Why Slim Wise Cleanse should be avoided?

Why Slim Wise Cleanse should be avoided?

When you read the website of Slim Wise Cleanse and come across statements like “flush pounds and detoxify” you can see why people may be tempted into signing up for their trial offer.

Detox diets are particularly popular this year with various celebs saying how they stay in shape because of them.

Is the Slim Wise Cleanse a good product though? I guess the only way to find out would be to look at this supplement in more detail.

Claimed benefits of Slim Wise Cleanse

Slim Wise Cleanse has made the following claims on their website:

  • Natural weight loss
  • Relieve constipation
  • Improve daily digestion
  • Purify your system
  • Increase energy levels

Each of these claims are certainly realistic but whether Slim Wise Cleanse can provide these benefits remains to be seen.

We would need to look at the ingredients used to make this supplement before we can comment on how accurate the claims actually are.

Ingredients found in Slim Wise Cleanse

The first issue, and probably a pretty serious one is that there is not a single mention of its ingredients.

Therefore how are we supposed to know what effect this supplement will have? Whether good or bad.

When choosing a supplement it is important that you know what it is you are buying. Otherwise you may find that you taking something that could potentially cause side effects.

Cost of Slim Wise Cleanse

The second serious issue with Slim Wise Cleanse is its cost, which may surprise you.

As it is offered as a trial you may expect to only have to pay for the postage. Unfortunately this is not the case as 14 days after you sign up you will be charged the full purchase price of £67, which is excessive when you think about the fact you don’t even know if this supplement offers any benefit.

To make matters worse after 30 days you will be shipped another bottle, again with the hefty charge.

Is Slim Wise Cleanse a scam?

Slim Wise Cleanse is certainly not recommended. The lack of ingredient information makes me doubt its claims, while the cost is also too high for a supplement such as this.

The final nail in its coffin is its use of auto shipping, which if you read the terms and conditions should put you off this trial.

This auto shipping will also undoubtedly lead to claims from unsatisfied customers that this is a scam.

Contact details for Slim Wise Cleanse

To contact Slim Wise Cleanse or to cancel your subscription to this trial I suggest you do so asap using the following email address: optout@tryslimwisecleanse.com

You may also want to try contacting them at support@tryslimwisecleanse.com

A phone number for them is as follows: +44 203 129 3643

If you have been caught out by this trial offer then we would love to hear from you. Please leave a message below with your experiences.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Alternative to Slim Wise Cleanse

A better and certainly more cost effective alternative to Slim Wise Cleanse is a supplement called Detox Plus.

This supplement contains ingredients proven to help detox your body yet costs significantly less at just £19.95 for a months supply.

You can buy this supplement outright without signing up for any trial offer from Evolution Slimming, which means you will not be stung by any hidden charges or auto shipping.

Click here to read our review of DetoxPlus

81 comments on "Why Slim Wise Cleanse should be avoided?"
  1. Money taken out my account by slim wise and never received anything from them

    • Money taken from my bank account today, didn’t sign up to anything other than a free trial! Have sent emails and will call them. Will harass them until they return the money

      • money taken from bank account from 31 December 2014, didn’t sign up to anything other than free trail!!! have call and email but not heard anything back at all. I will harass them until return the money

        • This has happened to me they have taken £308 out of my bank this morning. Despite me using their contact us page to cancel my subscription within the 14 days I’ve heard nothing then this. My bank are raising a case and fingers crossed I get my money back

          • Can you pls advise how your bank is assisting as my bank (Santander)
            refuse to assist in my case.
            £316 + £8 trial was taken from my account.
            I have even returned their product as requested from one their emails to me for my refund.
            The product has been received by them yet my money has not been refunded.
            I am planning on reporting the firm to the DUTCH embassy and if needs be I will travel down to the Netherlands, I don’t care how much it will cost me to get who they are and get my refund.

      • Yes, you ought to. They will stop at nothing to make money though…. I’ve had experience.

