Is Slim Wise Ketone a scam?

Is Slim Wise Ketone a scam?

If you saw a website for a product that claims to help you “lose weight without exercise or diet” you would be tempted to sign up for the trial.

Well, this is just one of the many claims being made by Slim Wise Ketone, but can you believe the hype?

Lets look at this supplement in more details to see if they can back up their claims.

Claims made by Slim Wise Ketone

According to their website Slim Wise Ketone has been “voted #1 fat burning product in UK”, which is quite a claim. It also makes the following claims:

  • Block carbs
  • Boost your metabolism
  • Stop feeling hungry
  • Burn stored fat

We would need to look at the ingredients found in this supplement before we can verify the claims made.

Ingredients found in Slim Wise Ketone

Unfortunately the first issue you will discover with Slim Wise Ketone is a lack of ingredient information.

While they have stated that its ingredients are Raspberry Ketone, Garcinia Cambogia, Citrus Aurantium, Green Coffee Bean, Guarana and White Kidney Bean, there is not one mention of the dosages of these ingredients.

This makes it impossible to gauge not only how effective this supplement is, but also whether it is effective at all.

Cost of Slim Wise Ketone

Like so many other supplement being offered by trial the cost of Slim Wise Ketone is not immediately clear.

In fact you will need to read the terms and conditions to find this important information.

What you will find in the T&Cs may shock you as although the initial payment is small this quickly increase up to £87 once the 14 day trial ends.

To make matters worse, signing up to this trial also means that you have signed up for an auto ship program. Therefore giving permission for the manufacturers to send further monthly packages while charging you over the odds for the privilege.

Is Slim Wise Ketone a scam?

Slim Wise Ketone have been very clever hiding their payment terms in the T&Cs. This will no doubt lead to complaints that this trial offer is a scam.

Regardless I would find it hard to recommend due to the lack of ingredient information, which makes me doubt that any weight loss benefits will be experienced.

Contact details for Slim Wise Ketone

Again, the contact details for Slim Wise Ketone is not easily located. However I have found them hidden away in the terms and conditions.

Email: support@tryslimwise.com or cancellations@tryslimwise.com
Phone: +44 203-129-3643

If you have been caught out by this trial offer then we would love to hear from you. Please leave a message below.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Alternative to Slim Wise Ketone

To avoid the hidden charges associated with trial offers I suggest that you give them a wide berth.

You should instead look at supplements available to buy outright such as Raspberry Ketone Plus (available to buy online from Evolution Slimming), as you will know exactly how much it is going to cost you before you hand over your payment details.

This particular supplement will cost just £19.95, which is much more affordable and will certainly help you reach your weight loss goals that much faster as it contains many different proven weight loss ingredients.

Click here to read our review of Raspberry Ketone Plus

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  1. I tried Slim Wise recently and it is working wonders for me! It is a great product and worth paying for – I don’t get the scam part!

    • does anyone get they money back???
      I have call the company loads time but they’re not pick up the phone

      • No i never got my money back cant believe i fell 4 this they sbould be stopped

      • I got my money back. I went to the bank and told them I couldn’t get in touch with the company and they put me through to the fraud team who refunded my money. I never received the free trial. I ordered on the 28th of December and today is the 12th of February

        • Please tell me little more about this because they took too much money from my account

          • I am so upset I seem to falling for the oldest trick in the book then they just stole £157 pounds I had no other money left I rang the bank within 20 minutes they said there was nothing they could do because I give them the card details to take £8 shipping fee out of my account they say they will do something later when I money moves but a week gone I still have no money can not believe I was so stupid all I say to the world don’t go near them don’t have anything to do with this company they say they are proud of there goods but if you were proud why would you hide the full price if it had been up I couldn’t afford the items now I am in a nightmare

        • i’ve had this problem, pending transaction of £99 waiting to come out of my account for this and i’ve never heard of the product or used any of their supplements!

          Tried contacting the company, constantly says all the operators are ‘busy’ the bleeps to leave a message.

          i am fuming! What can i do to get this money back?!

          Someone please help, i cant afford to be loosing out on this ‘company’ each month!!

        • I like many of you that have left comments on this website was deceived by the claims of the trial offer for Slim Wise products.

          While I do not know what can be done if your purchase was made some time ago, I thought I would leave this advice for anyone who is able to take immediate action on the day the transaction has been made.

          STEPS TO TAKE:

          1. Send an email to the company requesting a refund and to cancel the auto shipping program as suggested in the above video.

          2. Decide whether you would like to leave a message on the answerphone.

          Note: The recorded message suggests that you wait at least 72 hours for a reply.

          3. Contact your bank let them know that you expected to pay only £8.00 for p&p for products ordered and not the £157.00 deducted from your account and have not been able to cancel the order.

          Also, explain that attempts to contact the company have been unsuccessful due to the phone ringing off/going to an answerphone and that there are no clear contact details in your confirmation email.

          Note: Your bank will not be able to give you advice. This may be why some of you have been told that there is nothing they can do.

