker Street, Suite 004, London EN1 3JY and clearly write your Returns Reference Number on the envelope (I wrote it a few times on each side).

    Ring back Slimgenix customer service and give them the postal ref number (they check whilst your on the phone to see if it’s valid) then that’s it.

    Hope this helps. I was gutted I’d been stupid enough to fall for it.

  48. I too have been duped by this, I realised after I ordered the trial samples that future payments
    would be taken out of my account, I have sent several emails asking for the RMA number as I have now received the goods but although they have replied stating they have received my email, still no RMA number or address, does anyone know the correct address to return the trial samples and what do I do have no RMA number, I am conscious that I need to return the items asap, my bank has said they would block further payments but I must return the goods

    • Hi Jennie,
      The returns address is 204 Baker Street,Suite 004 London EN1 3JY .I found a number in their terms and conditions for returns and refunds 0808 169 2022. They answer this quicker than the other number.They give you your RMA number over the phone but it is just your order numbers with RMA in front.On a confirmation email they add extra numbers on the end(sneaky) but i couldn’t alter mine because i had posted it and they still accepted it.Make sure you send it via recorded delivery because you then have proof of signature.Hope this helps and good luck.!!

      • Wish I’d read this before I ordered them about half hr ago, looks like i’ve fallen for all the hype. Now off to call my bank and cancel my card. Doh I’m such an idiot!

  49. I still have not received my RMA number and I am getting no answer when I phone, therefore I will send them back regardless, which is what my bank has suggested, my bank said I didn’t need to cancel my debit card and be re-issued with a new one, they said they would block future payments – hope this all works out!

  50. Hi i’ve fallen for this scam via the ad on facebook today , decided to research the product afterwards , stupid i know!! Cant believe i fell for this!
    I’ve emailed them straight away telling them i wish to cancel the orders as since uncovered their scam & if i dont get prompt cancellation & a reply i will be reporting them for fraud as they were sneeky about the hidden charges i was unaware of until researching them , i mentioned in the email any phone calls i will record for security purposes to pass on to fraud & would cancel my debit card & throw pills in the bin if they dont comply
    See what happens! I had emails back saying i will get a reply (i emailed both cleanseefx & buyslimgenix) , will also go into the bank 1st thing to cancel any future payments etc , tearing my hair out now panicking & fustrated , i cant afford this , i dont work as am at home caring for my disabled daughter

  51. I’ve just read all this. My money came out my account on the 7th so that means that the 100 quid should be due out tomorrow. What shall I do. It’ll be too late to contact my back tomorrow ? I feel a fool. I have no idea what to make of it. If I canvek my account it’ll still come out ?

    • Call your bank – mine were really helpful and helped sort it. He said they get hundreds of calls like this so we arent alone. Bank are definately your best bet.

  52. I am sooo pleased that i am not the only one who has fallen for this scam. I am so angry with myself for falling for it. I have contacted the retail disputes team at my bank and they are going to block payments (they say block i think the money would still go but i get it back from the bank). I have emailed these cowboys and tried to get through on the phone but with no joy. So frustrating feel so stupid for falling for it, but comforted that other people are fighting back against horrid people like this. The frustrating this is the pills actually worked.. lost 1/2 stone in 4 days but would rather be a bit tubby than deal with all this drama and hassle!!

  53. Amazing! I emailed the company straight away yesterday when i realised i’d been duped , this was within 2 hours of ordering product
    I’ve just recieved an email back saying they apologise but goods already sent to warehouse so cannot cancel & i’m to ring for this rma number upon receipt of goods to be able to return them
    I’ve already been into my bank this morning who have given me the number for fraud & recommended i ring them & get my card cancelled

  54. Hi this also happened to me and I was unaware of the hidden funds. I rang the company and it took exactly 10mins before someone answered. They said As soon as I receive the goods I can return them and won’t be charged with the payments of £94.99. And said I need to ring them to cancel my account. The RMA number you need to ship back the goods you can get it from emailing them and I had an email straight back with the RMA number.
    What a nightmare. Can’t believe it drew me in to the scam. I feel such an idiot. I also rang my back and they said to return the goods and if any money gets taken out they will refund it.