      • Thank you to everyone that has posted….this was my alert…without you I wouldn’t have known until it was too late……apparently when you have the ‘ free trial ‘ you automatically sign up for future deliveries ( small print ) ….. My bank knew all about them, so suggest you all contact your banks and block payments immediately, they had 4 different company names !!!! Very underhand !!

      • can you give me a phone number PLEASE

      • Exactly the same has happened to me, I paid £8 for the shipping of a free trial, received the product, only to find that another £160 has been taken from my account without subscribing to anything!!!!! did you get your money back? if so, how did you go about it as my bank have said they cannot help!!

      • Same thing happened to me. The customer services are repeatedly refusing to refund after spending a week saying they wouldn’t cancel the order even though I started e-mailing and trying to ring them within five minutes of pressing the button on the computer. I am about to send the product back, but their terms and conditions say they will never refund. Any good ideas for a solicitor?

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    • £308 TAKEN FROM MY ACCOUNT and can’t get the money back as I didn’t cancel the trial. I didn’t see the terms. Have now asked the bank to block them. Absolutely Gutted!!!

    • I also got scammed by this company as the Ts&Cs were not clear on their website. I thought I was signing up for P&P only but have been charged the full amount and a further shipment was delivered today. I have contested the payment with my credit card company so will have to wait and see what happens.

  2. Hi,

    I see you have had the same problem as myself!

    Which number did you call them on?

    Have you heard anything from them yet? I have sent an email too!

    Did you manage to get your money back??

  3. Hi,

    I would like to cancell finally my order for Slim Wise, and Slim Wise Cleanse.

    Could you confirm my cancellation by email.

  4. Hi there
    I just read about yours story
    I have rdered mine free trial on 18/01/2015 and paid just 2.49 for postage. I send it mine cancelation for few adresses and will wait for what will happen for 3days as my 14 days free days period will be in week time. If there will be none answer i will go to my bank and close my account to unable them to take any money from me. Any other ideas please text- hope everyone will get it sorted

  5. I would like to cancel. My order I have sent this message to you three times I have then money out of my account when I haven’t said you can the total of money out I want it out no In £ 87

  6. I always check everything before I order from an unknown web site and their terms and conditions were not,openly displayed and am now nearly £300 short and feel like i have been robbed. Totally a scam as if they openly displayed their prices no one would order from them. Please please please do not get taken in by these scummy people. Or order by credit card and then cancel it turn the tables on them and rob them and let them see how they like it

    • Hipleease help me and.Can you advise me what you had done to get your refunds. They have scammed it doesn’t display how much they are charging after the payment for shipping has gone through then it says £157is charged please tell me what you have done to get refund thank you and what a scam !

  7. I signed up for the trial period but I found the tablets had a nasty side effect for which I have had to see my GP. At first my hands ached for no reason and then my legs and they also caused constipation. As I am only on a anti hystermine from my doctor which I have been on for many years, the problem had to be caused by the Colon Cleanse and Raspberry Keytone. Thank you for your helpful advise. I hope I have successfully cancelled this order now. Carol Cain

  8. I have been conned with this too for the raspberry ketone and cleanse wise and today £150 taken out of my account. They will keep taking it monthly with your bank unless you ask your bank to cancel any future payments or it continues monthly. HSBC advice every one is being scammed by it !!

  9. If you have had debits for the delivery of these products advise your bank to cancel any further payments and they will then place a stop on them. Keep an eye on your accounts as the debits will appear on your statement and if not refunded by your bank within 24 hrs ring them and they will do it. the companies sometimes get around stop instructions by passing the debits under slightly different company names.

  10. I have just spoken to trading standards who advised that under current legislation they must provide you with a distance, information, cancellation and additional charges ie their terms and conditions by email when you place an order with them. My original email does not state this so the 14 days to change your mind extends to 12 months and 4 days. Go to advice guide where there are sample letters to choose to write to remind them of the law on distance selling and ask for a total refund. Trading standards are now looking into this despicable cowboy company.

    • Denise, ano news from the trading standards?