          When I first contacted my bank I was told the payment could not be stopped and that I needed to get in touch with the company concerned.

          However, not being able to get through to anyone at Slim Wise I approached my bank a second time. Thankfully I was dealt with very patiently and sympathetically this time around.

          I let the advisor I spoke to know that I had attempted to contact Slim Wise to cancel the order to no avail and asked if there is a fraud team I could be referred on to or any other course of action I could take.

          I was told that this would not be considered a matter to be dealt with by the fraud team but that a visa dispute can be raised.


          1. The bank refunds the amount deducted from your account.

          2. When Slim Wise attempt to take the payment the bank will let them know that a Visa dispute has been raised in relation to the transaction.

          3. Slim Wise will have to produce proof that permission for the payment was given and that they have the legally required documentation.

          4. If after 7 days, if Slim Wise has produced the requested documents the payment will be released

          5. If the payment is not taken, the payment amount credited to your account by your bank will be retrieved by your bank.

          For those whose transaction took place more than a day/week ago, I suggest contacting the Citizens Advice Bureau, WHICH Consumer Rights or BBC Watchdog for further advice. Whatever you do act quickly!

          Sooner than later, I hope anyone that has suffered financial loss will be able to obtain a refund and exposure of this scam will lead to legal recourse that will protect future customers.

          Hope someone finds this message helpful.

          • I also have recently been falsely led as I thought I was just paying the £8 PP and I nearly died when I realized £157 had been taken out of my account I emailed them straight away to cancel my order but have heard or received nothing, It’s an absolute disgrace.

      • They did the same to me but took £316 out of my account when they said it was a free trial l am trying to get in touch with them but the number I have keeps saying that you have wrong number or this phone is switched off

        • I sent for the free trial but it never said that you would have to cancel anything if you didn’t want to carry on. I got the shock f my life when I found they had taken £318 pounds out of my account.
          Please tell me more as how you got your money back.
          Many Thanks Marie.

        • I have also been a victim to this so called “free” trial. I was only expecting to pay the shipping amount of £8 but they have taken two amounts of £157 out of my bank account this morning. There was nothing mentioned to the price before all details were entered, the telephone number just continually rings. The bank has blocked future payments but cannot return the money. I just hope and pray that they cancel the order and return the payments, as this is something that I cannot afford.

          I just hope that other people read all of these responses before they get sucked in too.

          • I have ordered this yesterday they said the same as you £8.00 but took out £157.00 twice. I feel totally sick, I have called the number 44-203-129-3643 and the message says that this number is not been allocated and not in service. Well off to the bank I go to stop any other payments.

          • I GOT MY MONEY BACK!! Same happened to me, £157 twice taken immediately from my account. I immediately emailed them to cancel the order but they only cancelled all “future orders” since this is actually a subscription so if you don’t cancel, they will keep sending the pills and taking your money. I sent them threatening emails that they have taken my money unlawfully against what it states in their T&Cs which is that they will only take money for the products if not returned within 14 days. They sent me a return address where I have returned the pills recorded delivery (cost £12) and in a week I was refunded twice 157!!! I couldn’t believe it!!! DONT GIVE UP!!! Good luck!!

    • I’ve just started taking these, How long was it before you started seeing results? x

    • Did you not get scammed because I’m just after ordering and stupidly never read up on it beforehand!! Terrified that I’m gonna be scammed now…

      • i did the same as you, as soon as i order i saw some complaints about it being a scam, i emailed them immediately and told them i wanted to cancel any further orders
        the emailed back saying any further orders would be cancelled

        • how did you cancel your order?

          • i have been scammed.On the 5/3/15 i ordered 2x containers of Slim-Wise tabs–60 per container. I received them on the 11/3/15.On the 20/3/15 i used my card to purchase other goods without success as my bank advised i was overdrawn. Bank advised an associated company of Slimwise called Cushing Diets had taken £158-00 from my account .This transaction occurred —-without any conversation with me to obtain permission and advise what it was for.I have since discussed this with my Bank who advised me to return the goods within 30 days by Recorded Delivery and they will try to get my money retuned to my account. Telephoning my supplier in the Netherlands i obtained an answer phone message saying they will not be returning to work until the 1/4/15. Has anyone else shared this experience please. T . D.

        • Hi I have just fallen for this scam…it looks like I am going to be charged for around £ 300 which I can ill afford on e pension. What can I do!!!!

      • oh you bet you will get scammed just like me they say free trial that’s rubbish after 14 days they charge you £87 for the free pills

      • cancel straight away they have just taken £308 out of my account with out my permission

    • I have recently had 360 pounds taken from my account from this scam of a company without even ordering anything. I ordered some of these a few weeks back and now they have taken 360 pounds out of my account for no good reason. DO NOT BE FOOLED

    • Hi Sam, You will do! I got scammed about 8 months ago. I got my first batch about 10 days after I ordered at £4.95 each for postal cost. This was for both the Raspberry Ketone and cleanser tablets. I did not notice the first month that nearly £180.00 pounds had been taken out from my bank account (this was about 20 days after my first order). I then received in the post 6 days after I got the first item. Two more turned up. Another 10 days on and another two more parcels. I had sent the first two back because it was causing me an up set tummy and did Email the company to let them know I had sent them back. Then I went to pay for something on my card and it said I had no funds available. Speaking to my bank they had taken another £180.00. So £360.00 altogether. I stopped all payment to them immediately.. I had to go through this long process with the fraud department and sign some forms with them. When speaking to Lloyds they new exactly whom I was talking about and the woman said they have had other complaints about this company. But finally 4 months on I did get all my monies back but not for the postage.
      All I am saying is watch your bank account closely.