  55. I just want to add something to this thread as I have also recently bought these slimming and detox pills on impulse. I realised what I had done and read the comments on this website which made me worried sick. I’m not sticking up for slim genix in any way, however they have been extremely considerate in responding to my emails and they made the process to return these pills very clear.

    Please don’t panic as I did if you’re in this situation I know all the smallprint is very overwhelming, the company are surprisingly cooperative.

    It’s as simple as receiving the pills and returning them recorded deliver with your RMA numbers which you request via email.

    Hopefully this will save people sone restless nights 🙂

    • Please remember you only have 14 days from order date before they take your money. If the product doesn’t arrive within that time or the times almost up before you receive them a delay in them replying to your emails (in my case up to 4 days) can take you passed the 14 days. The most important thing to do us contact your bank.

  56. I ordered the free trial also, and got no letter/receipt with the bottle, no warning of the charge. I have been charged the full amount, I have tried to contact to cancel the subscription and about a refund. Nothing. WHAT can I do I am a student I really can’t afford this!

    Any info helpful
    I am with Lloyds bank

  57. This firm is a bunch of illiterate charlatans: if you’re subject to the £94.99 scam, cancel your debit card and explain to the bank just why: you’ll find that scores of others have fallen for this gambit.
    I ‘phoned the Customer Services number (lagged!) and tried to speak with someone who was not able to communicate in English. He lied, saying that a payment had been denied, and asked could I make some payment immediately. I’m disabled, and shop largely via the internet, so this is most inconvenient- definitely a case of “caveat emptor”!.
    My doctor friends reckon the product itself is potentially dangerous as it is unclear as to the proportions of the constituents, some of which could cause severe problems for those with IBS.

  58. I recently purchased the trial period also. When I received them, it came with a sheet of paper which said in 14 days they will charge me £94.99 unless I rang them to stop. I Instantly phoned them and got through to a man which claimed that he couldn’t hear me when I asked to cancel. He also said that the system was down and would do it later. I also couldn’t understand a word what he was saying. It sounded like he was driving (not in a customer call centre) he also tried to keep me on the phone for as long as possible. I said to him I think your trying to get money from me because this phone call is going to cost me a fourtune. He denied this of course. After looking at the other reviews I phoned my bank straight away and they have put a cancellation block on this company! Furious how people can scan you like this!!!!

  59. I’ve just been had by the this scam too! They have taken 3 payments from my card all in one night. Called my bank and they have put a block on them taking further payments and have opened a case against them. I will be emailing the company tomorrow to find out why they have taken 3 payments and that I DO NOT want there so called free product sent out! Absolutely fumming with them.

  60. Hi guys I aslo bought this crap, only I bought the cleanse efx and slim genie pro can anyone tell me what way it appears on your statement for example is it two separate payments of £94.99 or a payment of £189.98, I’m freaking out now as I only received them this evening and its to late to phone bank and company for rma numbers 🙁

    • It appeared as two separate transactions.

    • Email the company tonight asking for your RMA numbers and also to ask them not to send out any further products and to cancel your account. By doing this you have something in writing to present to the bank if required later. I would still phone tomorrow. What date was your original order? This is the date you need to work from to calculate your 14 day trial period.

  61. Sorry to say, I too fell for this scam. Never before have I purchased a specific item from which the vendor has assumed a continuous authority to indefinitely deduct several times that amount, without providing me with any prior warning or my actively selecting an auto shipment policy.

    I was first alerted to this by my bank Santander at 10.15 at night. They said that £94.99 had just been taken off and an attempt for another 3 payments of £94.99 had been attempted. Santander said they would try and stop the payment as it was pending and had just happened but it had to go through to another department. Needless to say they did not stop it which I was fuming about and now I have lost the £94.99.