      I think we should all make a report to the Netherlands embassy in London

      This is the postal address given to me by slim wise to return the product if I want a refund, though the phone number given is false.The Return address is:

      SlimWise Ketone
      Postbus 6176, 4000HD Tiel
      call 212-203-4855. 

  11. I have just found out that £87 has been taken out if my account twice and £67 total of £241 so don’t give any of your details. What a scam

  12. Got charged £5 for my trail when it said £2.50 got my pills today after reading the comments there going in the bin i just to phone the num above and it just says the team are busy with othere calls we be in touch with u within 3 days dont leave ur details on the anser phone which will give them chance to take ur money be4 they get in touch

  13. I have sent 5 emails to optout@tryslimwisecleanse.com
    its cost me £10 so far to send them back plus the post I paid. I have also stopped any payments going out to them with a phone call to the bank. Hope this helps other these are not free.

    SlimWise Ketone POSTBUS 6176 4000HD TIEL, Netherlands

  14. Do not go near this company just a massive scam and they will deduct money from your account, have sent numerous e mails and have tried to call with no avail. I you are able to read the small print which is so small and hardly visiable you will see that they will deduct £87.00 and £67.00 every month, hmmm what to do now will visit the bank again. Good luck to all expensive tablets and they dont work!!!!

  15. I stupidly signed up for the trial too, it says all I had to pay was £3 odd for shipping, I have received two confirmation emails but the payment hasn’t yet come out of my account, I have emailed all the addresses, the opt out and the support. So hopefully I’ll be okay! I’m a slightly naive and skint student so I certainly can’t afford it! I’m hoping to call the bank asap.

  16. This is really a massive scam ! I only signed up for14days trial and they charged me so much…£158.00 for Slim Wise and another £158 for Slim Wise Cleanse ! I truly regretted what I’ve done. I hope I’ll get my money back!

  17. I wrote to the optout@tryslimwisecleanse.com I received an email same as others on here to say send the pills back which I did. My bank did stop the payments from going out but today they have taken £67.00 by using a different company name they are very underhand so no pills and £67.00 out of pocket I have now closed my bank account to stop any more money going to these cheats.

  18. Avoid them at all cost! I was lucky, my credit card company reversed the transaction so I didnt have to pay.
    They use several different names, so if you block one via ypir bank, they just use another. I refused to accept the package from the postman. So it is now up to.THEM to track it. They rarely answer emails, and the phone is always.turned. off. Why are these people allowed to get away with this? The web is full of hundreds of people who have been conned but no one does anything to stop them!

  19. I ordered a free trial of slimwise and slimwise cleanse,I received it last Saturday,they give me stomache cramps,so I sent them a e.mail 3 days later to cancel any further products,they have taken 160 pounds out of my bank account today,and my 14 trial period is not up till next Friday,I did inform my bank Friday and she said if they take the money I should get it back into my account the next working day,well I shall call them tomorrow.scum I will also get on to trading standard and the ombusman,I am not letting this go.

  20. After ordering, I read this article, and was horrified. I cancelled a few hours after ordering by email to both the support@tryslimwise.com and also optout@tryslimwisecleanse.com on 18/2/15. After getting no reply I resent the messages on 24/2. I then called my bank to cancel payments to slimwise, 13ten (the company name on the box of pills when they arrive), and also SHORT WEIGHT LOSS which was the name that appeared on my bank statement to debit my intro payment. Then to my horror, £87 was taken from my account on 6/3 from a company called CLIFF DIET COMPANY. I then received an email confirming my cancellation, but it was timed an hour after the payment was taken out!!! I contacted my bank (Bank of Scotland) and explained the situation. Thankfully the money was refunded into my bank account within 5 minutes after I proved I had cancelled. This company should be closed down immediately before anymore get conned by them.


    Contact your bank as soon as, all banks are aware of the company. You need to get your card blocked as they take out payments under several different names. Its scandalous. They need to be named, shamed and shut down!

