What is the Slim System Cleanse?

What is the Slim System Cleanse?

Slim System Cleanse is a supplement available for trial that claims to help you to “flush the pounds” while you “detoxify yourself”.

Can this supplement really work as claimed or should it be avoided like the plague? It is after-all available for trial, which are often a front for an expensive auto-ship program.

Lets look at this trial offer in more detail to discover the truth behind its claims, before we let you know whether we would recommend it to you.

Claims made by Slim System Cleanse

Slim System Cleanse claims to help:

  • Increase energy levels
  • Boost your metabolism
  • Detoxify your body

When looking at claims it is important not to get too carried away with them.

It is much more important to look for proof of the claims. For example, will the ingredients found in this supplement back up these claims?

Ingredients found in Slim System Cleanse

While it is not immediately clear where the ingredients are found we did find an image of the product label, which shows some ingredients that can help with the detoxification process.

Of course if you want to see real results you should obviously diet and exercise while taking this supplement for best results.

How much does the Slim System Cleanse cost?

Again the cost of Slim System Cleanse is not immediately clear as it is hidden away in the terms and conditions.

However, with a little digging I have discovered that if you sign up for this trial you will soon regret your decision due to its high cost.

Just 14 days after sign up you will be charged a quite incredible £89.99, which is frankly a ridiculous price.

As with all auto-ship programs this wont be the end of your troubles either as every month after your initial sign up further packages will be sent out to you, again with the expensive bill.

Is the Slim System Cleanse a scam?

Although you may experience some benefits from this supplement it is certainly not worth its high cost.

We have seen alternatives with similar ingredients that cost significantly less. My suggestion would be to buy one of these outright, without wasting your time with trial offers.

How to cancel your trial?

You can cancel your Slim System Cleanse trial by contacting them using the following information:

Phone: 0-808-101-3444
Email: support@slimsystemcleanse.biz

Please leave a message below if you have trialled this product.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Alternative to Slim System Cleanse

Our recommendation for a detox supplement would be Detox Plus.

It contains similar ingredients to the Slim System Cleanse but is much more affordable.

This supplement is available for just £19.95 from Evolution Slimming, with no auto-shipping or any hidden charges.

Click here to read our review of DetoxPlus

17 comments on "What is the Slim System Cleanse?"
  1. I did not ever order your product and I received a charge on my credit card from your company

    RE: Account ending in 0963


    As requested, we’re notifying you that on JUN 02, 2015, $125.18 was charged to your Capital One® MasterCard® account.

    I just got up from bed and got this notice report.

    Contact me immediately to discus this charge.
    This is fraud. I did not do this.

  2. Hi my name is Charlene Alfred I did sample order your product Pure Slim Colon Cleanse and Supreme Garcinia Cambogia you’re missing on my credit card and took nearly $ 300 I want refund all or I will take legal procedures to fraud I just wanted to try the samples and you are passed several times in the same month on my credit card although I cancel the product by phone continue to take me money it’s a good scam steals so I want to be reimbursed my $ 300 my number for canceled Supreme Garcinia Cambogia Is 365621 for Pure slim colon Cleanse is 382287 I DONT NEED YOUR PRODUCT send me my money back!!

  3. I have never authorized your company to make any retreat(withdrawal) on my credit card. I simply authorized your trial product at the 7.95 price(prize). I ask for the refund(repayment) total on my credit card. I clearly told to your employee by the telephone that I absolutely wanted to know nothing about products and to cancel any command(order) whatever it is. Legal procedures will be made against you if I do not receive my refund(repayment) for the reasonable deadline(extension). This is a fraud.

  4. I to tried the trial offer and now again fourth time u have taken money from my credit card. They now owe me 450.00 dollars. I cancelled 3 times. It is in a lawyers hand now. Scammers big time

  5. You took 138.44 from my account, I want my money back!! I didn’t want anything from you! The lady on the phone didn’t speak any English! I told her NO!

  6. I cancelled this order but still received what was suppose to be a free product and my visa was billed $127.56. I am NOT impressed. I would like a credit and NO further product. I will be contacting Visa. Melanie mcrae

  7. Some how another person got onto my computer and ordered the Supreme GarciniaCambodia plus Pure Cleanse. I S. King did not authorizes them use of my debit card to J. Brown. He used my debit card with out permission.

    I have discovered the 2 bottles and that some appears to be missing. However would you please refund the money immediately Jan 11 not sure the amount but somewhere around $137. ?? and Jan 27 for 137.20.

    I have no idea if I had cancelled this product earlier but if I did why have you withdrawn funds from debit card ending in 1284 which is not cancelled by bank security.

    I am upset that this is a Canadian company in North York, taking advantage of persons not ordering originally.

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