Should you try the Slim New trial offer?

Should you try the Slim New trial offer?

Slim New is a dietary supplement that claims to help you “lose weight and feel great”. However despite its claims and use of proven ingredients there is a lingering doubt that this product is a scam.

Perhaps it is due to its availability as a trial, which in our experience is a big red flag.

Let us look at the Slim New trial offer before we decide whether this trial offer is worth pursuing.

Claimed benefits of Slim New

Slim New is claimed to offer the following benefits:

  • Lose your cravings
  • Burn stored fat
  • Retain muscle mass

These benefits seem a little vague, but then these are the kind of claims we have seen various times in the past.

Before verifying their accuracy we will need to look at the ingredients used to make this supplement.

Ingredients found in Slim New

Slim New contains Raspberry Ketones, Acai Berry, Green Tea Extract, African Mango, Resveratrol and Pure Green Coffee, which have all at one time or another been shown to aid your own slimming efforts.

Unfortunately there is no mention of how much of each of these ingredients is present nor is there any mention of any filler ingredients. For all we know this supplement will contain a negligible amount of the beneficial ingredients, meaning it is unlikely to result in any weight loss.

It is important when looking for a weight loss supplement that the ingredients are disclosed fully. Otherwise how will you be able to tell what results will be expected?

Cost of Slim New

As with most trial offers the initial cost of signing up for the offer is small, at just £4.95 for shipping and handling.

However, what you may not realise is that once the initial 14 day trial has concluded you will be charged the full purchase price, which is an astounding £94.99.

This information is hidden away in the terms and conditions found in a small font at the very bottom of the website, along with the fact that signing up for this offer also allows the company behind Slim New to send further monthly packages of their dietary supplement along with the extortionate bill.

Is Slim New a scam?

It is impossible to recommend Slim New, for a start its non-disclosure of its ingredients makes me doubt its effectiveness, while its use of auto shipping is another red flag.

Furthermore, this supplement is simply too expensive and should be avoided. There are much cheaper and more effective products available to buy on the market.

Contact details for Slim New

To contact Slim New you should use the following details:

Telephone: 0808 238 0014
Email: info-eng@buyslimnew.com

If you have signed up for this trial offer then we would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Alternative to Slim New

A proven alternative to Slim New is the supplement sold online by Evolution Slimming.

This supplement is called Raspberry Ketone Plus and it contains similar ingredients as those found in Slim New, however their dosages have been disclosed in full therefore ensuring you know what benefits to expect beforehand.

You can buy Raspberry Ketone Plus outright too without ever having to sign up for an auto ship program for just £19.95 for a months supply.

Click here to read our review of Raspberry Ketone Plus

161 comments on "Should you try the Slim New trial offer?"
  1. I was not looking for diet pills but it was a review on “fitmumsdaily” that was featured on my email service provider after I signed out that caught my attention, citing that Slim New and Pure Colon Cleanse had helped the writer lose 1.5 stone in a month. As with most “I can’t believe it but it’s true” reviews, the writer always mentions their skepticism, and “my colleagues are all jealous that they didn’t volunteer to road test the product”, both of which were mentioned. The review also linked up to free trials to both products, which I clicked. Both had similar layouts, and “rush my free trial” – but absolutely nowhere on the page did it mention the full price of the products after the free trial ended, not to mention how long the free trial was for. That said, I decided to give the Slim New free trial a whirl, but opted out of the “double up” other product. I paid a £4.95 shipping and handling fee (which was stated when I put in my CC details) at 11:45am this morning and immediately received an email with my order number and Customer Services telephone number, opening hours, the usual.

    A little while later I decided to look for other reviews, I found another one from a health blog, citing a reviewer from Women’s Health magazine, and I found some similarities from the initial review I read in the first place; quick postage and before and after effects. Despite my earlier google searches about the product, I couldn’t find any negative or “don’t buy” matches until I saw this one. At approximately 2:45pm (three hours later) I called the CS number to cancel my order. I got through to someone called Andrew who said that the order had all ready been shipped so he couldn’t cancel it. He asked why I wanted to cancel and I said that nearly £100 for a bottle of pills was outrageous and too expensive; of course he mentioned special discounts etc but I told him I wasn’t interested. He recommended that when the delivery arrived, I should call CS again for “instructions” on how to return the product.

    We shall see.

    • Hi, did you ever get it resolved by returning the product?

      Im in the same issue and waiting on the yrial bottle arriving so I can send it right back to them.



      • Hi,

        I just contacted my credit card company who were great and put a block on immediately.

        I manage to get through on 08081692022 and got two RMA numbers and I have sent them today.

        The below address is correct for returns: –
        204 Baker Street
        EN1 3JY.

        I was told I must confirm tracking number within 7 days.

        Hopefully I have avoided any problems.

        • really angry with myself, never bought off a website before, have tried for 1/2 hour today to get a return no. and instructions how to send, and still no. joy,the man I spoke to just kept saying that they would look into it in the next 24-48 hours and that they had already taken the money out of my account, . have been advised to take it to Watch Dog.
          thank you for posting the address of where to send it back to.
          this has got to be fraud, has anyone sort legal advice yet?

        • Hi I ordered this product but when I came across this web page I automatically tried to canx the free trial order. They said that it had already gone to their warehouse and could not canx it. They said when it arrived to ring them and they will give me RMA numbers. I asked for them now she said no. Her name was shanty. All the call users are american. I tried calling my credit card company explained it to them. They were really unhelpful and said they could only put a block on in 10 days time.

          What can I do? Any advice please?

        • Did you end up getting your money back?

    • Hi i realy need a help. i paid for the trial online. i just realised £95 was taken from my account. I did not request a continous supply. I have not even received the pills they debited my money for. can anyoone help….

      • This has made me so angry, been charged a lot of money because i have not cancelled within 14 days. Yes fair one but its nearly £100 for 4 tablets in a f****g box. This is bulls**t …. how can people justify such thing ? This product could make me a size 6 and i wouldnt give a damn ….. i will put those pills down the toilet then punch myself for being so stupid buying them and hope that will make me
        feel better ….. Would be nice if they would remind u a few days before the trial runs out that it actually is running out ….. robbing b****rds …..

    • Looks like I’m the next in a long line to be conned!! Signed up for my ‘free trial’ and agreed to pay the £4.95. It was only then that I found this website and read all the negative comments.

      I rang them this evening and actually got through, but was told that I couldn’t cancel anything until I had received my trial product and that actually I hadn’t just signed up for a trial, I had signed up for the first month. I have told them that I do not authorise any further payments and that I will contact the police if they try to take any from me – not sure if that was much of a threat.

      I’m also furious that they keep sending me newsletters that I don’t want at a cost of 29p a month. I know it’s only 29p, but it’s the principal of it all.

      As soon as I receive my bottle I will be back on the phone to cancel. I’m sure shipping it back will cost me a packet, but it’s got to be less than £95.

      I tried to cancel my credit card or at least block any future payments, but was told I couldn’t do so while I had payments pending. The £4.95 has been pending for some days now and I’m sure the £94.99 will appear there soon. I could almost swallow the one payment and put it down to costly stupidity, but what worries me is that it is every month.

      Can’t believe what an idiot I’ve been, I don’t normally get sucked into things like this. Just happened to read about it in a low moment when I was feeling fat!!!!

      Is it worth contacting the police – has anyone already done so?

      • hi lucy like you i feel conned. when i realised i rang them to cancel the order and the newsletter, but the american guy said i couldnt till i recieved the goods.i have just rang my credit card company and good news for me they have put a complete block on slimnew and i have been told that i dont have to do anything eg keep them ,use them,throw them away,or send them back which will cost me. also watchdog are on to them. good luck

      • I fell for this and made an order before seeing all the scam warnings. I’m annoyed at myself because I am not usually so gullible but preying on overweight people and promising astonishing results stopped my normally cautious brain to kick in! I immediately transferred all money from the account for card I used to pay and put it I to another account so at least no payments can be taken other than the p&p which is already pending. I immediately rang my bank Halifax explained what I had done she has put an immediate stop on Any further payments but as this can take 5 days she said any money that is taken will be refunded by Halifax. These parasites who run these scams should be totally ashamed but they don’t have any morals, they just want our money!

    • I am trying to cancel before they take out nearly 100£ and they will keep doing so.i have rang the number and they keep saying high volume calls and the email they give you isn’t clear,what can I do I can’t afford this and after reading your page I haven’t opened the bottles as I want them sent back.i got the slim new and colon cleanse please help

    • Alice,
      My friend fell for one of these scams once.
      They wouldnt cancel her order and kept taking money. In the end she had to cancel her card and get a new one sent out in order to stop it… hope it doesnt happen, but if they do not cancel your account or you cannot get through to them, id suggest changing your card anyway! 🙂

      • Hi Alice, I paid through capital one mastercard the trail payment however been reading a lot about this scam I canceled via email they emailed next day accepting this but went on to say that the order was with warehouse and they could not cancel next day I got a email that they would give me 50% discount I replied telling them that if it arrives its your error and that should it arrive I will not be ringing you but I will mail you.
        Something you need to know don’t cancel card or ask for a new one as they can still take money you need to tell the card company you want no more payments to colonpur,slim x and x proto you have to get these blocked I got a letter from c/c stating that they are blocked for 40 months and should any payment made a full refund within 48 hours

    • Thank you all for sharing, just blocked them on my card xxc

    • I suggest you call your CC company now , cancel your card and ask them to stop any future payments from this company.
      I have just done the same , my CC company told me they are seeing a lot of this from this company and have advised me to do this
      Good Luck !