  22. Bank contacted me about fraudulant activity when they tried to take money out of my account. Didn’t send the trial I ordered. I am trying to opt out. Thanks for the additional email. Very deceptive marketing.

  23. If they behave this way with customers’ money it’s worrying what they might actually be putting into their products.

  24. Hi, I also have just been scammed by 160 pounds, I will be ringing the bank in the morning to cancel any further payments, I paid by visa debit, I’ve just been reading on the net that I should be covered by a law called the charge back program, most banks are in this, it means if you are fraudulated or your goods arrive faulty or don’t arrive at all, that the banks can reverse the payment from your suppliers merchant bank, you have up to 120days from your purchase date! It read that you might have to speak to someone more senior in the bank as not all clerks no of this rule! I’ll try see how it goes! Hope this helps!! Tossers ain’t they!

  25. I’m so stupid for even thinking of using this as an easy way of losing weight!! Thought the product I received was the free trial and didn’t know you had to return it in the 14 day period. Now I’m £316 poorer and frustrated out of my mind!! Called the bank and they said there’s nothing they can do about it!! Every time I’ve called the stupid company they have always been “busy”!! Like what am I supposed to do now??? Can’t find their T&C anywhere!!

  26. Hi, they took from me yesterday £158!!! I sent them 2 emails but I dont know what to do else to get back my money! Please, anyone help me? Whigh email adress did u use?

  27. I ordered this product on the 12th march 2015! Received product fast! Today 30th march 2015 a further 2 payments both of £158 totalling £316 was taken!!! Rang bank immediately and they have put a block on it which will luckily stop the payment actually leaving my bank! Total panic attack!!

    • Same has happened to me – I am feeling pretty stupid and £316 poorer! Called a number that I found 020 3129 8751 and spoke to someone in USA who was helpful knew the product but did not have any of my account on record – I have emailed support@tryslimwise.com and had an email back to say that under the T and C I authorised the payment and I cannot find their T and C anywhere! What a mess – off to my bank today but fear the worst.

  28. I ordered the free trial paying £8.00 for the postage for cleanse and £8.00 postage for ketone and now they have took £158.00 out my account and I’ve sent them an email to the opt out email address and another to the support email and had no reply my bank have put a block on further payments coming out but can’t refund me my 158 what can I do next do I send the stuff bak ? X

  29. Hi can you please help me
    I have very stupidly asked for a free trial for a slimming product (I do not remember doing this) for short weight loss. I have been charged £87 this month and this will continue until ????? who knows. I have also been told today that another company called Rock n Roll are also demanding a subscription of £87 ??? I am at my witts end as I do not recall signing up to any of the two companies and am so upset. i cannot afford these bills, my husband is not working and I barely can afford to live. I have contacted the bank and they can stall the 1st payment to investigate and cannot re submit the rock n roll payment until it has been taken out of my account. I really, really need help. I cannot find either of these companies on line, or any record in my accounts, history etc etc. The bank could only offer me a telephone number for the short weight loss company which surprise surprise is in India – no answer. I know this is for slim wise but please can you help me. Yours in desperation. Patricia

  30. Just received my credit card bill and very angry to find £319 taken, I ordered 3 months supply of the cleanse and slim wise, I was expecting £59 to be taken not £319 . What can be done to claim back?canceled with my credit card to avoid more Monet being taken, but want my money back. Tried emailing customer advise line….email came back failed.

  31. Hi since yesterday I have been investigating this company and have now found 10 names they are under
    1. Slim wise ketone products
    2. Desirable body
    3. Natural slim products
    4. Blue Ridge diet products
    5. Cliff Diet company
    6. Crushing Diet Cleanse products
    7. Cambogia East Product
    8. Rockinroll
    9. Diet quick
    10. Short weight loss

    I have managed to email them and insisted they refund any monies taken from me and clearly stated I have entered into NO contract or subscription whatsoever. There are a huge SCAM. I have also emailed the Dutch Police and the Council offices in Uthrecht which is a short distance from Tiel and informed them of this companies unscrupulous business practice. I will let you know if anything comes from this. I have also asked my bank to investigate. This is very very stressful, how can it be made public so that other people are not scammed?