    I called the company and it is like everyone else says they say the free trial has to be phoned to be stopped and it is £94.99 for each of the 2 bottles that you recieve. I am fumin at Santander who were so unhelpful and did nothing to stop it even though they phoned me when it happened and could easily have done this and with a shoddy company who is litterally ripping people off and getting away with it

  62. Hi I phoned them first thing this morning got through straight away, I must say the man was very nice and understanding he gave me my RMA numbers and advised me to send parcel back but to get a tracking number and to phone him back with it and he would cancel everything which I did. I also phoned the bank and they advised me to cancel my card as the transaction appeared on my statement as computer components plus loads of numbers,the lady in the bank said she could block them but it would not stop them as they could use different names to obtain money from your account, so my advice to you all is to CANCEL your card straight away, I feel so sorry for anyone who has realised to late, I could have been paying £189.98 a month. By the way folks the tablets can be bought on Amazon for £16.84

  63. I’m glad I read all these comments before it was to late ! I managed to get through to someone on the phone she was hard to understand by was very helpful and sent me all the information to return it so now luckly I won’t have to pay anything. I’m defiantly going to be reading the terms and conditions more carefully when I buy things online now!

    • It’s good this website is helping some people. My advice though is still to notify them in writing that you are returning them and give them your tracking number. Also to stop any further shipments. This will help if you if there are any disputes at a later date.

  64. Hi,

    I have also just been fooled into this buying this product. However just to clarify what I was told this morning by customer services:
    You are getting a free trail period, if you are not satisfied with the product you can return the product and will bot be charged the £94.99. You must call within 14 days of making the order. You are able to use 14 days worth of the product and still not pay. You can also can also cal immediately after making the order to cancel any future subscriptions including the newsletter subscription.
    Also if you make a formal compliant they will be happy to give you a 50% refund.

    I rang and they answered both times within 2 minutes. I can not fault their customer service.

    • You can call immediately but from reading other comments they don’t give the RMA number until you receive the product. They say that’s because the RMA is only valid for 7 days. You really don’t get a chance to use 14 days worth of the product as the 14 days to cancel starts from order date and not delivery date and you need to send the product back within the 7 days following the issue of the RMA.
      Obviously customer services is very hit and miss and you had a good response but from my experience being kept waiting 15 minutes while they click away on a computer and then say they will call you back and don’t is far from satisfactory.
      I would still put it in writing as they also denied ever having received my first phone call.

  65. lukily after reading these comments i was not affected because i did not enter card details! i hope all of your cases are resolved quickly! i think this site should be closed down! trying to rip off people who are genuine like all of u to try and change lifestyle with respect of weight! conning bastards! i suggest to try do it naturally! check out the 5 2 diet! sounds better and wont take money from your bank! gl all

  66. Hi I’ve been caught out to ,I’ve never done anything like this before and now reading thaty are going to take 94 pound out of my bank 🙁 which is bad and wrong I am a single mum with 3 boys don’t know what to do please help me

  67. hi there guys,
    I ordered the one bottle of pills and then noticed two confirmation emails. So I realised this company was suspect as I had not entered my card details for the second bottle of pills.
    I called the bank who completed several forms with me over the phone, they said I would have to pay for the initial two bottles as I had given my details and it wasn’t against the law for them to use the details again. I asked if I order my shopping from Sainsburys would it be ok for them to keep sending me shopping willy nilly without me actually shopping on line. they said they probably have the sales part of company set up abroad. Anyway they will attempt to block any other payments.
    Two days later I had an email about the monthly news letter and when I checked my bank 29p was pending to come out, I thought if they can take 29p they can take any amount,
    I called the bank again. The lost?stollen Visa Debit Card lady told me that even if I cancelled my card they could still take money out of my bank and said I should go to the bank and cancel my bank account.
    My husband and I raced to the bank where I was informed that if I closed my bank account and opened a new one with different details both accounts would still link and the Dirty Rats would still be able to take money from the account. The girl was very helpful and checked this information with two managers on duty. She also called Visa Fraud who said all they could do was block the payments and again said that cancelling a card is not enough you have to go through the procedure either over the phone or in Branch to set up a block on these companies.
    I voiced my worries about them already giving my information to a separate shipping company who were requesting £1 and about the possibility of them selling my details to another company who could then take money from my account under a different name the bank said that they would bar the shipping company and if any money did come out they would reimburse the account. Also for me to keep an eye on it.
    I am still a bit worried and as I have now received the pesky bottles of sorrow and stress and I am not looking forward to the returns process
    Stay safe out there all you pleasantly plump girls and boys. We can over come these Dirty Stinkin Rats.
    Keep emailing them to cancel any future deliveries. get your RMA number, return them signed for with proof of postage and FIRST AND FOREMOST WARN YOUR BANK AND PUT A BLOCK IN PLACE.