    • absolutely terrible they dont show you your next bill will be £94.99 SCAM glad I realised myself & canceld my back card before they take a payment. I no we all would try any think to be slim but at £100 cost ad rather have curves haha

  2. I have been conned cannot get in touch with them how can i get out of this scam

  3. Whoops I’ve been caught too ten mins ago, feel very silly, any advise in getting out of this?

    Thanks Wendy

    • Hi
      I ordered the product in the morning, yesterday… After an 1 hour later, I red a lot of comments and learn that I was coned… I panicked big style as I can not afford payments like that.. I canceled my card at once and phone Barclays first thing in the morning… The bank was very understanding as they are familiar with this scam… They blocked my account from the scammers and hopefully that is the last of it… Good luck
      P.s. the bank told me that because of my quick actions I cought this in the bat.. I was very lucky

    • Cancel your card at once and phone your bank…

  4. slimnew, what a joke i have just tried to cancel my free trail only to have it extended, i had to shout at the rep on the phone to get him to cancel, i now have to send product back, recorded and tracked delivery which will deffanatly cost more then this is worth, on top of that they want the tracking numbers or they wont cancel this order and want it back within 7 days or they will take nearly one hundred pounds from my account.

    ***** slimnew ****** DO NOT BUY ***** WASTE OF TIME ****

    • Get onto your bank….you can put a block on them taking any more transactions. Thats what ive done….ordered it (stupidly) on Monday and thats it been dispatched today. Going to send it back next day tracked delivery as soon as I get it.

      • I also stupidly thought it was a great deal as I’ve heard only good things about raspberry ketones….only when I was googling something I saw the trial offer scam! My bank were great and blocked any future payments and also guaranteed that if any further payments showed as pending on my account my balance would be restored within 24hrs….just to give me total peace of mind they sent me a new card….actually got my trial bottle of slimnew(60 tablets) today and have only played £4.95p so haha slimnew good luck getting anymore money off me! Jokes on you!

  5. What a scam. I don’t care if this product does work, the fact they try to hide to extra cost in their small print is wrong.. I’ve tried and failed to cancel as I have started the course before I realised the charges. I have resorted to closing my bank account altogether. They won’t get a penny off of me. My credit rating is awful anyway so what’s one more to add to the list of debts. Very angry.

  6. I stupidly opened ad on face book and was also unaware of the implications i ordered on 11/11/14 and became suspicious as my order date showed 08/11/14 i then googled the product to find it was a scam and a way of conning people into large sums of money i immediately emailed to cancel order and received e mail next day to say my order had been sent to warehouse as i was so worried i have not got money in my account to pay 94.00 and 89.00 plus postage charges for the products i put in a trial for i cancelled my card at bank
    I received my order this morn 15/8/14 and after lengthy phone call am sending back my order at again my expense so far this stupidity has cost me over £20 and four sleepless nights trips to bank phone calls to bank and customer services that were very good at being unhelpful(how they can sleep at night i don’t know) please don’t order they are making millions out of people who are desperate low and vulnerable ( never thought this would be me )
    Hope every one gets this resolved
    Denise —– weight is just a number—- size is just a size —— happiness is knowing you tried , don’t press the trial button i have learnt the hard way

  7. I orderd this .. For trial I ain’t paying a penny more than 4.95 cancelled my card

    • Cancelling your card does not do anything You need to go into your bank and cancel the cpa Continuois payment authority once that is done the bank will refund the money that the company take from you with in 24 hrs

      • Canceling your card does do something but yeah only after you get your bank to put a block on the continuous payments they slyly put on us without our knowledge or consent…Halifax were brilliant and sorted it for me within 10 mins and advised as a final measure to cancel my card and start a new one…doesn’t affect my bank account or current dd’s or so’s either just needed to amend any recurring card payments I had set up…don’t feel bad guys we were all conned and won’t be the last…CONTACT YOUR BANK TODAY

      • Ive been conned too 2 lots of £94.99 taken out of my bank account and cant get hold of them on the phone I managed to get through once and they told me that they couldn’t hear me. Ive just been on to my Bank but no money for Christmas now

    • Hi. Just wondering if cancelling your card worked?
      I was conned too and rang the company 15 mins later to cancel and they obviously wouldn’t let me. I have cancelled the order and blocked them through my bank but I’m wondering if anyone has had look with it this way?
      The guy on the phone said the free trial was over today on the 10/12/14 then when I queried that, he said he meant 25/12/14. After reading all these reviews, I don’t believe that though.

  8. Hi there i was fooled aswell with this scam and tryed 2 phone them but with no joy and it’s. Not cheap with an 0808 number as well so i when in 2my back an stopped my card and now they can F..K themselves cis they are not getting a been from me lol . I asked my back How can i stop them taken any more money from me and wat 2do like COs i only put my long card number And the last 3 on the back they said stop your card and get a new 1 ie u lost your card or its been compromised so 2 all that have been done over from these please get your card STOPPED A.S.A.P like i have done 2 day .

    • Did this actually work and stopped them takin money ?

      • it should do because if you had your card stolen and purchases where made your bank would automatically decline the card with no overdraft as you have made them aware that the purchase has been made without you approval or knowledge.

    • Hi, I’m exactly the same, i have cancelled my bank card so went into my branch to take out money when they informed me that a charge of almost £200 was pending on my account and will be took out on mon, the thing is the card that I used to purchase these is now cancelled so will they still be able to take the money out? What a nightmare!! Feel so stupid!!!

  9. I am so angry at my self for even thinking this product was anything but a scam. I read that adele the singer had lost her weight on this product. Iv cancelled my bank card they wont get a penny out of me don’t no how they sleep at night. I havent even bothered phoning the customer care line to arrange to send product backj im not spending any more money on postage and packaging

  10. Don,t even think about this offer. complete con
    Why are people allowed to keep being allowed to continue with this type of business
    All comments already post are o so true

  11. Hi all, unfortunately as always no one seems to have read the terms and conditions. It does state all the costs all they are guilty of is not stating it out clear in the ad. Lots of companies do this and I’m sorry to say you only have yourselves to blame and the only way to guarantee to stop them taking any more money is to cancel your bank card. I know its not nice to hear but I have fallen for a scam before and felt stupid and angry for doing so. So put this behind you accept any losses and always read the t&c’s in the future.

    • I read the t&c’s too but if there are people like me who are borderline glaucoma and have cataracts forming I even struggle to read very small print properly with my glasses on. I searched all the main areas for a catch but found nothing but the usual terms and conditions about returns and their right to change their terms etc etc… so it is not as easy as just reading the t’s and c’s as you put it. Companies should not be allowed to use subterfuge in order to get money out of decent people and lets face it, if like me you have health problems and the weight is adding to them and you have tried everything, then you do get a little desperate to try anything that has such good testimonials as this had. I too have cancelled my CC after a very heated conversation with an operative trying to cancel an order that they claim they have shipped already and like others I am not wasting any more of my money returning they item as they have kept the shipping fees I have already paid (do not forget that whilst many will cancel this product, they are still making money off of people by collecting the shipping fees as chances are most of the items will never be sent in the first place). It has been a long time since I have been caught out like this but I guess I know now why I made the rule of always look a gift horse in the mouth as what it has to offer is usually a con!

  12. Hi there just went for these pills myself and as someone stated had there trial extended. Can anyone confirm if you do use the product and you want to return within trial period they will charge you full price when you send them back because i would of opened them? I guess they don’t refund the delivery charges?

    • im currently dealing with these guys as my trial was extended. You wont get any money out of them and you are most likely to be charged. during the extension i was charged the full price for both. The best thing to do is tell your bank that you aren’t approving of the payments. However this can be tricky with some banks but legally you are allowed to cancel/ block any reoccurring subscriptions (CPA) -continuous payment authority- due to an act passed in 2009 if the card provider doesn’t comply they and the money is still withdrawn they legally need to reimburse you.

  13. This is one big con
    Placed trial order for £4.95 ten mins ago
    Just contacted my card supplier and was told they had taken £99.00
    Tried contacting them to cancel and was told they cannot do anything as the order had been dispatched. and could not cancel the order until the product had been returned.
    There was know manager to speak with and the staff were no help whatsoever a total con .

  14. I ordered this product yesterday 19/08/14 seen reviews today and tried to cancel the 14 day trial they said I couldn’t do so until I returned the product. Which i have yet to receive. I’ve cancelled my bank card with advice from my bank to prevent them taking the shipping payment in hopes it won’t be delivered to me. I can’t remember if I had to put in account details as the site is completely gone.. can anyone remember putting in account and Sort code number?