      • Who do i contact to cancel any orders and would you possibly have a phone number to ring? I have just contacted the fraud department at Santander who have put a block on the company taking any more money out of my account and they are sending me a form to fill in but it looks like i have lost £157 instead of £4.99 postage. These people are despicable.

  2. Its a big scam and im upset I fell for this…..

    • Changed there name I see from raspberry ketone to now slim wise ketone!!!!!! Same scam different name. DON’T BUY!!! READ SMALL PRINT WHAT THEY SIGNING YOU UP FOR!!!!!! SCAM SCAM S AM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!! Hope your commission is worth your sleep,cause karma’s a bitch

  3. You have taken 87 pound from my account that I did not consent to, I want this payment back or I will be contacting police and the fraud team.

    • Jolie, this website simply reviews products such as Slim Wise Ketone. We certainly do not sell or endorse this product so cannot refund your money as it is not use who have taken it.

    • Jolie go to your bank and explain the situation and the bank may be able to refund you as i had a similar problem with another company that did this to me and the bank told me if i had not consented the company to take the money that they would refund me of which they did and the recouperated the money from the company that had taken it in the first place.

    • I signed up to this trial for a fiver did not consent to £316.00 taken out of my account falsely advertising is a crime it’s a scam get your money back asap don’t take any of this stuff hasn’t got eu trade mark witch needs to be on there so people know it’s safe no info regarding any medical issues or you can take it while on medicane I would bin it it’s a con my cousion also went for trial said fiver also almost got ripped off if bank didn’t catch on to it

  4. The company doesn’t anser their phones has anyone else had this problem and know what to do ?

    • same problem with everyone

    • Call your bank/credit card co ASAP. Mine were brilliant. They will decline any requests/demands for payment from these people. I also have an address:-
      POSTBUS 6176
      4000 HE

      • Wish I could find their email address because I have also been scamed for £87.00
        & £67.

        Unfortunately I cannot now get my money back, I have never had an invoice.
        Really don’t know how they can get away with it. Even though my bank is fully aware of this company

        Also the products DONT work.

      • With Thanks , SARAH. T.D.

      • I have just spoken to my bank after being charges £316. They say I need to return the products for them to be be able to dispute the charges. Is this the address to send them to?

  5. Please be very very careful with this company..I ordered a free trial of slim new which I’m quite sure is the same company now using a different name..I was horrified to find they were charging £95 after 14 days if you didn’t cancel..the telephone number was a premium rate which I refused to ring..if you send them back you have to get an REM number which is basically ur order number with REM in front of it..it’s not a scam but what they do is disgusting..they are taking large amounts of money off people..I was lucky to get my bank to block them straightaway and changed my card..if ur having problems go straight to ur bank!!!

  6. So does it work or not?

    • The messing about you go through battling this company under its various names and trying to get your money back will cause weight loss through stress alone! Next time, I’ll stick to sensible eating and the gym!

  7. I ordered the trial tablets on the 28th of December and they have already deducted £87 from my account…so upsetting this time of the year. have to now change my card. Do they refund if you send the product back to them??

    • I believe that they not gonna refund anything back to us. if u return the product at this time they not gonna retund ur money same as they’re haven’t answer the phone from us

  8. Don’t buy ths!!! Its a big scam I’m so upset hw they hav dne ths to me. 1st time I orderd anytyn online n last!! I jus wnt to knw du I hav to go to my bank n let them knw I dnt want ths company takin mony out my bank? I gt charged 150pounds. 87 for 1 bottle and 67 for th cleanse pills!! I’m fuming. However I du want to try th raspberry ketone but am wary :/

    • Go to your bank Rennz tell them that you ordered what you thought was a free trial and they have taken money from you that you didn’t authorise. Ask them to put a block on them taking anymore and once they have done that they have to refund you in 24 hours if they do. I don’t think they will be able to get back the £150 but at least you can put a stop to anymore being taken..it’s awful what they do and yet it’s not a scam as they say it’s in terms and conditions which nobody reads they are far too long 🙁 I will never buy anything like that online again x


    Unfortunately I did not read comments before buying, but similarly to those comments £150 was deducted from my account for what was called a ‘free trial’!

    It is disgusting and is a complete scam! That is a ridiculous amount of money and even if it is in the terms, it must be small because I read it and did not see it. It should be obvious so people know, not a shock when it happens!

    Do not do a free trial, or purchase this product!

    I am fighting for a refund now and the product sent to me has not been opened. I hope to win!