    • Thanks for your comment – I feel very stressed about this too and rather foolish – off to my bank to at least make sure they do not take any more money. Tried to call but they had not heard of me but someone now has £316 of my money taken on 31 March 2015 – I cant remember where I saw the original advert but think it may have been via one of the National newspapers – maybe we should start a campaign! Or stick to Amazon shopping late at night! All good wishes and good luck

  32. I didn’t even put my details in, simply looked at site and over 300 pounds was taken from my bank. I had to report to the fraud team for a refund.

  33. We have been stung by these people too. My wife took up the “Risk-Free Trial” offer for the Cleanse and Ketone products on February 9th, but they gave her heartburn and headaches, so she stopped taking them almost immediately.

    We were charged 2.49 postage for each product on Feb 9th by “Diet Slim Plus” and “SSCleanse Delivery”. That’s fine as it is clearly stated on the website that that will take place.

    As you have all mentioned, it is absolutely not clear that you will be charged if you do not return the product within 14 days, nor that you would be put on an auto-renewal program.

    To our surprise, one more bottle of each product arrived at the start of last week. My wife emailed them to ask why they had been sent as she had not ordered them, and was told by return that she was charged and put on the auto-renewal program because she did not tell them not to do so within 14 days of the original order. However, they did say that she has now been removed from the auto-renewal program. We shall see.

    However, looking at our bank account, we were charged for the original samples (GBP 87 and 67 by “Natural Slimming” and “Diet Choice” respectively) on Feb 24th. We were then charged *twice* for each product on March 29th by “Cushing Diet” and “SSKetone Product”, again for GBP 67 and 87 respectively. As stated, we have only received one additional order.

    I have spoken to our bank and they say that they will prevent any more payments coming out, and that if, 14 days after we were billed, we have not received the second additional order for which we were charged, we can raise a dispute. The bank told me that, as long as the terms of the 14-day trial and the auto-renewal were written into the Terms and Conditions on the website, the company is trading legally.

    However, it does seem to contradict UK Trading Standards (gov.uk/online-and-distance-selling-for-businesses) which suggests that they should get in touch with the customer in writing after the order has been placed (which they did) clearly stating: the minimum duration of any contract and arrangements for terminating the contract; how and when they can cancel an order and who pays for returning goods; and conditions for terminating contracts (which they most certainly did not). The bank said I should contact Trading Standards to see if they can provide any legal advice, which I will.

    TrySlimWise quote Directive 97/7/EC of the European Parliament on their website. Looking at that, I imagine they are compliant with Article 4 because of the T&C page on their website. Article 5 talks about details to be provided to the customer after the order is placed, which looks to me like they should be providing details similar to Trading Standards, which they are not. And Article 6, which is about the Right Of Withdrawal, states that, if they are not in compliance with Article 5, the right of withdrawal period is 3 months.

    It looks like we will not get any money back, unless they do not send the third instalment for which they have charged us, but I will advise if we get any more information.

    In any case, just for not being transparent about the conditions for the free trial on their website, and even more for the pure dodginess of using multiple trading names, I would advise people to avoid TrySlimWise like the plague.


  34. I ordered one set of pills £16. Just found that £316 has been taken out of my credit card. have left messages on both their nos.
    My credit card company will stop any more money being taken. Now need to get my money back

  35. Cancel your accounts. set up new ones.

  36. I discovered from my credit card company that agreeing to the ‘discount’ means you agree to the reduced amount being paid to them every month for a year!

    I am putting this link out via Facebook. If we all do that maybe we can stop a few other unsuspecting people from being ripped off.

    Also written to Trading Stds.

    Maybe someone could make a catchy Youtube video????

    Name and shame these disgusting companies.