  68. I am sorry to say I have been bitten by this scam.
    I emailed cancelling my sample but they still took the stupid amount of £94.95 from an account they had no authority to take from as its my husbands account so I am taking the matter to ACTION FRAUD I had no notice this was going to happen no text email or letter so when the money was taken it left me £14.00 to live on for a family of four that’s how the slimming pill works it leaves you penny less to live on so you starve.
    If anyone here is willing would they also contact action fraud I am totally pissed off with the fact I have fallen victim to this and have now to be careful of the amount of heating and electricity we use as on pre pay and already on emergency for the heating my husband is disabled and needs to be warm also I cook with gas
    How dumb am I ??????? VERY
    Hate myself

  69. You get 14 days from ordering the product to call to inform them that you are not satisfied with the product and to stop your trial. You then have 7 days after that call to return the product to them. They will not take any money from your account if you follow this process. People who have been charged have clearly not followed the correct process.

  70. I have been duped by this company because i guess it does look to good to true and i needed to loose weight never the less trying to cancel was another matter, i could not understand a word the gentleman was saying. Moneys being taking from my account before i even recieved the product, discusting!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. Like everyone else before me, I was suckered into buying these pills. Fortunately I managed to cancel my bank card before they took the money out. However I did the right thing and sent them back and got a tracked signature to prove it. That’s assuming it wasn’t a monkey on the other end, judging by the scrawl of a signature. Pass the word, this company needs to be investigated by Panorama and Trading Standards.

  72. Simply cannot believe how many of us have fell for this scam! I feel for those poor folk out there that haven’t read the small print. I have acted quickly on this and low and behold I got through to them after 3 minutes on hold.

    When I mentioned I wanted to cancel I got the spiel of ‘big discount to keep them both today sir’…err no thanks. ‘Well how about bigger discount for you to keep?’ err double no just provide me with the RMA numbers please. Got the RMA NUMBERS (still don’t believe these are real but eh ho) off to the post office tomorrow to return them pronto first class special delivery!

    Yes it will cost me for the p&p but better than almost £200.

    Now for the good part to allay any fears out there for you folk…..I contacted my bank and guess what? I was the 3rd person the advisor had spoken to today regarding …THIS FIRM!

    He promptly stopped my card and classed it as stolen and ordered me a new card. He went on to explain that they ‘will’ still attempt to keep trying to take a payment even in the future but as the card doesn’t exist they won’t get a penny…..so get in touch with your card provider immediately and put a stop ti this racket/fraud/rip off whatever you want to call it.

    As for me it’s time to adjust a few things in my lifestyle and definitely get more physical instead of believing the crap I fell for…good everyone stopping these con artists! 🙂


  74. I fell for same scam. Just now I have emailed company and received 2 RMA ticket numbers for return of the samples now awaiting the return address. If anyone has this I would appreciate copy. Thanks

    • Please look at at Michele’s post on 18th January for returns information.

    • Hi Sheila

      The returns address is: 204 Baker Street, Suite 004, Enfield, Middlesex EN1 3JY. I checked this address out on Google and am afraid to say that it is a “mail collect” shop – these people are very obviously con merchants!
      Just make sure you send them back by recorded delivery and email them every day like I did until you get confirmation that your account will not be debited with any further amounts – this is really important. Also I hope you have told your bank to reject any future payment requests.
      I can’t believe there is nothing anyone can do about these people!