  10. I ordered my free trial of these tablets, which didn’t turn up with in 10 days. Checking my on line bank account to find that the company took £154.00 of my money which I haven’t concent to. The bank said ring the company concerned. Paper work I have don’t have a telephone number so I have emailed them, I will be back onto the bank tomorrow.
    It’s wrong how they just take a large amount out of your account with out permission.

  11. Absolute con. Just checked credit card statement and £67 and £87 have been deducted for this “free trial” this on top of 2 x £2.49 for postage. Thought there was something funny when the tablets arrived with no invoice or any forms to order additional supplies. Whether the tablets work or not doesn’t matter THIS IS A SCAM.

    • Have u been charged again for this ‘free trial’ is it an every month payment or a one off?

    • Can u tell me what name they are using when they take money, Iv blocked my card with any reference to slim wise, but someone said they are using different names..

      • ive found 18 different names if anyone hears of any more please post:
        1. slim wise ketone products
        2. desirable body
        3. natural slim products
        4. blue ridge diet products
        5. cliff diet company
        6. crushing diet cleanse products
        7. cambogia east product
        8. rockinroll
        9. diet quick
        10. shortweight loss
        11. sveltechoice bill
        12. slimchoice bill bi
        13. diet slim plus
        14. sscleanse delivery
        15. 13ten
        16.natural slimming
        17. diet choice
        18.ssketone product

        I cancelled my card immediately and my bank has put a block on them and are disputing the unauthorised charges.

        also send back any products with recorded delivery as proof for your bank. I found on the terms and conditions page where it says it is part of a company called CACMidhop Multinational Ltd

  12. everyone we need to contact police to get our money back from this company

  13. How do u cancel slimwise?? I’ve ordered this before reading any of this 🙁 I ordered using my partners credit card

  14. Ok going through the comments we all understand it is a scam, but do the pills actually work? I fixed the whole money part of this and luckily had hardly anything in my bank for them to take out but now I’m left with at least 56×2 pills and don’t know if I should keep taking them or bin them?!

  15. This is the reply I got when I emailed them

    Thank you for the request to cancel your subscriptions to the SlimWise Ketone and the SlimWise Cleanse auto ship programs; this has now been done for you.

    The bottles were sent to you as part of the auto-ship program you signed up for when you bought the SlimWise Ketone capsules and the SlimWise Cleanse Trials. The terms for these offers were clearly displayed on the order pages and you were required to tick a box to say you had read and agreed to them. These terms state:
    By placing your order today you’ll be shipped a 30 day supply of SlimWise Ketone (you just pay S&H). If you feel SlimWise Ketone is not for you, cancel within 14 days from the day you first ordered to avoid the purchase fees of £87 and £67 and enrollment in the auto-shipment programs, which send you a bottle of SlimWise Ketone and SlimWise Cleanse every 30 days starting 30 days after your trial period starts. By ordering you agree to the full terms and conditions shown at the time of ordering an on the leaflet received with the order. To cancel any time call 212-203-4855.
    You may return the last shipments sent to you for a refund of £87.00 (we do not refund our shipping charges) for the SlimWise Ketone, and £67.00 for the SlimWise Cleanse. We must receive them back within 30 days of them being sent to you. We give you 30 days but are unable to offer refunds on products not returned within this time.
    We do appreciate that it’s not always convenient to get to a post office and we are therefore willing to offer you 50% off the cost of these orders. This means you can keep this latest order of SlimWise Ketone and just pay £43.50 instead of the normal £87.00, and the order of SlimWise Cleanse just pay £33.50 instead of the normal £67.00.
    If you would like to accept this 50% off and keep your latest order to continue your weight loss program, please respond back by email within 30 days of shipment date to confirm you would like 50% off. Please allow 7 -10 days after receipt for us to process and issue your refund.

    Also, please include full name and postal address inside the package.

    The Return address is:

    SlimWise Ketone
    Postbus 6176,
    4000HD TIEL

    • Hey,i have the same problem like you and i have already cancel that product. Is that they still take out the money from my account?

    • Thank you Danielle
      I copied part of their response and that was the successful email.
      I have posted the stuff back to the address with recorded delivery and will let everyone know if I get the refund.

  16. Help! Im have ordered this product because im not read this scam things! I have already emailled them for cancellations. What should i do next? I dont want they take away my money

    • You can’t stop them taking the initial postage but you can contact your credit card company (or bank) straightaway explain about this scam and tell them to make no further payments.

    • Have they got back to you about the cancellation?