  15. I too ordered this product without reading the t’s & c’s, luckily I read some of the reviews on here and realised it was a con so immediately spoke to my bank and cancelled my card. I also sent an email to cancel my order, but two days later received an email back saying unfortunately my package had already reached the warehouse, despite the fact I sent the cancelation email within half an hour of originally placing the order. Anyway, they won’t be getting a penny out of me and if the package arrives, I won’t be sending it back! Be careful guys!

  16. It’s really a stupidity.i am fully blind and belief on this product.i just tried a trial but after 4 days they cut 94.99 twice from my account.even they said they cut money after 14 days. I tried so many time but I couldn’t get them.this contact number is fake and the product aswell.is anybody help me please to get my money back.and how will I stop further payment.i don’t want this bullshit

  17. Punam – i also ordered the trial then read previous comments on here. What i done yesterday was called my bank agreed it is best to cancel the card and have a brand new one sent out with different card number and cvv number. Also my bank gave me a number also within the bank if they do take the money to call a certain number they gave me. The agent at the bank was 90% sure they cant take the money. So call your bank and explain.

  18. Hi I’m a 24 diabetic type 1. Would I feel this would do my self more damage then good

  19. Hi I spoke to my bank and they send even if you cancel your card or account they can still take their money. As I have contacted the bank to cancel they will monitor and refund every time they take a payment apparently doesn’t cost the bank a penny. Contact your bank if you get caught .

    • Thats exactly what i had to do Jonan, the bank will reimburse any payments taken from the intitial £4.95. They also said i had to send the pills straight back because the company can claim that because they havent received it back they are under the assumption you are willing to continue with the trial! Any ideas where to get a return address for them without having to ring them?!

  20. I email to them but they didn’t respond .i canceled my card too and order new one.if they deduct money after all of them too then what should we do

  21. I have also just fell for this scam, I have also rung them ect and got the same send back information. Because we only provided our card information it’s just a matter of cancelling the card as there is no information of your bank account.


    Called the “sales dept” and they gave me the following address:

    204 Baker Street
    EN1 3JY.

    name of

    This is the registered company for the UK slimnew product.

  23. I would strongly advise anyone who orders this free trial to get onto your bank and ask them to put a block on the card payment immediately. I can’t believe I fell for this scam. I’m normally on the ball and quite asture. I only paid half an hour ago and they have already registered to take money from my bank via my card details. I’m with Santander who were fantastic. If this company manage to take the £94 within the next 24 hours, Santander will refund me the following day.
    I found the ad via a well known Men’s Health Magazine, it all seemed legitimate. I really hope everyone else has luck with their bank and that no one ends up being badly conned.

    • Hi Sunnie,

      I was exactly the same, reading on Men’s Health. I never normally give these things a second thought but it caught me off guard and i thought what the hell, why not give them a go.

      Anyway, I emailed them and it logged a ticket to Rhino Support. I also called and the woman on the other end of the phone didnt listen to a single word i said.

      I also phoned my bank but they would not just block and re-issue me a new debit card as nothing had come out of my account yet.

      I have taken notes of all correspondence with the bank and with the SlimNew scumbags and will just hope that i don’t get stung.

  24. This is the company you need to complain to.

    Toxlaire Ltd
    204 Baker Street
    EN1 3JY.

  25. After ordering this product on the 11th of August and receiving confirmation of shipping on the 14th August I am still waiting to receive my free trial of both Slimnew & Colon Cleanse although today they just happened to take £189.98 from my account!!
    Needless to say I was more than a little confused at the money being taken my bank gave me a number for the company I called the customer services number 0808-238-0014, spoke to a lady who didn’t speak English very well but she managed to explain to me that I paid a 99p fee for insurance to the shipping company in my trial payment of £4.95, she gave me the name and number for them and assured me that a full refund will be given by them.
    After calling the number 00 1 (866) 701-3654 ( I actually have no idea how mch this call will be from my landline but it can’t be £189.98! lol) I spoke with a lovely American woman who seemed very sympathetic and assured me a full refund will be given all i had to do was go to the website and submit a claim form which I’ve just done.

    I’m not holding my breath that I’ll get a full refund tbh regardless of how reassuring both companies sound but I’ve gotta give it a go anyway and in the meantime instead of ordering scamming diet pills I’m dusting off the Wii Fit board and eating more fruit lol .

    Hope this info might help


    • Hi Annemarie, what was the website where you submit the claim? I managed to speak with the costumer service, the guy couldnt speak english, he spoke wit his manger and they promised me refund and cancelled any further deliveries.. but i dont really believe. Thanks for you help so much

  26. Yep…. they got me too!!

    I have cancelled my debit card as advised on here and have emailed them. I don’t like to use the phone as there is no record of things that have been said or agreed.

    My email is pretty much to the point.

    Apparently I have managed to order 2 lots of what appears to be a con.
    I have looked up customer reviews and realise that the incredibly small print says that you will take an extortionate amount of money for these products, although I can no longer find your website!!
    I do not want these, I do not wish to enter into any trial, I will not pay for them and should you decide that I am, I believe your registered offices are at

    Toxlaire Ltd
    204 Baker Street
    EN1 3JY.

    I am a firm believer in face to face meetings and you’re about an hour away from me so it’s not to much trouble for me to come and discuss this matter should the need arise.

    Also, I have another order with you, Order Number: ******** for Slimnew. As with the other products, I do not wish to take part in any trial and hereby cancel any that I have signed up to.

    I believe that your standard response is that you cannot stop the delivery of the items as they have either already gone to the warehouse or have already been dispatched to me.

    If this is the case, I require proof of postage from you showing time, date and consignment number to confirm that the items have been shipped prior to this email.

    I have contacted my bank who have given me sound advice which I have taken.

    Under the Consumer Contracts Regulations, I exercise my right to cancel this agreement and if the items have not been shipped, request a full refund of the postage costs totaling £17.82.

    Please advise me of your intentions forthwith.”

    I looked up distance selling regulations and in June they changed so maybe this can help…..


    Hope it’s a positive response.

    Good luck all.


  27. um.. that address is nothing but flats. Also there are at least 5 other products all linked to the same address that are registered as scams.

  28. I got the standard response of “It’s gone to the warehouse and can’t be stopped”.

    I’ve sent them a reply, following the guidelines from the Which website.

    It’s amazing what a bit of digging uncovers though.

    Toxlaire Limited has a director, ADETOKUNBO ABDUL OBITAYO and a secretary/director/administrator Ms Claire Abdul Obitayo.

    Their registered address is
    NW2 7QJ

    Mr Obitayo (Tox himself) is on Facebook.

    They trade as a Photocopying and document preparation service.

    Another company at the Enfield address is Mail Boxes Etc. Managed by Tox & Claire Abdul Obitayo, although this seems to be the service they trade as above.

    Well, I am done digging for now. I will see what they say to my latest email.

  29. I have just been duped by this company but after speaking to them and speaking to my bank, I will get a 50% refund. I did not believe the company at first thinking they were just trying to get me off the phone but the bank have said that any refund that has been offered by them has been honoured. They said that I should receive an email with instructions and that my money will be refunded within 24-48 hrs They also said no other money should be taken out of my bank account by them and it would be then that an investigation would take place. I feel so stupid as I have done these trials before with no problem.

  30. Just received my email conformation and they will refund within 30 days and cancel my contract. Better than nothing I suppose and more than I probably deserve by being so blinkered. Good luck to all who have to take them on 😉

  31. Hi can you let me know email address please as I too unfortunately have been conned and I’m usually so wary of these scams. Wish I had took time to read these comments first, but like all of us, we are taken in by this shit and act on impulse. I have contacted my bank and they assure me no other payments will be honoured but I want to make double sure and speaking on phone is expensive with my provider.
    Thanks in advance for any help

    • I rang them it was completely pointless kept saying I can cancel but may as well try them in the trial period and there would be no problem with cancelling as long as I do so by day 12. In the end I just kept saying OK till she ran out of steam……….. Just send them back, get a proof of posting send them recorded delivery . Check with your bank near the time just to ‘remind’ them. Pam

  32. I just heard about this product! Lucky I read up on it before ordering this scam.

  33. Hi all, I also got caught out by this about an hour ago… I have cancelled my bank card – will this stop them being able to take money as I only gave my card number & no sort code or account number?
    I cannot cancel the initial payment yet as the bank said I have to wait 48 hours for it to actually go through…
    Gosh I feel stupid!!

  34. I fell for it too, contacted my bank, talked to Visa desputes they can’t do anything about postage but can put a stop on any future payments….hope this is a help to others…..also advised to report them to Trading Standards.

  35. I have spoken to my bank to cancel my card and they basically said that the charge can still be made to the card and will subsequently be forwarded to my account anyway.

    I have emailed the company with the default response but it does mention cancellation of further product. If I receive charges the bank will help recover those costs as I have proof of them saying it is cancelled.

    MAKE SURE YOU KEEP ALL CORRESPONDENCE ON RECORD. if you don’t have it then you have no evidence.

    In future think again about diet pills and their value. I know I will. Caught out at a low moment and a stupid impulse.