  75. i fell for this scam too! not happy but can only blame my self when i receive if i do they will be going straight back. what i joke. i did manage to ring them but could not understand a word he said but read T&C and will do doing my best to sort this out. how they keep doing it i dont know they need stopping scamming B*******S!! :-@

  76. Stupid me. I fell for it and then cancelled minutes after reading the small print. Now despite requesting the RMA have been duped further. I ignored their next communication offering me a further trial having thought cancelled means cancelled. They have now deducted £99.49 from my account and sent no product.
    I will never shop on the internet again
    Has anyone contacted BBCs Anne Robinson or rouge traders

    • Have a look up the thread for the link to distance selling regulations. If you do not receive the goods within 30 days the company has to refund you the money they have taken from you. We actually contacted the bank and as soon as the 30 days were up they did a charge back to the company and we were given our money back. The company has 60 days to dispute the chargeback but our bank said they would have to show proof of posting and receipt. The company cannot do that as the pills are sent out untracked. Please do contact your bank though to put a stop on any further payments being made.

  77. Can’t belive I got duped on this so annoyed with myself. As soon as I realised its a scam phoned the bank to cancel any further payments and tried to cancel the order straight away via email. Do you think this will work and I won’t get the awful charges expected ahhhhhh

    • I don’t think cancelling it by email will work as they will say the order is already at the warehouse. However, make sure you ask for your RMA number within 14 days of your order date and follow the instructions for returning the product. Also confirm again that account is cancelled. Once you have your proof of posting and a copy of your email cancelling any further shipments your bank would be able to help if they debit any money from your account. Keep checking your account, they take the money immediately the 14 days from order is up.

  78. Oh, and just so everyone is aware, you can buy these from Amazon at a total cost of just under GBP17.00 for the 2 bottles!!

    I have purchased them and now giving them a try – EXACTLY the same product but just called Raspberry Ketone (not slimgenix pro) and Detox cleanse (not cleanse efx)…………………….so WARNING WARNING WARNING to anyone thinking of buying from this company – DON’T!!!! BUY THEM FROM AMAZON!

  79. This is a total scam. Spread as much information about these miserable bastards as far as it will reach.



    address, is hosted on the IP Address

    Geo Location Information for IP Address. The IP Address is located at 42.7333 latitude and -84.6378 longitude in United States.

    Friendly Location for the IP Address is Michigan, Lansing, United States, 48917

    If i find out anymore will let you know.

  80. I have just cancelled my bank card after reading all the comments on here. I really don’t want that coming out of my bank monthly. Customer service at Barclays told me that she has to close accounts down daily because of this scam. I’m just so glad that I found this site. There is no easy solution to lose weight, just determination and will power, and that’s something I am going to have to find without using dodgy web sites that promise you the perfect body.

  81. I am so so so so so pleased to have found this website, I was soooooo close to committing myself to the “free trial” until I was asked for my c.c. details. Fortunately before going ahead I thought II would see if I could find Slimgenix anywhere else on the web, saw a similar product on Amazon and then found this website and started to read. I feel for all of you who went ahead and ordered your so called free trial, I have read a lot of your comments. These people have played on those of us who are venerable and have a weight problem, knowing that we will try anything. I just wish the NHS would consider having something for people with n on going weigh problem, it would be cheaper in the long run than having to treat people for related problems such as knee replacements, back problems etc. Smokers get more help on the NHS than those of us with a weight problem, we can’t give up food entirely, its a necessity to live, smoking is just a bad habit. Good luck to all of you who are having problems getting your money sorted and hopefully a no risk pill will soon be available via our doctors.