    • report your card lost or stolen and tell the bank whats happened they will issue a new one and the company has your card only but they might still take money, when it clears the dispute team can block any further attempts but this company likes to use different names I made a list of 18 of these in response to a previous comment

  17. I to have been a victim of this scam, completely taken in by the advert saying 30 day free trial, my husband said at the time you get nothing free in this world….. The initial payment of £2=49 x 2 was withdrawn from my account, I had only received the tablets 8 days when £154 pounds was withdrawn from my account, It is very distressing to know that there are people out there with no morals who prey on vulnerable people…. I have not taken the tablets either cos I don’t trust that the product is genuine…. I have not been reimbursed but my bank have now put a bock on my account
    Disgruntled customer

  18. Hi,
    Like everyone here I fell for this scam too. I couldn’t even get a ring tone but now have a working number. It’s only an automated line I think but they do say they will be in touch in 72 hours. If they don’t then you can go back to your banks and or Trading Standards. Good luck 02031293643

  19. Embarrassed to say I have just been scammed by these people. They have taken a total of £241 pounds in total for two lots of tablets. The second lot arrived today which prompted me to look at why they had been sent. Obviously not checked any small print(dozy tart that I am) but they will get no more. Contacted my bank who have kindly refunded the money and they will recover direct from the company. Urge everyone to do the same. Good luck,hope this post helps. Bank had to cancel my card to prevent further withdrawals,so they will send me a new card out. A small price to pay.

  20. I also fell for it, but truth be told, the product works. It’s helped me lose 10lbs in 2wks which is not bad. My only issue is the price, i mean there’s got to be something that works like that and certainly not as expensive. Also, going into someone’s account to take about £134 monthly without them knowing before hand is just ridiculous.

  21. Yes I was silly, wish I read the site. I saw it on face book and was coming up so much I thought I’d do it. What a mistake!!!
    I read this site today an quickly called Barclays, money already gone out;( 140 pounds lighter rather than weight loss.

    I’m sure we won’t get it back so please if u haven’t yet been charged an ur reading this canx ur card or block at your bank ASAP.

    Thanks all ….for info but I was too late 🙁

  22. I have been caught by what I thought was free trial. I am sure I did not give card details. I am 83 and think this is an outrage.

  23. I was stupid, wanted to lose weight quick time. Suckered into this promotional offer. I know have to pay £87 a month.
    Has it worked? A bit. But is it worth £87, then no.

    I need help cancelling this scam.

  24. I can’t believe how stupid I’ve been by signing up to this FREE TRIAL. I foolishly replied to a pop-up on my I-pad when I was doing something else and thought for a fiver p & p it was worth a try. They arrived after about a week and I cant say I’ve noticed any dramatic change in the past two weeks (apart to my Bank balance). To my horror when I looked in my Account earlier today I immediately realised the balance was considerably lower than it should be. After looking at my transactions I found TWO withdrawals in the amount of £67 and £87 to Natural Cleanse Plus and Short Weight Loss Products. I thoroughly read the ‘small print’ prior to signing for this FREE TRIAL and there was no mention of these huge payments being taken. I am a disabled lady living on a Disability pension and this £154 was money to pay bills and food for the month. These scumbags are vile.

  25. we got caught out also. The pills don’t work and made us quite ill.
    The money was taken out of our account £87 !
    Really upset as we simply can’t afford to lose this amount of money !
    There must be something that can stop these bastards from scamming people !
    Going to do some research tomorrow and see whats what !
    The telephone number is also a con !
    Disgusting practice and like some other posters on here, we are feeling so embarrassed but it all !

  26. I have now cancelled any further payments out my bank before they try ,if your reading this do the same before to late ,holland and Barrett’s do the rasberry keytone for only 9.99

  27. I stupidly fell for this last year £89 x2 was taken from my account. When I asked for help from my bank the manager told me basically there was nothing she could do but block my card I phoned the company numerous times but no avail SCAM

  28. My mam and dad both bought off this website, it took €87 & €97 from there account when they never actually received the product, they are replying to emails saying that they cannot refund the money for the products they got not understanding that they never received anything from them, scam is not the word!!!

  29. What name r they using when they take a payment. ??
    I heard they were using various names.

    • Yes that are using different names with me that took money out twice so be very carefull thay
      Used four different names Gracefukketone
      Thumbs up cleans
      Natural slimming
      Blue ridge diet
      Bank say I won’t be able to get my money back.

  30. Thank god for my sister doing research on slim wise if contacted my bank the day they arrived
    And was told a stop was put on anymore money coming out of my account and if it did barclays will refund within 24hrs being a pensioner that’s nearly my wkly income

    • I booked online then Google for more info rang my bank Barclays stopped payment and future payments told them its a scam .if they do manage to take money from my ac barclays will refund next day .many thanks always Google for scam alerts first

  31. I have also fell pray to this scam.Ordered what I thought was a free trial on 6th January and they had taken out £241 from account within 3 weeks. Terms and conditions say they should inform you which they did not. Contact details and email under terms of conditions are not written correctly. Also with the free trial they send out leaflet askimg you to tick you have read terms etc which I did not complete or send bank. I am in process of having this investigated by fraud dept.

  32. PEOPLE Check your statement CAREFULLY

    I just checked my statement, they took £87 then £67 earlier in the month, Which I was disappointed with

    But toward the end the month they took a further £87 and £67.