  36. I bought the trail of this product and have been using it since last Thursday. Today I called them to return it. It simply doesn’t work, I’m into sport and eat quite a healthy diet but wanted to shed a few extra pounds of fat before a race this weekend, I’ve not lost an ounce and usually I lose at least 2lb a week. The amounts of each ingredient must be next to nothing as I haven’t lost anything. I can go down to any local health store and purchase the ingredients individually and know how many mG’s are in them for around the same price as this product. It’s not the best at all and the customer service line is really dodgy, sounds like a guy in his bedroom.

    I got the returns number today and will be posting recorded delivery this afternoon and hopefully putting this as a lesson learned. Bit annoyed with mens health though as this was featured on their website as being a great product to use.

    Hope everyone else gets sorted and their money back

  37. I want to cancel the free trial how do I go about that I want my money back in my bank plz

    • You will need to contact Slim New using the contact details I have provided above. If this fails maybe your bank will have better luck getting a refund for you.

    • I just called 0808-238-0014 spoke to the people and got it sorted.

      They stipulate you send it back tracked delivery which is £6.50 via Royal Mail and then call back with the tracking number. They then refunded and cancelled my account with them.

      • Did you hear anymore from them or was the matter closed. I’m worried they are going to keep trying to take money

  38. Made a mistake ordering this `product`. Tried to cancel without success. Called customer services only for them to hang up when I asked to cancel.

  39. Damn ordered too! Never fall for these but like others thought I would give it a go! Feel terrible now.

  40. I have ordered it too they have took the 4.95 but as soon as I read this I rang the bank and cancelled my card. I also put a block on reoccurring payments so they shouldn’t take any more money from me. I have just rang ‘customer service’ to cancel they were not interested at all they told me to call back when the product had arrived for the return address. There customer service is terrible they are just sales ppl trying to get every penny out of you. I suggest ppl do the same cancel ur card and put a block on reoccurring payments!!

  41. So pleased I checked this out.
    Was about to order but thought it was to good.
    Another Nigerian Scam.

  42. I will let you know if and when I want a repeat of the monthly tablets.

    You wont be able to draw any monies.

    The tablets are very expensive which I did not realise. I cant afford them as I am a
    disable senior citizen


    Shirley-ann Holder

  43. Absolutely gutted as my partner has signed up to this! Obviously called to cancel which was made VERY difficult by a foreign woman named ‘Christine’! I still don’t know if she cancelled it. She spoke over me repeating the same crap over and over again!! She offered me a 25% then a 50% refund of the £94 which I told her wasn’t good enough! I asked for company details which she refused to give me due to security – I am furious. I initially thought only 1 payment had come off but they have taken nearly £190. Has anyone had any success getting any money back?

  44. I’ve fallen for this aswel sadly.. not once does it say on the page about the 14 day trail and then 100 a bottle afterwards.. sadly this morning they took the full amount off me leaving me 100 pound overdrawn. I phoned them up straight away and there answer was that they’re not interested in helping me. I’m considering getting into trading standards about these because of false advertisement on their site.. its residuals. I’ll never fall for this again

  45. Do not order this crap. This is a 100% scam!! Entered my card details for a 14 day trial. Linked to another page that tells you that you have signed up for a £89 a month recurring payment for some rubbish that probably doesn’t do anything.

    Cancelled my card the same night. Told by the bank it’s a continuous payment authority (CPA) that they have no control over. It’s basically a contract that allows slimnew to take any payment amount whenever they want. The bank have put a stop on all subsequent payments but could not guarantee that it will work. Have to monitor my account and get in touch should they take any money and a refund will be issued by the bank.

    Slimnew customer service is a complete joke! Either get through to someone who can barely speak English or through to no one at all. I have spoken to 2 chinese women both of who tried to get me to keep the contract going and to get a family member to try them!! No thanks. 100 quid for 30 tablets that cost around a tenner anywhere else!!

    U must return the pills to get out of the contract within the 14 days from date of order and you have to provide them with a tracking number. Before doing this however you must contact them for a return authorisation number (RMA) which is valid for 7 days and the pills have got to get to them in this period. Without the RMA they won’t accept the return. When u give them a tracking number for the return pills they should cancel the contract. I have been told by Steven on extension 45 that this has been done. I shall see.

    It cost 7 quid to track and trace back to slimnew who’s headquarters are a garage in North London. Not exactly a genuine retailer by any means. U have to ask repeatedly to get a return but if you persist you can get out of this scam. I shall be returning to eating burgers and kebabs and slimnew can shove their pills up their arse.


  46. I’ve sent my slim new product back to the supplier, had to send via special delivery as it’s tracked and recorded and then call them with my tracking number, but got an email saying my account was closed and subscription cancelled. Still rang the bank and told them to not honour future attempts to take money and they where pretty good and said they have blocked this. Don’t know how but happy with it. The product as I said I tried and it was rubbish, I went to a friend who is a nutritionist at manchester university and spoke about the so called ingredients and she said that I could buy all of them for less money from somewhere like Holland and Barrett, so I have and will now try them with the correct Mg quantities and feedback on the results. Pricing wise they came out at around £80 but at least I know that I’m taking 2000mg of African mango rather than no details of how much or how little are in the product.

    When you call to cancel just say that the product isn’t going down well and is making you unwell and they have no comeback.

    I called then backed everything up via email the number I called was 0808-238-0014 the best times I found where 8.20 am and before 11am, it did sound like a guy in a box room taking the call. You live and learn.

    Good luck to everyone hope you get sorted and your money back. Cost me just over £12 with the delivery etc which I’m willing to write off to experience and move on. Bit different for you guys who have had the full amounts taken.

  47. Hi, just wanted to give everyone an update on positive advice.
    I fell for these too, luckily I read everybodys comments and acted the next day. My bank assured me that although they couldn’t give me the refund of £4.99 x 2 plus 99p x 2 for shipment back, they would put a stop on any other payments that would be associated with these con merchants. You do NOT have to cancel your card, well that is what Nat Westminster Bank have told me anyway. I contacted the con merchants through phone, eventually I understood what the man was saying to me, it is a terrible line and sounds like outer Mongolia and there is a delay when you are trying to have some sort of conversation. I made out I was allergic to the ingredients after getting my doctors advice, to which he responded “oh I am sorry to hear that, perhaps a friend would like them instead, and we will not charge you the whole amount of £96 each, we will discount by 50%”. Basically I would get one free!!!!! I replied NO I DO NOT WANT THESE AND I WANT A FULL REFUND. Eventually, he agreed to give me a RMA number for both items and then instructions how to send them back, to send them 1st class Royal Mail and obtain a tracking number, when I had that I was to ring them again (oh no!) with the details then they would assure me they would cancel EVERYTHING.
    Well the good news, I got through first time, spoke to god knows which country he came from as the line was awful, like underwater conversation. I gave him all the details, he has since sent me a confirmation email confirming my account is cancelled and no further transactions will be taken. YAY, we shall see though, but please DO NOT BE TAKEN IN BY THIS SCAM. I was lucky, well I am keeping fingers crossed, but will be so so sure next time. Or just adopt the attitude sod the diet, just try and eat healthily. GOOD LUCK PEEPS

    • Hello’ I’ve been asking a lot of people on here: have you had any further hassle from this con company? What you have said I a, in the process of doing but I am at the stage where I have to wait for the product to come before I can get the number. Many thanks

  48. Hey,
    Me again!

    I have been in contact with my bank again because I felt a little paranoid about the advice I have been given so far.

    You need to call your bank, cancel the card you used AND ask them to cancel any Continuous Payment Authority that has been set up (it’s in the terms and conditions), otherwise, they can still collect payments from you.

    The guy on the phone said basically when you set a CPA up, it’s so you don’t have to update your details whenever you change a card. Things like magazine subscriptions, gaming subscriptions and so on.

    So get them to cancel it and any payments taken after you have done so are disputed and returned to you.

    I am with Lloyds but I am sure it’s the same for all banks.


  49. Thanks to all of the above. I immediately phoned Natwest (my card holder) and they couldn’t cancel the two lots of £4.95 but have agreed to stop all future debits from the companies and if any payments are taken they will refund them the next day. If it wasn’t for this forum I would likely have been charged another £200 at least and had to go through a whole lot of hassle.

  50. Well, sent an email to the UK headquarters only to be told I couldn`t cancel unless I called some number in the US to get a Return Authorization Number…..
    Been to my bank Lloyd`s and the young lady at the help desk has put a block on Continuous Payments for me. They also refunded my initial 11.98. So it`s fingers crossed.
    Otherwise they said I would have to close my Lloyd`s account altogether.
    Because they can still take from a different account within Lloyd`s……..

  51. Hi,

    I also fell for this con. I’ve phoned the bank and blocked further charges, and also cancelled the card. Has anyone had money taken even know they have taken these steps? I’m wondering whether to close the bank account all together.

    • Hi Chris.
      That is exactly what I have had to do today. After being warned that the `company concerned` always requests money under different names so is almost impossible to block. Seems like a knee jerk reaction but the only sure way to beat the scam……
      PS don`t open a new account at the same bank as they can still get access.