  82. Been fooled by this, lots of sleepless nights wondering if money coming out of my bank.
    here goes……………..
    ordered these by mistake thinking they were a FREE trial
    phoned them straight away to cancel, but some ignorant person that sounded like he was in a toilet cubicle (where scum like this belong) wasn’t interested and was just reading off a script, told me the process for returning blah blah blah blah
    phoned the bank straight away and asked them to block payments, which they did do but because the money was pending there was nothing they could do to stop it.
    a few days later, 2 payments of £2.97, 2 payments of 99p, all individual payments came out of my bank. but the best of it is, they take it from a international bank, so I got charged 4 payments of £1.50 for purchase fee.
    I reported my card lost straight away which will stop these bastards taking any more money from my account, as you only give them your 16digit card number, the 3 digit security code off the back and the expirery date, therefor if you report your card lost its blocked straight away and wait a few days for a new one, different 16 digit code, security code and expirery date, making it impossible for them to take any money from your account.

    Since I reported my card lost, I have recieved a phone call off an English company claiming to be a sister company of these robbing bastards, offering me another free trial for another product.
    After a lot of swearing and calling them all the scum of the earth for 5 minutes I put the phone down, then I had a thought.
    Had they tried to take money out of my account for the newsletter of 29p, been refused so testing the water seeing if I fancied another trial and wanting my new bank details.
    Just a thought but highly likely.
    the number is 01273647939, block this number too.

    I read a blog on here off Camie, and followed what he said.
    When the parcel arrived, I took straight to the post office and “returned to sender”, that way there is no cost for posting.
    I have since recieved an email off these scumbags saying they have’nt recieved my parcel return, and I need to send them the tracking number or reciept for them to cancel the order.
    Why do I have to cancel something I have returned (and they can’t take any more money from me).
    I explained this in a return email, awaiting a response, that I doubt i will get.
    I will keep you all posted on the events.

    • Hi everyone. I too have been an idiot! However, I having read through the ideas, possible sources of refunds I decided to play them at their own game – I lied. Yesterday I tried to get the refund and met with all the usual stonewalling and then tried Barclaycard but to no avail. So today I phoned them again and said I never received the goods. I mentioned the sale of goods act and distance selling act which I read on the which consumer rights site. She spoke to her ‘manager’ who offered a replacement and I repeated that I wanted a refund. He then offered 50% refund, again I said no I wanted a full refund. Finally he said he would contact the finance department and I would received an email within 24 hours to confirm a full refund. WE SHALL SEE. If this happens I will post straight away and it might help others to try it

      • I think by law they have to give you a full refund if you do not receive the goods within 30 days. They have a further 30 days to do the refund. So if it takes a lie to get it I say go for it.
        Well done.

  83. On top of being scammed out of a large some of money has anyone else noticed the side effects of these pills… I have had bad stomach cramps that have been stopping me sleeping and im more hungry then usual anyone else ?

  84. I have never tried a ‘free trial’ before and will never again. i tried to cancel the order.. after their phone ringing for 20 minutes with no reply i emailed them, they offered me 50% off.. i said NO! then they gave me details of how to send the pack back to them… which i did all within time limits, only to find they took the £94.99 out my bank! FUMING! contacted them again by email, they gave all this rubbish about was it within the trial time, and returned by recorded delivery..(which also cost me money!) YES! they still refuse to refund,
    so I contacted my bank and have opened a case against them… awaiting reply, they also stated that no money will be taken from my account, really! the bank said it was set to pay out each month, this has now been blocked.
    i will be contacting trading standards and also watchdog/rogue traders.. please join me! we need to stop other people from falling for their tricks! I am a mum with kids and cannot afford for people like this to take advantage!!!!!

    • See “Haloge” comments Feb 20th which notes the actual whereabouts of this company through their IP address. Hound the company daily by email which is exactly what I am doing. Luckily enough I realised this was a scam as soon as I received the package and went straight to my Bank to tell them to reject any payment requests. I will also be speaking to a Solicitor to see what can be done. Keep on at them – do NOT give up.