    That’s a total of £308,

    Although I’m not losing weight fast time my bank balance is tho

    • I cannot believe Im reading this you are a con mans dream…instead of stopping your card with the bank youve waited until they have taken all this money out…you might have problems with your bank refunding all of your money as they might come to the same conclusion as me…its like having your pocket picked and then still keep standing by the same pickpocket sorry but DUMB!

  33. The pictures they are using and the stories are not true. One of the women on their ads is a friend of mine and they got into her blog and used her photos to sell their product. I can’t imagine what is in the pills they are sending people. I hope someone can stop them. The information they share about her never happened.

  34. Yes I have been caught by this scam also!
    I have sent a notice of cancellation to both the email addresses you supplied and have contacted my Bank

  35. I got caught out by this scam and have had the money taken from my credit card although they won’t return the money they will ensure no more money is taken. I feel like such a fool

  36. Wish I had read all the comments before I ordered them, sent them an email to there customer service just had an email to confirm cancellation of the trial , but I will be going to the bank to block them if they take any money out . glad I found out it was a scam!!


  38. hi to everyone who goes on this site, its a big con….. they get you buy the month trail. then later they take money out your account with your say so,,, then you cant get intouch for money back….this his big big con

  39. i have been caught out too. I have not been able to contact the company, the bank have said I will not get my money back. As I have read that they change their name slightly to take more payments, I have cancelled my debit card as lost and requested a new one so they cannot take any more money from my account. A pain up the backside but would advise everyone to do the same!

  40. I orders some free sample tablets december30 paid 2’99 post package never came.My monthly
    Bank statement came 2x£87 pounds taken from my account, I reported this to my bank and they put a stop on any more payments. I have just received another box of tablets today 4/2/15 have sent them straight back by recorded delivery I have taken the companies address off their customers supports reply it is Slim Wise Ltd customer support Postbus13 6670AA Zetten Netherlands hope this is helpfull for you

  41. I just checked my bank account and saw the unauthorised fee of £87. I didn’t see any terms and conditions regarding subscription when I paid for the postage on the “FREE” trial. I have tried a few numbers to contact this company to no avail. I have contacted the bank and blocked them taking more money from me. They took the £87 on the 28th and I never received anything (not that I wanted it anyway because I was not subscribed)
    I have been advised to contact the trading standards authority.

  42. It’s a scam as I didn’t give no one permission to take money out of my account emailed to cancel still waiting for response . Phoned bank to cancel any further transaction they are dealing with it .

  43. What a fool! This is the second time I’ve fallen for this ! I DID read the ts & cs before sending for the free trial, and I DID e-mail the company within the time limit in ts&cs, but I still got charged. “Fool me once, shame on you! Fool me twice, shame on me”! Older does not necessarrily mean wiser!

  44. Hi All,

    I ordered as well last Wednesday, 4th feb, received them today and was concerned that there was no invoice or paperwork with them, so googled about it and found this very helpful website. I have emailed bothe the addresses listed above to cancel, ad as its within the 14days should not have any further charges, but to be on the safe side have cancelled my card and will be talking to the bank tomorrow. I know I didn’t give any information over to set up standing order or direct debit so at least I know I won’t have to deal with that.

    In relation to the Holland and Barrett raspberry ketones, I have found them helpful as I seem to have more energy but haven’t really seen any significant weight loss with them.

  45. I fell for this as well and ive been to my bank to cancel the money coming out but just seen that 9 days after the 1st payment came out another 2 have been removed from my account under a slightly different name and still i have not received any tablets , ive emailed the company and rang them to stop it but looks like it didnt work , the bank assured me that i didnt have to change my card but it looks like you have too or you will get shafted time and time again , wont fall for anything like this again , what a fool

  46. I have emailed national newspapers about this scam, my mrs has had £87 taken from her bank, so emailed all the BIG NEWSPAPERS nationally, to see if it can be published worth a try to expose these scumbags

  47. I too was taken in by this company, just had £87.00 taken from my account, rang bank very helpful they put a stop on the account advised me to check account in case anymore money goes out and they will pay me back then dispute the claim with the company, felt vey silly when explaining what had happened but man didn’t seem surprised, DO NOT SEND OFF FOR THE FREE TRIAL as no where on there web page does it say you are signing up for a subscription.

  48. If it helps anyone I have just looked at my bank statement and the company has used three different names they are LOVELYKETONE, GRACEFUL KETONE and NATURAL SLIMMING.

  49. I have also been scammed by SlimWise, charges of £2.99 x 2 have been taken out from my account, and I am receipt of the supplements. I didn’t do my usual research – stupidly! Until afterwards, when it was too late! I have contacted them by email and this is the response I got and I have also contacted my bank to get any charges cancelled and I have been assured that any charges will be refunded to my account, even if they use a different name. My bank had already been contacted by a number of other customers so were very accommodating, thankfully! The price for the supplements are exceedingly high…DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THE TRIAL!
    Please note you are still required to pay for the products you have received after your 14 day trial period. The offer you have signed up for is to try Diet Ultima and Cleanse Ultima for 14 days before you pay. These are not free or a 30 day trial, it does not say this on our website.
    If you do not wish to pay for the products you have received after your 14 day trial period, you must return at least half of the contents to us within 30 days of ordering. This is all in accordance with the terms and conditions on our order pages.
    We do however appreciate it’s not always easy to get to a post office and that some people sign up to our offers without actually reading the terms.
    We are therefore willing to offer you a 50% discount on the products you have received, meaning you will pay just £43.50 for the month’s supply of SlimWise Ketone, and £33.50 for the month’s supply of SlimWise Cleanse .
    If you would like to accept this 50% off and keep your latest order to continue your weight loss program, please respond back by email within 21 days of shipment date to confirm you would like 50% off.