  52. Hi

    I along with many others have been ripped off. I ordered the ‘trial’ and then on reading the small print tried to contact them within 10 mins of purchasing the tablets. My email said i wanted to cancel the order but they said it had already been dispatched and I needed to cancel when I receive the product. I wrote again but they say the 14 trial is over and for both trials – colon & slimnew they have take £189 out of my account – that’s nearly a weeks wages gone. What can I do when they are in America! I am so upset. Any advice. 🙁

    • Well Noreen the only way to end the misery is rather drastic. I have transferred all of my direct debits to another bank and closed the Lloyd`s one which is affected by this scam. Only now can I be sure that i wont have my pocket picked every 30 days. The product arrived today and will be returned to sender tracked and a copy of the tracking number sent via email, the address is on the envelope. No calls to the USA for me. Good luck…..

  53. I rang my bank after finding this website and I told them it was a Con and that I should contact them to cancel this order but if a payment did go through I would receive a full refund of the amount taken. I can rest easy now. Well I hope so atleast.

  54. Just got off the phone with them after sending the package back to them with tracked and signed delivery,
    I gave them the tracking number, and he told me that my account is cancelled, and that no further packages or charges will happen.
    I actually recorded the phone call just so they can’t back out of it should the worst happen. I have 3 days until the 14 day mark, so I’ll let you all know then!
    (They really need to change their phone system, pretty sure they do it on a pc through the internet, more than likely through a proxy server, aweful quality, and a big time lag!)

    • I fell for this scam and so angry at myself. Did you get your account cancelled?
      I have so far done the following: contacted the slim new cc and got through after 5 minutes. I did find the lady was reading from a script, I cancelled the 29p newsletter but she said I coukdnt cancell the order as it had gone through. Which I told her was not true, she was speaking over me so I got mad and she stopped. She then, after going round in circles, clarified with me that once I receive it, I then have to call back for a returns number then send it back via tracked delivery at my expense. Then call them with tracking number and then everything will be cancelled and I should not be charged,
      In the mean time, I bank with RBs and they have put a block on slimnew in my card, the onstage payment will come out but any other payments should not, and because this company can change its name to try and get money, they bank look into this, they will see it and refund the money back into my account as I have highlighted this. They say not to cancel your card as they will find a way to get to your account, and even closing the account down does not work. They did say that if you return the item unused, there is legally nothing the company can do in regards to charging me as there will be no obligation. This will be about perseverance.
      Also. How long did it take to receive the product? The 14 day trial from what I beleive starts fro the day I ordered and not the day I receive so a very short window in sorting this out. I am very angry with myself

  55. I also rang and was told I could return them within 14 days of receipt of trial order and cancel the rest. I wasn’t happy with that, and emailed them to cancel, my second email reading as follows

    Reference Slimnew product.
    Just to re-iterate, regardless of whether or not the free trail shipment ever arrives, I have cancelled any and all future supplies and financial charges in relation to this product. Any future attempts to charge or take any form of payment from my account by your company, business, or any associated person or persons will be viewed and treated as fraudulent. My previous emails on 2nd September refer.

    I got the following reply.

    From Slimnew September 11th
    We have received your request to cancel further shipments. This email is confirmation that the Lifestyles Program on your order for slimnew has been cancelled.
    In case you receive it please contact us for RMA in order to sent it back
    Thank you,
    Customer Service Department

    Let’s hope they mean it. It does seem possible to cancel by email.

  56. I got this email off them today

    Thank you for contacting customer service.
    Please confirm with us if you have receive product so we proide the RMA (RETURN MERCHANDISE AUTHORIZATION) All futher shipments has been cancel. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you better.
    Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.

    Best Regards,
    Customer Service Department

    I told then 5 days before my items were allegedly dispatched that I did not want them and I would not be wasting my time or money sending them back if they did arrive.

    They have cancelled any further shipments and I HAVE NOT called them once, only emailed them stating that I consider any contract cancelled by myself, regardless of whether they do or not.
    I am not calling them for an RMA, new legislation says I don’t have to.
    I don’t care what country they are in either. They operate out of an office in London so as far as I am concerned, they operate under our rules.

    Unless they collect their stuff when it eventually arrives, it’s going to sit here unopened until I bin it too.

    My reply to their emails is now “Please refer to previous correspondence”, and that’s all they are getting off me!!

    I feel very lucky to have stopped it before they ripped me off.


  57. They tried it on again today, a bit rude of them but I am treating it like a game now.

    Below is the to and fro between us today…..

    RE: Pure Colon Cleanser – Shipment Notification #5770026
    Pure Colon Cleanser (purecoloncleanser@rhinosupport.com)
    Add to contacts
    [Flag this message]
    To: mick_bourne@hotmail.com

    Dear Mick,

    Thank you for contacting customer service.
    Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you better.

    If a customer is unhappy with the product according to the Terms and Conditions, you agreed to while placing the order, he/she needs to return it back previously obtaining RMA number from us. This is how it works… So, please, confirm that you received the products. And if you did, you will issue RMA number for each product and provide you with the Return Instructions.

    My reply

    “This is how it works”…….. Really!

    I refer you to my email of the 27/8/2014which stated the following…..

    “I would like to point out the following to you,

    From 13 June 2014 the Consumer Contracts Regulations, which implement the Consumer Rights Directive in UK law, come into effect.
    The regulations apply to items bought online, at a distance, or away from a trader’s premises (for example, at home or at work).

    They replace the Distance Selling Regulations and Doorstep Selling Regulations.

    These regulations state the following…..

    “Your right to cancel an order for goods starts the moment you place your order and ends 14 days from the day you receive your goods.”

    “This 14 day period is the time you have to decide whether to cancel, you then have a further 14 days to actually send the goods back.”

    “You should get a refund within 14 days of either the trader getting the goods back, or you providing evidence of having returned the goods (for example, a proof of postage receipt from the post office), whichever is the sooner.”
    (I have asked you to provide proof that these goods have been dispatched prior to my email yesterday asking to cancel the order.)

    “The trader has to refund the basic delivery cost of getting the goods to you in the first place”

    “The Consumer Contracts Regulations make it clear that a trader won’t be able to charge a consumer for an item where it was selected for the consumer as part of that purchasing process, rather than the consumer actively choosing to add it to their basket”
    I do not want further goods from you and I have not requested these in any way.

    You have informed me that I can only cancel the orders with an RMA number (although you haven’t stated what that is).

    In regards to this, I would like to point out the following, also taken from the Consumer Contracts Regulations,

    “You should also be provided with a cancellation form at the point of sale, although you don’t have to use it.
    You can cancel an online order in writing, by fax or by email.
    The seller shouldn’t make cancelling an online order unnecessarily difficult. For example, you shouldn’t need to call to get authorisation to return an item.
    Or you shouldn’t be told that items can’t be returned unless you’ve got a cancellation code.”

    Your request clearly contradicts these regulations.

    This is how it works!


    They then said…

    Dear Mick Bourne,

    Just think about this. Every client can place the order and then call the same day to cancel it while the product has already been sent to the customer. And once the product is shipped to the customer this process cannot be reversed! That means a customer receives the product and is not supposed to pay for it. Everybody would order the products and then cancel them to get it for free…. What kind of business that would be?

    That is why, if the client does not wish to keep the product, he/she contacts us within the trial period (this is clearly stated in the Terms and Conditions) to get the RMA numbers and the Return Instructions.


    And I replied with,

    our apparent logic falls short of the facts in a number of instances.
    Firstly, your terms and conditions do not replace my rights as a consumer.
    Secondly, you offer a 14 day trial, the cost of postage being the only payment require, therefore it is fair to assume that the trialed products are indeed free!
    I received an email 7 DAYS after completing my order online and 5 days after I contacted you to cancel it (in line with current legislation).
    Given that had the product actually arrived, which it HAS NOT, it would have taken 3 days to arrive. You incorrectly state the need to call for an RMA in order to return any “leftovers”. This would have given me 1 day to actually trial the product which would show no results or potential benefits to my health.
    You ask “What kind of business that would be?” Well, after reading posts on the numerous web sites and forums dedicated to warning others about you, I think it best if I don’t answer that question!
    Some of the practices you employ are questionable at best. Allegedly taking further payments before the trial is complete, poor customer service, a reluctance to actually cancel contracts, pushing discounts for a product that on eBay costs around £6 compared to your gross amount, to name but a few.
    Since my order has NOT ARRIVED, I question whether or not I am entitled to a refund of the original postage costs? You have already emailed me confirming that any contract has been cancelled but I have not had the opportunity to complete the trial.
    I cannot return something I have never had!!

    I will be sharing my experience with you on the sites and forums mentioned above, in the hope that others will have a clearer understanding of what they are potentially getting themselves into.


    I quite like the challenge now.


    • How did you get on wi to, unfortunately I fell for this today. I have contacted them, contacted the bank for them to block the payment etc. I have to wait for this product to arrive before I can get a returns number as they refused to give me one and then I have to send it back and call them again with tracking number before account is cancelled. This is a horrible thing to do to people. So soul destroying

  58. Do not under any circumstances take up this trial as you will be paying 2 x £94.99 for emails trying to get a refund.