  85. I fell for it, i didn’t realise the terms and conditions as I didn’t read them. Cause the company tried to mug me off soon as j received the product I took all the tablets out to keep to use myself then filled it back up with cheap creatine tablets which cost 1.99 and sent it back. I had to cancel everything through bank ringing them up, I had to send it back with a tracking order. Which they still told me to take a picture of the receipt and send it to clientservices@rhinosupport.com please don’t fall for them. Proper dodgy company

  86. Our final victory after they never provided the pills. Bank did a chargeback giving company 60 days to dispute and to provide delivery tracking details (of course they can’t). They didn’t dispute and they are out of the 60 days. A good result for my daughter and £190ish that they didn’t get their hands on.
    I wonder if the taxman knows what this company is doing? Might be worth a report.

  87. Re my post on Feb 25th. I heard nothing for a couple of days and then phoned again. Informed again that it had been passed to the finance dept but she would chase it up. Had email the following day saying money would be refunded within 30 days. Great another long wait. However I have just checked my account and low and behold THE MONEY HAS BEEN REFUNDED. So on this occasion lying has worked and I feel no remorse.. As they are blocked from taking any money now I am sorely tempted not to return the other 2 bottles, although I like the idea of changing them for something else. Only concern is whether they would reuse them for some other poor devil. Good luck to all of you, it seems honesty is not the best policy in this instance so try any method you can

  88. Halifax were amazing with me, refunded me the £94.99 within 24 hours, all I had to do was tell them I had called within the 14 days, to try to cancel, there had been no answer and then called again when the money had been taken and got no answer. The dispute team then sort it. If you tell them you have not called within the 14 days they cancel it but won’t refund. Think carefully about what you say to your bank.

    Good luck. I hate scammers.

  89. Yeah……………success…………….After emailing this make believe company on a daily basis requesting refunds for postage / “insure” postage / “Newsletter” – none of which I originally agreed to – I have received confirmation by email that the monies are bring refunded and should be in my account within the next couple of weeks.
    I truly believe this has come about by speaking to a solicitor and asking them to write a letter (cost to me of £50 but well worth it!). I advised them that the solicitor would be writing to them (they should be receiving their letter any day now), and that I intended to take further action if my monies were not refunded. Well, it worked and I am expecting just under £3 back into my account – I know it’s not a lot of money, but it’s the principle!

    If you have been caught out by these morons, instruct your bank immediately to reject their payment request and threaten legal action to get your incidentals back.

    I have learned my lesson with these people and most certainly will NOT be caught out again – especially when you can get exactly the same product from Amazon for £17.00 for the 2 tubs!!

    Good luck to all of you in getting your money back – persevere – it really does pay off!!

  90. I fell for this just this morning. After reading all these comments I immediately went to my bank and told them I had lost my bank card. They are now sending me a new card and any payments will be cancelled. Hopefully I will just lose the 2.99 at most if at all. This company needs to be publicised as a scam warning to others. Not everyone including me looks for reviews before buying. Lesson learned won’t be doing that again.

    • Hi Elizabeth – even though you have stopped your card, email this moronic company daily telling them you want the shipping refunded – they will also try to debit 99p x 2 for “insure ship” which apparently is automatically added. DON’T give up, just keep on at them.
      I am waiting to hear from my solicitor as they should by now have recieved their letter……I will post any information I get as and when……

  91. What a waste of money, time and effort.
    Not only is this product absolutely useless, like the scabby product. the scam that they do on you is ridiculous.
    I called the number to complain and I was told that I would receive a 75% refund to my card. On the next statement it showed that they had only put on 25%. In addition to this they had charged me for a news letter that I have never even seen.
    Spoke to a muppett on the phone and may have well spoken to a 2 year old kid, absolutely useless just.
    If you have had this product, make it your mission to trash it on every review sight available.

  92. It is a scam and 9 months after you have spent days trying to cancel and recover money, you will receive a letter from a debt collectors in Germany demanding payment or they will start legal proceedings. Of course, they don’t have a leg to stand on, so don’t pay a cent.

    • I’ve fallen for it, and I’ve got the letter, shall I just ignore it?

    • Just had the debt collectors letter 9 months after cancelling and sending back. What should i do. i emailed debt collector GGN International. I am very worrried

  93. I just got the debt collectors letter too what should I do. Please let us know what happens as a result of your email

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