  37. Has anyone had the contents analysed?

  38. Citizens advice info re cancelling. I did not receive a form.

    ‘Cancellation form

    You should have received a cancellation form before you were bound to buy anything, which you can choose to use to let the trader know you are cancelling, but you do not have to use it. The cancellation form must be legible, clear and easy to understand and it must contain the following information and be set out as follows:

    To [here the trader’s name, geographical address and, where available, fax number and e-mail address are to be inserted by the trader]

    I/We [*] hereby give notice that I/We [*] cancel my/our [*] contract of sale of the following goods [*] / for the supply of the following service [*]

    Ordered on [*]/ received on [*]

    Name of consumer(s)

    Address of consumer(s)

    Signature of consumer(s) (only if this form is notified on paper)


    [*] Delete as appropriate’.

    Might be worth everyone bombarding them with this info.

  39. I’m in the same boat. Halifax won’t refund me, and the company take a while to reply to emails. I’m not even sure if it’s worth sending back what I haven’t used. But I’ve reported them to trading standards and citizens advice have told me to report them to UkEcc, which is European trading standards as different laws apply in different countries. =(

  40. I’ve just reported them to Thames Valley Fraud Police and given the link to this forum.

  41. Can’t claim anything back from halifax,at the time I didn’t really act upon it until the £300 was taken. Meh =( sending the pills back I haven’t opened/consumed to see if it gets me anywhere.

  42. A woman has died after taking suspected diet pills bought online, police said.
    Eloise Aimee Parry, 21, from Shrewsbury, died in hospital on 12 April after becoming unwell.

    The pills we purchased should be analysed!

  43. Has anyone actually be able to obtain a refund? I’ve spoken to my bank today who are sending me out some forms to fill in to see if they can get my money back
    I have an email from this company to say they are processing my refund and proof of postage on my refund, but so far, no refund. I’m praying its enough to get my £300 bank. I’m so anxious over all thus

    • I sent the pills back as they sent me two months worth. Halifax won’t do anything as its my own doing. But change your bank card and get the payments cancelled. They emailed me on 23/4 saying they was processing a refund request and may take a short while. I want my money back =(

  44. I posted a few weeks ago that I was in the same situation!
    I’ve today got my money back from my bank hsbc! I had proof of return and communication from the company that they were processing my refund, although that never happened!
    Contacted the bank and they sent me forms to complete with my evidence! I hope this helps people! Just make sure you have proof you posted the items back!!!

  45. Hi to all of you. As I see, there is a lot of people who feels like this company is one HUGE thiefs and cheater. Same happens to me! I ve been charged £8 first and after 14 days, £158 gone from my account. I contact with them by email to cancel a free trial and any future deliveries. I sent them pills back, they sent me email that my refund is processing. But still I dont see anything back. They stopped email me back from the time when I said anything about “court way” to get my money back. Lets do something together! We all have power! Lets keep sending them emails for them to know we re not joking! They ve got 30 days to do refund since they get product back if it will happen during 30 days from your order. I did it in 20 days and never seen my money again! This is stilling. Right Now I dont have product which I dont wanna even see ever again and I dont have my money. Lets show then unhappy customers power!!!

    • It was £16 for postawę, £8 each Type, £4 each. This is ridiculous how many people are not happy and we cannot do nothing with it?! This is not possible!!!!

      • I ordered the free trial pills from this despicable company SLIMWISE and the cleanse ones as well they then ask you to enter your bank card details to pay for the postage wihich I trusted they were taking which they displayed the cost of £16.00 @ £4.00 each which I did think was rather steep then the email came confirmed order of £157.00 x 2 . For both items I couldn’t believe my eyes I then went back to back button and it asked if I wanted to quick cancel which pressed then sent email to follow to cancel also asked them to confirm my cancellation via email … STILL WAITING . All done within 15 mins of ordering no excuse to take our hard earned money this is theft and it’s about time we are warned if banks have these thieves on their lists of scams to say do you want to continue with this payment . It is now with the Halifax to get it back as it is still waiting to leave my account But told they may have to pay them out

  46. I agree 100% that this company are not to be trusted, however by keeping your head and following these instructions you MAY get your money back. I did, and I am eternally grateful to HSBC for their support.