    I thought I would try the trial for new slim and colon cleanser to see for my self what the out come would be and received nothing but charges.

    I was told that after 14 days I would have to pay the 2 x £94.99 and it was down to me to cancel which is all well and good if I received the items in the first place.
    I was then told I would not get a refund and was offered a reshipment.

    My argument is a 14 day trail can not start if you have no product to trial so all terms and conditions are void.

    I was then offered a 50% refund for the total payment from the colon order and was told by the new slim order that no refund would be made. And then was offered 25% refund and then told no refunds can be made.

    I have now been told that for the colon order that I can have a 50% refund or a reshipment not both !!

    So what have I paid for ????

    Looks toe like emails and just a headache.


    I have cut down my calories and drink 1.5L of water per day and have now lost 1 stone in 10 days so do not need these products for weigh loss. Not that I even received them to begin with and just lost a lot of money.

  59. I have also been caught out as soon as the product arrived and I read the paperwork I foned my bank they hav put a block on the company but did say that they will probably try again to take out a another payment using a slightly different name by mayb dropping a letter of the company name they hav cancelled my card. I asked if the company could take any action against me n the guy from said NO therefore I’m not wasting my time or money contacting them or returning the product after all it was supposed to b FREE if u paid the postage n packaging in which I did.

    Will let u all kno if I hear anything from the company wen they realise they’r getting no money or returned product.


  60. Be warned this company is not based in the USA, but is registered in Costa Rica…..

  61. Another fool to add to the list…. I also was fooled by this, what seemed an amazing offer to nearly choak on my corn flakes as I opened my package so excitedly….. Loosing weight starts now…. £95… Per month…. I lost a stone reading that, And the next page at another £95 wow the product worked I lost so much from the shock of my future costs. All sorted now tho the pills have been sent back.had company blocked from future payments and also had my card changed just in case… Please do not waste ur time money and effort on this scam I hope u read this b4 hand I wish I had….

  62. I was also fooled by this scam. When I rang to get a the returns number, “they” gave me an address in Edinburgh.! Not convinced so rang back and got the London address.

  63. I feel I have been conned.
    I could not find the follow on orders bit when I ordered and even a second visit failed.
    My Bank Santander fraud dept contacted me on vacation and alerted me to the subsequent request for $94.99 for each commodity.
    The order was delivered late and I had left on vacation.
    Just returned delivery in my unopened post
    AT 86 I can’t afford this kind of cheat

  64. The returns no is just the order no that’s on the email conformation so if like me you ordered both products then u will need 2 returns nos. They gave me a wrong post code when I called them and luckily I googled it and it did not exist so I had to make another call then,the call to give my tracking no the scams just keep coming. I’m not looking forward to my home phone bill neither…

  65. So I just googled the no and 0808 nos are free. From a land line but cost more from a mobile. Fingers crossed as they just wanted to keep me on the phone

  66. Hi all,
    I also was stupid and fell for it without reading the small print, they took £94.99 from my account, witch i have spoke to my bank and unfortunatley i have lost my money, they did asure me that if anymore was to be taken now iv’e reported it i will be reinbursed my money back. I have now cancelled my card and i’m awaiting a new 1. this is going to sound silly but have anybody tried the pills and do they work??

  67. I am another stupid person who ordered the pills.

    SMILNEW is a complete Fraud, scam , con never buy this trail or products.

    Within 2 mins of placing the order I realized they have not advertised or mentioned any thing about recharging £94.99 and wrote a email to them to cancel my order with immediate effect. I also said that, the order is placed just 3 mins back and surly your systems are not efficient that you can not stop it and cancel the order.

    I got standard reply which I was expecting from them.

    They can not cancel it as its already left for the warehouse. What a joke.

    I sent them a email response again, stating its a fraud and that I am not interested in their product and that they have not mentioned or informed me on the page of ordering for recurring charge of £94.99 after 15 days etc..

    They simple sent a email back that I should have read the terms and conditions etc and only way to is get the RMA and cancel it. What a bull shit.

    I called my bank and asked them cancel the transaction. They said 2 transactions are pending £4.95 and £0.99 I never authorized £0.99 They said its pending and can not do anything about it. After talking to my bank HSBC I was able to get to a point where the lady form the bank said she will try to block the payment but asked to check back with the bank and also try to cancel it with the company. She did say that lot of people have complained about slimnew company. I asked her then why is this company not investigated and put in fraud list by the fraud department. Sometimes my card payments are stopped saying they suspect fraud and those companies are almost 50 years old and well know trading company. The bank lady said the fraud system us automatic and they don’t have any control on it/ What a shame banks.

    I have promised them that I will go on the internet next day morning which is today and blast the truth on every possible forum and let every one know about this scam.

    I went to slimnew website from ndtv.com website. NDTV is a very well know TV News channel in India and I am surprised how low NDTV have they gone to earn little advertisement money from advertisements and putting their own visitor at risk of scams. NDTV should get their act together and stop such advertisements on their site.

    People who reading this are most likely, people who are victims of this scam. Please spend 2 hours on the internet and spread this message as much as you can and any forums, blogs, twitter etc to save other people falling for this scam.

    My mission today is to let the world know about this fraud and save lot of people falling pray to the scam.

  68. An update to my last message I left on 12/09/14

    I still have no trial products that was originally ordered on 17/08/14

    It takes forever to get them on the phone which is not free.

    It seemed to be a battle of emails regarding the situation and after being offered 50% returned I still don’t have this as they just keep wanting to confirm my address which just prolongs the process.

    I then this morning received an email saying I need to contract the postal office for my refund as the shipping had insurance and they will deal with a refund !!!!

    Another way to prolong getting any money back.

    I jumped straight on the phone and waited 10 minutes for someone to answer so more ££ taken just to speak with someone.

    I gave bother order numbers and the let rip with my issue as I have had enough.

    so I listened to the guy read from his script and just had to ask if he has finished with the script reading and ready to actually help it dealing with my refund.

    again the script reading carried on and was told that no refunds would be made but a new shipping of the products would be sent !!

    So my response was cut the Shit as I have emails from your customer service to state that I will get a 50% refund of the full amount for the first product ordered so should be getting £94.99 back and have another email for the second product to get back 25%

    Back to script reading !!!

    So again had to say I have this in writing from you company so sort it out as I’m fed up off getting emails to confirm my address.

    In the end he said my accounts would be sent the refund team to get the £94.99 back and my accounts will be closed and no further products will be sent.

    that’s all well and good but what about my second £94.99 ?????????????????????????????????????

    Again script reading and told no other refunds would be made and I would still need to wait up 30 days for my refund.

    I was then asked how his service was and if I was happy..

    I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and just had to laugh and just said once you finish with your script reading just maybe we could have an honest conversation and you may actually help with my refunds for products I have never received and a trial I never got a chance to try.

    Let’s see if I get any kind off refund.

    what a bunch of @#$#@@$$#@##$#@@#


  69. just realised I have fallen for this too!!!! Ahhhh I am usually so careful! Anyway went straight to my bank and told them to not allow any more transactions from this organisation and that they need to inform them to destroy my details.

    I called the customer service line and got through to someone who eventually agreed to give me 25% of my money back, threatened them with lawyers etc. usual stuff. I really couldn’t be bothered to fight too hard but maybe if you do you will get more back.

    Maybe if there is a lawyer/solicitor on this forum a joint collective civil suit might make them stand up and notice.

  70. Absolute con, DO NOT and repeat DO NOT purchase this

  71. 3rd update

    Just got back £94.99 for the orders made but still leaves me £94.99 out off pocket and no products to show for it.

    On the refund the gave me back half the amount for the slimnew and then half back for pure colon

    So what about the other £94.99 total not to mention the postage and hidden insurance cost for postage ??

    Again do not order these products unless you want to be ripped off.

  72. This whole this has me absolutely furious…
    Again like many on this forum I fell for the silly ad late last night and then found this forum and realised what a mistake I had made.
    These people should be taken to court or a ‘Watchdog’ TV programme made about them as it is a total scam and they are getting away with iy.
    I placed my order, stupidly, last night very late – but then after saw this forum and immediately tried to call Barclaycard but their systems were down.
    I call the company at 8am as soon as I was able and got through to a girl who told me that it was too late to cancel the trial as they had already shipped the goods,
    When I asked how that was possible when in effect I had ordered out of business hours and they had only opened again, she said that was just the way it was and I had to receive the goods.
    I told the person I didn’t want the trial and not to send the stuff, but she insisted it was too late and indeed they already had my money for the trial.
    To anyone out there who did the same as me I would say …call your credit card company and tell them about this and ask for your card to be blocked and ask for replacement card,
    Thankfully I was able to do this, so now the company can no longer take any more money off me.
    It is awful that these scum prey on vulnerable people and knowingly take their money like this in such a devious scam.
    I hope they are found out and brought to justice,
    Hope this helps someone out there!!

  73. if i refuse to send the pills back as i thought they were a free gift what will happen?As anybody done this and been threatened with legal action or do slimnew know that they cannot legally charge the full amount.