    If you would still like to return your order and not pay for it at all, please send it back to the address below and write the RMA number on the outside of the envelope. Please note payment will automatically be taken on day 14 but this will be refunded if you return it between days 14 and 21 days. If you return the product after 21 days, we are not able to offer you a refund or ship the product back to you.

    I am going to go to the post office to see how much it will cost to send the remaining supplements back, but if too expensive i may not send them back at all. But I’m afraid I will get chase by SlimWise to pay for the supplements even though I thought it was like many others a FREE TRIAL! The thing is I have also believed nothing in this world is FREE, why I thought on this occasion it would be different I do not know. I will never do this again. I will buy from Holland & Barratt in future. Hope this helps others!

    • I have had a second set of pills delivered- which make me look at bank account to see they have take over £300 under various guises. this second set was received 2 weeks ago. If i send these back will i get a refund?

    • Do you have a return address ?

  50. For those who did receive the supplements, did anyone actually return them to The Netherlands!?

    • Yeah I did only cost £3.40 but haven’t heard anything back yet ..!!!!

      • Sue have you received a response back about the return of your products and have you had any further charges taken from your account?

        Also was that cost recorded delivery or just standard delivery?

  51. Yes i returned them and they claimed they authorised a refund since january but refused to respond to any of my mails till now!

  52. my daughter got conned into this,they sent her free trial,with no contact details to stop subscription,they then took 4 payments from her bank for over 300 pound,the bank have hopefully helped us sort this,just refused delivery of more tablets. hopefully this will now be an end to it.please do not use this company

    • Can i ask have you managed to get the money back and how. I too lost £300 but bank said there was nothing they could do but stop further payments? They said the only thing i could do was take them to court myself?!

  53. i also signed up for 30 day free trial of slimwise. only because they did not ask for card details so i assumed that just p&p was all i had to pay but today have found that a payment of £60-30 has been deducted from my account. according to my bank all these companies trade under the same name n if you have ever given them bank details for any of their products they just go ahead n take ya money from those details! i am waiting now on phone call from company called THUMBUP CLEANSE who apparently have billed me does anyone know who these people are ? thanks

  54. I ordered these and received them within 10 working days … It never fails to amaze me how many people actually give out bank details to unknown web sites …. i use PRE PAID cards for any purchases like this. That way they can ONLY take what I allow them to …. only way to order on the internet as there are so many scams around … yes it does cost an extra €3.50 to top it up but in the long run it would be cheaper.


  55. I ordered both products last night.My mistake.they show shipping 2.49 pounds+ 2.49 for the second-Slim wise cleanse-all together less than 5 pounds.But when i continued to order,their charge was shown 4 pounds each bottle.-2 bottles of each.They didn`t ask me:Do i want 2 bottles.Anywhere I`ve ordered,so 16 pounds are withdrowed from my debit card.There is no option to unsubscribe.I sent them e-mais last night{24/02/15) ant this morning,tried to call them,no answer,just the automatically line speaker said on broken English that all the line are busy at the moment,live your phone number and e-mail and we will response within 72 hours.Can you imagine what the customer service is that.No response to my e-mails as well. I went to my bank and blocked any money to go out for this Company-Her Life and Health,about Slim Wise.Hope I`ve lost 16 pounds only!

  56. I have felt for this scam as well, it’s a good job I read this after I boutght it and canceled my card before any payments came out apart from postage 2 x 8 I’m loosing anyway… Don’t know if I have to send them tablets back or just keep them? I feel sorry for so many people now course it’s a big scam. never ever again !!!!

  57. I too was sucked in by the ads and jargon used about the product and the fact of a free trial, not for me, but for a friend. I made the order yesterday for her but then haven’t slept knowing something didn’t feel right. I couldn’t bare being responsible for her loosing money so done some further research and seen this site. I have emailed them straight away for a cancellation request BEFORE any product should be shipped and have informed my friend of this also and requested that she get her bank card changed immediately before any money is taken. So hopefully we have caught this in time. I’m currently waiting for a response from the company, but since I have made the order and cancelled it within 24hrs, would you think that she will be ok?? I had an email asking me to confirm on some link but have not done so, so I am assuming they don’t really have a leg to stand on do they? But I also cannot remember ticking any T&C’s box or seeing ANYWHERE on their site stating anything regarding the price paid or any auto shipping program. All a con that is through no fault of our own I suppose, but it is definitely a lesson learnt, I just hope I have stopped this in time!!

