Slim Ulta Garcinia SCAM Report – Is this offer legit?

Slim Ulta Garcinia SCAM Report – Is this offer legit?

Struggling to lose weight? If you are then you maybe tempted by the claimed benefits of Slim Ulta Garcinia.

It offers a range of benefits, but before you go rushing to sign up perhaps you should first check that these claims are accurate.

The following review will look at this offer in more detail before we conclude whether we believe this offer to be legit, or whether it is a scam that is best avoided.

Please read on before you make a potentially expensive mistake.

Claimed benefits of Slim Ulta Garcinia

At the very top of the website is the following statement “look great, feel amazing”, but this is not the only benefit claimed:

  • Jumpstart metabolism
  • Balance food cravings
  • Increase serotonin levels

To check that these claims are accurate we will need to look at this offer in more detail. In particular at the ingredients that have been used.

This is the most efficient way of checking how accurate the claims are. You should never sign up to an offer without first checking that it works and is safe to use.

Ingredients found in Slim Ulta Garcinia

While there is no label present it is clear that the main ingredient used is Garcinia Cambogia, the product name and packaging is a big giveaway.

When looking at Garcinia Cambogia supplements you should check to see what percentage HCA has been used. Again without a label there is no way to verify this, but the website states that 60% HCA has been used.

This is the recommended percentage and should offer the maximum benefits.

I would like to see a label, not only to verify the HCA percentage, but also to ensure there are no additional ingredients used.

Often you will find products that use filler ingredients that will not only reduce the products effectiveness, but could also cause side effects.

True cost of the Slim Ulta Garcinia trial

Slim Ulta Garcinia is available for trial, but this is certainly not a free trial.

Having read the terms and conditions of this offer I can reveal that there is a $4.95 charge to pay when you first sign up to this offer. Then a second charge of $79.95 to pay at the end of the 18 day trial.

At the conclusion of the trial you will be automatically added to an auto-ship program, so you will soon discover that further monthly packages and charges will be sent to you.

These will continue until you cancel the subscription.

Is the Slim Ulta Garcinia trial offer a scam?

While there is no label, the HCA percentage is what we would recommend. It is just a shame that we have no idea what other ingredients (if any) are present.

The main issue with this trial offer is the cost. Simply put this product is too expensive. There are plenty of more cost effective alternatives available, so I would recommend that you opt for one of them.

Contact details for Slim Ulta Garcinia

To cancel this trial you will need to contact Slim Ulta Garcinia using the following contact information:

Phone: 877-221-8605
Email: care@slimulta.com

Please leave a comment below if you have signed up to this offer.

Alternative to Slim Ulta Garcinia

Garcinia PureOur suggested alternative is a product called Garcinia Pure.

This product can be purchased from Evolution Slimming and comes highly recommended.

It contains the recommended dosage of 1,000 mg of Garcinia Cambogia, with 60% HCA and no filler ingredients.

Using this product will ensure the following benefits are experienced:

  • Weight and fat loss
  • Fewer food cravings
  • Lower cholesterol levels

As there is no trial option available you wont have to worry about hidden or repeat charges. The price you see online is the price you will pay.

Click here to read our review of Garcinia Pure



15 comments on "Slim Ulta Garcinia SCAM Report – Is this offer legit?"
  1. I purchased from them and have since been charged $79.95. The email address doesn’t work. When I call they can’t find me in the system. I will have to cancel my debit card since I have no way of cancelling the shipments. Any suggestions?

  2. This is all a scam. The people you all have showing they use this product is the same people shown using other weight loss product. So which really work. How cam all these people using different products says it works. U are all trying 2 get people 2 spend their money on every product u advertise. Another thing how is it the people on shark tank put their money on two different products saying it works. It’s all lies. Didn’t think a person would pay attention to this, but i am one that do

  3. Did not authorize any product be sent to me automatically. Please STOP with future shipments. I will return and expect a refund for this newest shipment. The product does not work and I do not want to waste my money on it anymore. Matter of fact I stopped using your product all together.


    • You need to use the contact details provided in the above review to cancel.

      • I have called for the last two day to cancel my 15 day trial. Of course I sit and wait in hold for 30 mins. Then leave a message and nobody calls back. Next step cancel my card. I can’t believe I fell for this.

        • I called the phone number associated with the charge on my credit card to request a refund. Although there is a 30 day money back guarantee the company only offered a 25% discount back. I turned it over to my credit card company to handle.

  5. Cancel…Cancel….cancel

  6. Fell for this product.. does not work..only offering 50% refund.. poor business if the product does not work. Not happy and no results for so much money .. 🙁

  7. I do not want this product… I got the trial ones then bam got zapped 69.95 then 79.95 out of no where… I haven’t even received any auto-ship products. Please cancel this it is NOT working and I want a full refund.

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