  74. I am really surprised.. may be because I did not have your experience… I ordered it online and received it by the time they promised.. I called them 2twice and they answered me promptly.. I was planning to go ahead with their 50% discounted offer but im not so sure now…

  75. Received a message on Face Book and followed the link. As I was about to put my card details in I thought it would be a good idea to Google the company to check on other peoples views. Thank goodness I did! Thank you everyone for the above messages, I’m grateful that I didn’t get caught out hope you get your problems resolved.

  76. I am the zillionth sucker to be conned; but I have had my credit card blocked from paying anything apart from the original post and packing fee,and I telephoned the number on my enclosed “information” sheet that came with my trial samples. I was dealt with promptly and courteously and told to return my samples to 204, Suite 004, Baker street, EN1 3Jy. I had this checked at my local post office: it is a real address, in Enfield, not in the Baker Street in London where Sherlock Holmes was in residence. Then I sent my pills back to this address and was given a receipt for the £7.15 which I had to pay to get a tracking number.I shall telephone this to them tomorrow (I was too late to do so today, not getting back from the post office in time.)I hope that will be an end to the matter. Incidentally, I found this website by chance by googling Slimnew to check their address.

  77. I was also caught up in this misleading product and my bank was debited in total of below amounts:

    02/09/2014 – FORX SLIM NEW 0.99p
    02/09/2014 – OCLEANSE 0.99p
    02/09/2014 – FORXSLIM NEW £4.95
    02/09/2014 – OCLEANSE PURECOLON £4.95
    19/09/2014 – FORX SLIM NEW £94.99
    19/09/2014 – OCLEANSE PURECOLON £94.99

    Total = £201.86 was taken from my bank,

    I have just spoke to Trading Standards and was sent a form to complete which prompted me to check my bank account, I have also rang the number on the Direct debit statement to complain.. 08082380014 this was the helpline I wasn’t polite and did go mad demanding a refund in this misleading product, I have never even received the product either, I was given a website address and told to make a claim online as the 0.99p that was paid is insurance for packages, I have contacted them today and sent an email as well as a claim online.. I will keep everyone updated with this and hope to receive my refund soon.. details of website for insurance claim is below:

    client.insureship.com\claims.php (Given by helpline)
    insureship.com/website/claims (Found myself as page wouldn’t load)
    claims@insureship.com ( I also scanned and signed documents and emailed them to this one)

    you will need some information that the helpline can provide like Order Number – Claim Number – Ref number – delivery date – even though I was not happy he assisted me and gave me the information I would require to make insurance claim.

    Trading Standards sent me a letter that stated weight-loss tablets brands that have been taking extra money from accounts and I was asked to check balance, I then checked my statements to find the money had already being debited without my knowledge! If I never received the letter I may of never realised until it was to late.

    Hope you all are refunded or able to cancel I will update this when I am refunded.

  78. Obviously should not have fallen for this but did in a weak moment. My Credit Card Provider has been very clear that any attempt by the company will be blocked and should any payment get through then my provider will refund. I will not be wasting time phoning the company but I have sent them the email below within the 14 days which I am sure closes matters. I’m sure they might try to charge my card but they won’t be successful. Should they make any attempt to pursue me for the money, which I’m sure they won’t, then I have this as evidence that I contacted them and made the position very clear.

    To slimnew@rhinosupport.com,

    Regarding the Free Trial Order below of Slimnew Order Number: xxx, and Pure Colon Cleanse Order Number: xxx, I am emailing you to confirm that I will not be purchasing any of either product. Please consider this as my full cancellation of both free trials.

    I note in the letter that came with both free trial products, that at the end of the 14 day trial period you will make two separate charges of £94.99 for both products.

    I trust therefore, that my cancellation above will be noted and that you will make no such attempts to charge my card for any further amount. Should you attempt to do so, however, my card provider will block the payment as they understand completely that I give you no such continuous payment authority. You will therefore not be able to obtain any further money from me.

    I trust that is clear. Assuming it is, there is no requirement for you to respond. Should you really like your two trial products returned as you suggest in your letters to me, you may send me exact instructions as to how to do so and I will return them to you 2nd class and obtain proof of postage but no more.



  79. 4th update

    After weeks and weeks of dealing with these jokers I now managed to get back my money apart from the shipping and insurance costs. So £189.98 back in my pocket.

    Just goes to show if you are determined you will get your money back in the end but it is made very difficult to do so in the hope that you will just give up.

    Do not give up.

    Tell your bank you did not authorise the payments and they will send you a form to be filled in so they can investigate on your behalf.

    Email slimnew and pure colon separately regarding the issues so you get things in black and white. You will get different people reply to you but just keep pushing until they offer a refund.

    Got half the money back from the company and the other half from my bank.

    Now I’m stress free from dealing with these people and better off.

    Do not be tricked into this scam because all you get for your £201.94 is 2 bottles of pills and that’s if your even lucky to receive them.

    • Me to I have been charged (legally stolen , in my mind) 200 pound from my cc account
      My bank legal team are looking into the trading bbc watchdog have been contacted and office of fair trading have the necessary forms

  80. The 0808 number in Chris’ post is no longer in service.
    what a surprise.
    The number on the letter is also wrong – it belongs to a marine company.
    I never trust these things, but I had no control over the missus ordering them.
    Thankfully Lloyds bank has blocked all payments to this company and have guaranteed a refund should a payment be obtained.

    It’s a scam!

  82. OK folk’s, like the rest of you I was very foolish and got “caught up in the moment”once I realised what a huge mistake I had made, I set to make it right,. It has taken me two weeks to resolve this but I would suggest the following actions.
    1. Contact Slimnew on 08081692022 and tell them under the distant selling regulations you wish to cancel your order and return them. They will not issue you with an RMA number until you have received the items but your call is logged.
    2. Email customer service and put in writing what you have said over the phone, Again quoting distant selling regulations and the right to cancel within 14 days.
    3. Go into your bank and explain to them what you have done. There is no point cancelling your card because this makes no difference, the payments can still be taken.The bank should issue you with a telephone number and point of contact for debit card issues. A note will also be put on your account. I bank with TSB.
    4. Once tablets arrive ring customer services back and ask for RMA number. They will try and extend the trial date, tell you to try them. DO NOT ACCEPT THIS. Tell them under distance selling you wish to return them and do not want to extend the trial. They will then issue you with an RMA number. You MUST be persistent and firm.
    5. On the dispatch note clearly mark the RMA number. On the label on the envelope send to
    204 Baker Street
    EN1 3JY
    Post back via Royal Mail on a special delivery making sure you have the tracking number.
    6. Once it has been returned and a signature has been obtained, ring customer services again with the tracking number and they will log this against your account and close it. No further payments or orders will be taken or issued. This must be done within 7 working days of the RMA number being issued.

    It is a a bit of a long drawn out farce but in order to cancel correctly its the correct route to follow. If I have any further problems I will update my comment.

    • OMG….just received my not so ‘free trial’ feeling really stupid for being suckered 🙁 thank you for advice on dealing with this . .Hopefully I can get an RMA number from them as it seems some people have had a problem getting this and a trip straight to the bank in the morning.

      • update ..Returning un opened bottles of Slim new and Colon cleanse…. just got through on the number 08082380014 after 20 mins of trying , I spoke to Jose told him I didnt want the product and he said the whole , we will offer you discount if you pass the tablets on to someone else …I declined this offer obviously. He checked my order numbers and I asked for return merchandise authourisation numbers for both products, he quoted back the order numbers I had given, he checked the address I had for returns and agreed it was right , he told me I would need to phone back with Tracking number. I asked if I could e-mail the tracking number to them he said yes. Going to the post office now! and then the bank

        • well I recieved e-mails re ; RMA numbers before I left for the PO lucky I checked as Jose previously had just quoted back my order numbers to me as the RMA and on the e-mail there was an 6 digit number added on the end. armed with update I posted back the 2 unopened tablet tubs paid £7.50 for postage and tracking . Phoned the 08082380014 cust,services number again unexpected but it was answered first time , gave them the tracking number which they checked and announced that it was on its way ,and that was that I wouldn’t be receiving anything else from them and I would not be charged anything else . I have phoned the bank Barclays but was on hold for 10 mins then the phone went dead , I will try again just to ensure that there’s a block or something on anything from them . I am hoping that’s it .the order was in my possession less than 24hrs PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THEM

    • UPDATE – this format has worked, no more payments taken, no more products sent, no further communication. Yippee…….!!

  83. I contacted trading standards and citizens advice who were both very helpfull, they have given me a plan to follow to try and get a full refund but could take upto a month so fingers crossed!

  84. OMG,
    I just nearly ordered these pills, I entered all details and thought NO wait a minute let’s see can I find a forum first on this company – and I stumbled across this forum, I don’t normally fall for scams and I like to think that I’m quite savvy, but gosh how I was really tempted after reading all the hype, I nearly fell for this scam, how irresponsible of the celebrities who have promoted this scam, Thank you to everyone who took time to post this scam on line, I hope you all get the refund and shame on this company for scamming the world, lets keep spreading the word.