    1. Immediately after placing the order and the payment is processed, go to the terms and conditions page link from the website and go to cancellation. Hit yes and it will come up as order cancelled – DO NOT BELIEVE IT. If you can make a screen copy (use your mobile phone!) and take note of the time of the order and the time you requested a cancellation. Immediately follow it up with an email cancelling the order and withdrawing from the contract. MAKE HARD COPIES OF BOTH.

    2. Regardless of what you have said about cancellation the order will arrive via a delivery company about six days after you have made contact. Send a second email to the company informing them that you are intending to return the goods to them and cancelling the order etc. AGAIN MAKE HARD COPY

    3. I sent a third email to them but didn’t get a response (BUT YES I KEPT A HARD COPY) so I sent the unopened goods back to Holland via post with a PROOF OF POSTAGE. You will need to enclose a letter again cancelling the goods and requesting a refund so open the box but not the pills. Return postage cost me GBP5.50 (four little pots).

    4. Speak to your bank / credit card provider and you MAY be able to claim back the money as the transaction was fraudulent. However this must be done within the fourteen day ”FREE TRIAL” period.

    5. Finally STOP your debit / visa card by reporting it stolen / lost on the hotline number found on the back of the card. This was on the advise of the bank as the Slimtone people don’t know your bank details only the debit / visa card number. Without this and the three number security code on the back by your signature it is impossible for anybody to take cash from your account. I am getting a new debit card within three working days and am keeping the same pin.

    This worked for me today 22 July 2015. I made my mistake 11 July, payment left my account 14th July 2015 but thanks to HSBC I got GBP314 credited back to my account today. I hope this works for others and big thanks to previous posters who gave me an idea what to do.

    • 27thJULY ordered the free trial unknowingly the amount came up £157 per product after payment for shipping had gone through.Rang hsbc payment pending cannot do anything they said to refuse the products and will dispute it when the companycollects the money. What a nightmare?! What a scam?! what a fraud?! Rang the company emailed them 10timmes noresponsse. suppose hsbc have their procedures they cannot stop payment but will update what happens next .

  47. I too was conned .I ordered said product and thought it was a free trial wen I received it ,but at the end of the signing I noticed that the cost was far too much ,so I cancelled this item .it came up as “this item is cancelled .” checked my bank 2 days later and they had stopped £157×2 out of my bank .have called my bank to stp any more payments in case they stopped me any more hoping this will suffice .I am waiting to see wat will happen with my refund xx

    • Thank you for your email.

      We are sorry to hear that you are not fully enjoying your order and wish to return it. Please note that due to health and safety concerns we cannot accept any returns of these products. This is explained clearly in the Return Policy section of the Terms and Conditions page of the website where you placed your order:


      Our products are of the highest quality and we have every confidence that once you have tried them you will be convinced of their value. For this reason, we would be willing to offer you a one time discount of 30% less shipping. If you would like to take advantage of this offer, simply reply to this email and a refund will be credited to your account.

      Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.

      Slimwise Ketone and Slimwise Cleanse Customer Service


      That is a copy of the email I received AFTER cancelling my order as above. Follow the procedure above and fingers crossed you MAY be ok. Whatever you do make sure you keep copies of correspondence and return the package with proof of posting. I got the products despite cancelling like you.

      • Their t and c s are very sneakily hidden on the address page where you fill your details. At the very bottom. Sent cancellation email to both them and customer services within 10 minutes as they took money out of my account. I managed to return the product for full refund as I had not even opened and had said correctly that the seal was still intact. I got my money back through a loophole in their and t and cs which is * EU Directive 97/7/EC provides you the right to cancel your purchase within (seven) 7 working days for any reason. The 7 day “cooling off” period begins from the date you receive the product. If you choose to cancel your order you must provide us with notice in writing prior to the expiration of the 7 working day “cooling off” period and return the product. You will receive a refund no later than 30 days after we have received the returned product. The refund will be for the product cost only, the shipping and handling fee will not be refunded.
        I also got them as they failed to provide tracking information. I got a full refund, sent back the products, however I got them back as unable to deliver them- desire tracking said they were delivered. So I have 2 bottles of each for free.