  85. I also was a bit stupid and clicked the ‘Free Bottle’ button without reading the terms and conditions. I rung Natwest a day later after I did my belated research and they have heard of these companies and have blocked future payments to them. This includes any future subscriptions and additional payments. He did say that these companies do tend to change their names in order to claim payments from people, but said that I am still covered for these, and I just need to keep monitoring the payments, and contact them if this happens. Has given me peace of mind and have also learned a lesson. Thank you to everyone who has posted on here for directing me towards the right form of action, it is much appreciated!

  86. Another one bites the dust! I have also fallen for this scam. Sent for the 14 day trial offer but then decided to send pills back within the 14 days unopened tub and still sealed. I rang the customer services number provided. Each time I called the line went dead until eventually I was able to speak to someone. He told me to send the pills back and gave me an RMA number. This cost me a further £6.40. I then rang customer services and gave them the tracking number. By the time I decided to read all the above reviews (to late) ok yes I should have read the reviews first. I have contacted my bank and blocked future payments. I have written to customer care returns in London at the address given on the invoice stating what I think of their scam. Obviously I have received no reply from them. Wow someone is making allot of money from all of this! How can they sleep at night ? My next move Trading Standards.

  87. I decided not go ahead with the “free” samples and spent some time on the phone yesterday to a gentleman who tried extraordinarily hard to persuade me to continue with the pills. I had to be very very firm to get the RMA numbers and an address for the returned pills. I was told to send them back by registered post. Before getting rid of the pills I made sure that my bank were aware of the situation and would block any attempts from SlimNew to take any money from my account.
    I then returned the parcel, not by registered post, but just proof of posting. The lady in the post office already knew about this scam and said that I was lucky to get rid of the pills before they could extract £94 from me.
    I am usually very savvy about buying from the Internet but nearly got caught this time.

  88. I’m trying to figure out how to get this all cancelled because my dad decided he was going to get this “free trial.” He thought it would be a brilliant idea to use my bank card (luckily a US one since I have dual citizenship, so it doesn’t affect my Uk account) and my email address. I want to get this cancelled as quickly as possible and I have no idea if the fact that the card and bank I’m signed to would affect my claim in anyway. I was infuriated with him for doing this and he keeps trying to make me feel upset about the whole, when I’ve been talking with my friend and they tell me I could take legal action against him if I felt like it.

    But that’s beside the point. If anyone has any advice on how to deal with this through the american banking system I would be more than happy if you could give me some advice. He’d been talking about it for a while and I had told him MULTIPLE TIMES that it was a scam, but he decided to do it anyway and told me “I was only thinking of it for you” which left doubly offended. If any americans or at least people with knowledge of american/military banking system can help me out with this you would be an absolute lifesaver, I will try everything else adviced here though.

  89. Thank goodness for this site !
    I was going to try this product due to the impressive before and after photos and the alleged user recommendations but, hesitated. Seemed just a bit too good to be true. So, just before entering my bank details, I stopped and “Googled” “Slim New” which is how I found this forum.
    Sorry to hear about everybody’s problems, but very appreciative of all your comments. Saved me loads of added stress and financial loss.
    What I don’t understand is how the company can insist on clients sending back the initial “free trial” products. After all, they were free. Surely you can just cancel the ongoing shipments/payments under the legislation given above?


    • Robert, please read the review above rather than just assuming this website sells Slim New (which it doesn’t).

      We do not endorse Slim New or any other trial offer that rips people off. You will need to contact them rather than leaving a message on a website that has nothing to do with them.

      • Hi Jac. Seems a shame that some people are assuming you endorse this `product`.
        To be honest your page was a `god send` to me. Had fallen for the scam but was lucky enough to stumble on your page and used some of the advice posted, to sort out the problem. Thanks….. Alan.

  91. Yep fell for it as well feel sick and so angry with myself for being so stupid, really wish i had read this page first. Just phoned Barclays and they can put a block on the company but only after the first payment has gone out, cant believe I didn’t check properly.
    Will be blocking the payments and cancelling my card to be on the safe side and never ever be so stupid again!

  92. Dont be fooled by slimnew..! Its all a scam as i.just realised..but thankfully it wasent too late for me. Feel.like such an idiot should have read the reviews first..so i contacted slimnew on tge number dey provided me with and had no trouble getting through to them. Was told once i recieve the pills i should contact them again and rquest an rma number so wich i did. Then i retured da products bak to the return adress provided on the letter and pakage of what i recieved. Cost me 7.50 and i den called slimnew and gave them my tracking num and was told my acount wid dem is cancelled. But before doing any of dis i canceled my card straight away and they didnt manage to take any money only took 4.95 for shipping. Thank god its over with as i have just had a baby and dis was da last thing i needed to happen to me. I got my card blocked straight away its the best thing to do or get advice from your bank. A lesson well learnt never gonna do this again ever.!!

  93. hello all, I too have made the huge blunder of falling for the scam!!! pop up appeared I click and paid only to receive the leaflets telling me about the 94.99 payment being taken off my card, I must of lost a stone beating myself over it, phoned the bank and stopped any payments going to the company so I may have been saved from being robbed hopefully, rather scary I must say. I guess good old fashioned healthy eating and exercise is the cheapest and safest way to go from now on.

  94. My daughter has ordered these (age 17) obviously she just seen the words free trial and cancel before 14 days and thought fantastic. I was only aware of these tablets when they arrived in the post. I come on here and seen every ones comments she has rang the bank and they have put a stop on any payments requested by this company. Im absolutely fuming that this company have sold these tablets to a 17 year old who has no income to pay for them! We have tried to call the number but just plays music forever saying we are on hold? Have other people just sent them back without informing the company?

  95. Hello,

    Does anyone know the colour difference of these two pills?

  96. The Poke.co.uk had this ‘Mens Health’ article advertised on their website. Very convincing Mens Health ‘advertisement’ page, clever people. Reported card lost 10 mins after ordering and any fraudulent transactions should be refunded plus any subsequent CPAs should be cancelled.

    When it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t. Ciao folks, be careful on the internet!

  97. I have also fallen for this scam, I ordered the pills last Thursday thinking it was a one off payment of £4.95 only to realise that once the transaction had gone through I’d signed myself up to a monthly subscription for £94.99!! There’s no way I can afford this so within 10 minutes of ordering I phoned the number and managed to get through to a woman who didn’t speak very good English. She said I couldn’t cancel my order as it had already left the warehouse but I knew that couldn’t be right. I couldn’t get her to understand that I didn’t want the pills but she just didn’t get it then the line went dead. I then started to receive newsletters via email that I had not requested that were going to cost 29p (not a lot but it’s the principal) and something else that cost me 99p!
    I went to my bank first thing on Friday, I requested that no further payments be taken from this company and they asked me if I wanted to cancel my debit card and get a new one so that’s what I’ve done. The £4.95 and 99p were transactions pending so there wasn’t anything they could do but I pray that it’s stopped it.
    I’m so very frightened, I’m a single mum to 3 kids and need every penny I can get. I feel so stupid for falling for this rubbish. I’ve even tried emailing but each time I just get one back saying something about a ticket. Please can someone put my mind at ease and tell me I’ve done the right thing and that they can’t take my money.
    Good luck to anyone else that’s fighting this xx

  98. I have also be duped by this offer, I have seen it on Facebook and am always drawn to it, but tonight I decided to try it out. I am normally pretty sensible about offers I see with regards to slimming products but for some reason I let my guard down with this one. I ordered and paid £2.98, that was £1.99 for each product then completely by passed the terms and conditions tab at the bottom of the page. Then I decided to Google slim new to see if it really worked and I came across numerous web pages like this one that said it was a scam.
    I then went back to the add and read the small print. I phoned my bank and asked them if I could stop the payment, but as it was paid for by a debit card and was already pending, there was nothing I could do. I have sent an email to info-eng@buyslimnew.com, stating that I wish to cancel my purchase and no longer wish to participate in any trial. I have a grocery order coming tomorrow and after it arrives I intend to cancel my card in an attempt to stop them taking any further payments.
    My bank did reassure me that I would be able to claim all monies back as I have not signed up for anymore than a free trial, they said that I would be able to file a dispute claim and get monies back.

    Can’t believe we were all duped like this. Good luck to you all in getting your money back or attempting to stop further payments x

  99. Just as a reminder to you all out there, scroll above to my comments on 6th September and hopefully it will put your minds at ease. To date, I HAVE NOT RECEIVED ANYMORE OF THESE AND NO PAYMENTS HAVE BEEN TAKEN.
    It takes a while and a lot of patience but keep at it and don’t let these shitbags get away with this dreadful scam.
    They need to be named and shamed, disgraceful.

  100. I sent for the trial bottles of slimnew & pure colon cleanse I didn’t see any mention payments that would be taken from my account of £94.99 x 2 they cleaned out my account leaving me with a deficit of £202.37 plus bank charges of £5.00 per day and I’m an old age pensioner now I have nothing in the bank to pay other bills or get groceries for my xmas dinner I hope your proud of yourselves slimnew.

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