      • Im the one of you dear ladys,its absolutely unbelivble awful scum what they do it to us:(The same thing -order only trial,payed 4£,next second discover its 157….As well send them a few emails to cancel,no respond…Rang to my bank,blocked my card,they say there is a lots of calls about it:(they gave me a number of team investigation,rang them as well,so they discover that those b….ds put it me for monthly payment…Would you belive it?And yesterday(3 days after my stupid order)Ive got the same email as you put it above..Im so surprise that some of us get a full refund!!!!!Its just a luck,happy for you!But most of us just a victims of that horrible trolls…
        P.S.some way Im glad its happen to me as its a perfect learning NOT EVER get to those stupid sites and go ONLY to good and honest one.
        Take care girls,life is too short,remember that!!!!

  48. Also Google search slim wise terms and conditions- easiest way to find it

  49. I like many of you that have left comments on this website was deceived by the claims of the trial offer for Slim Wise products.

    While I do not know what can be done if your purchase was made some time ago, I thought I would leave this advice for anyone who is able to take immediate action on the day the transaction has been made.


    1. Send an email to the company requesting a refund and to cancel the auto shipping program as suggested in the above video.

    2. Decide whether you would like to leave a message on the answerphone.

    Note: The recorded message suggests that you wait at least 72 hours for a reply.

    3. Contact your bank let them know that you expected to pay only £8.00 for p&p for products ordered and not the £157.00 deducted from your account and have not been able to cancel the order.

    Also, explain that attempts to contact the company have been unsuccessful due to the phone ringing off/going to an answerphone and that there are no clear contact details in your confirmation email.

    Note: Your bank will not be able to give you advice. This may be why some of you have been told that there is nothing they can do.

    When I first contacted my bank I was told the payment could not be stopped and that I needed to get in touch with the company concerned.

    However, not being able to get through to anyone at Slim Wise I approached my bank a second time. Thankfully I was dealt with very patiently and sympathetically this time around.

    I let the advisor I spoke to know that I had attempted to contact Slim Wise to cancel the order to no avail and asked if there is a fraud team I could be referred on to or any other course of action I could take.

    I was told that this would not be considered a matter to be dealt with by the fraud team but that a visa dispute can be raised.


    1. The bank refunds the amount deducted from your account.

    2. When Slim Wise attempt to take the payment the bank will let them know that a Visa dispute has been raised in relation to the transaction.

    3. Slim Wise will have to produce proof that permission for the payment was given and that they have the legally required documentation.

    4. After 7 days, if Slim Wise has produced the requested documents the payment will be released

    5. If the payment is not taken, the payment amount credited to your account by your bank will be retrieved by your bank.


    This company can pass on your details to third parties and/or under different company names deduct money from your account.

    Some transactions may take 7 days before they show up on your account. So you will need to be vigilant and check your statements regularly even after your initial payment.

    The best step to take to prevent future deductions is to stop your card. However, bear in mind that you will be without the use of your card for up to 5 working days and can only make cash withdrawals by going into your bank branch.

    For those whose transaction took place more than a day/week ago, I suggest contacting the Citizens Advice Bureau, WHICH Consumer Rights or BBC Watchdog for further advice. Whatever you do act quickly!

    Sooner than later, I hope anyone that has suffered financial loss will be able to obtain a refund and exposure of this scam will lead to legal recourse that will protect future customers.

    Hope someone finds this message helpful.

  50. My second message!
    Did wright here yesterday that Ive had lost my money after did an order of free trial,BUT!!!
    Ive got my full refund today,its was a miracle,couldnt belive it!!!!But I made a few calls to my bank strigh away after dicsover that scum,so THAT is might help to get my money back.
    Fight fot your money,dont give up!Seems like now days bank protect people more,thanks Lord!

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