  58. There was no box to tick Hun x they’re pigs and nothing else.. Change the card and they won’t be able to get anything…I tryed to comment on they’re product to inform people but they won’t let me.and I send quit a few private messages but don’t know if any people received them!!!

  59. I ordered the ‘Free Trial Offer’ of Slim wise recently, just paying the Postage costs of £4.98 for the Ketone and Cleanse. When I completed the order I did not see any Terms and Conditions, so took it that I would not here from them unless I requested more of the product.

    How wrong could I be !! – Just by chance I was checking my bank statement ….only to find that they had helped themselves to £ 154.00 !! from my account – they have not sent me any more of the product, nor have they been in touch. I have e-mailed them, but they have not replied.

    I feel very annoyed and would certainly not of knowingly paid this amount for two bottles. I am going to pursue this matter to get my money back and warn others to beware. SCAM !!!

  60. I order for the free trail on the slimwise ketone and the slimwise cleanse of just paying post and packaging of 4 pound odd ovbs I should of done my research beforehand instead I did it straight after!!!! I sent 8 different emails asking to cancel my order as I just placed but heard no response so I contected my bank through secure message but they said they couldn’t do anything because nothing has come through yet but if there was unusual activity on my account then they would contact me! 5 days later I recived the product and contact slimwise on two different emails and contacted my bank through the phone and they said they can see slimwise and that I have to contact them through the phone witch the bank gave me two numbers for and if I didn’t hear off slimwise then I should contact my bank again! I rang both numbers and got a voice automated saying I should leave my name and email and that they will contact me through email within 72 hours so o have to wait 72 hours when I know I won’t get a response so that I can ring my bank again to tell them Ive not Hurd off them! I have borderline personatily disorder witch means I act on impulse at times and this is the 1st time I’ve ever done this and I am so ashamed and worried about it!!! 🙁 I have no money in my account till Thursday so I hope I get this sorted before they take money! I’m gunna also send the box of tablets back to sender from post office so fingers cross!!! Emails I used 1.support@tryslimwise.com 2.cancellations@tryslimwise.com 3.optout@tryslimwisecleanse.com
    Phone numbers I tried

  61. I am trying to sort out this mess too on behalf of my girlfriend who called me last night worried she had made a mistake of ordering slimwise ketone and slimwise cleanse. She ordered them on Monday and received them yesterday so 3 days later.

    Hoping as this is well within the 14 day trial period this can be sorted.

    After spending hours going through their so called ‘terms and conditions’ I emailed 2 different email addresses to cancel and also phoned the number but as other have experienced its just a voicemail saying they will get back within 72 hours. I just told them to stop scamming people and if any money gets stolen from my account i will call the Police 🙂

    Went on csm123.com who apparently are an independent consumer website who deal with these sort of people and did a quick cancel. Got a screen saying that cancellation was successful and any pending payments would be cancelled. Hoping this is not any kind of scam too and that it really is cancelled.

    Girlfriend has cancelled her card too. They dont have her bank details so if they try and debit money out using a card number that no longer exist I assume they wont be able to do it?

    Going to send products back tomorrow recorded delivery and hope thats the end of it

  62. SCAM – I also disappointed that I fell for it! I have just returned from the bank. They said there is nothing they can do but stop any more payments. Its all legal apparently! even though all i gave permission was the not so free trial. The payments are taken under different names. I do not even know what i have paid for but they took out over £300 within 17 days. Obviously all operators are busy when you try to call them! Very upset that the bank could not help.
    There must be something than can be done!

  63. I can’t get hold of theses never again contact my bank and haven’t revive nothing want my money back

  64. Also fallen victim to this scam I lost my job last week could NOT afford the £154 they have helped themselves to I can’t get a reply by email I am beyond furious (and upset) this shouldn’t be allowed to happen

  65. Right my bank have refunded both transactions you MUST contact your bank’s debit card dispute team explain you have been trying to contact them to return the products and cancel “subscription” but they never reply so how can you? I’ve also emailed Slim Wise to urge them to provide me with return instructions before removing my details from their system – I also mentioned they seriously need to address their slanderous marketing ploy of “30 day free trial” when customers only have 14 days to return the products?? Good luck everyone and tell as many people as you can I’m taking this all the way they are in direct breech of their own policies

  66. To INGRIDA
    You mentioned you don`t know to reurn the tablets to them,or not.I would advice you-Send them back to them.Withing 14 day of the purshuse you have a chance to refund.and cancel the order by e-mails to them.They read the e-mails.Be sure!

  67. What UTTER rubbish it’s sold as a “30 day free trial” so how come they only give you 14 days to return products? It’s not a 30 day free trial then?? You can’t just send the products back you HAVE to get a return order number well I’ve been trying to get hold of them since 18th Feb but still nothing

  68. Yes It’s one of those quite clever “scams” that plays on the fact that (no one reads the small print)
    If they want to sell some pills for £87 (which is what I eventually paid).
    Then why dont they just say so, with out this free trial nonesence and having to cancell in so many days.
    If they did try to sell them for £87 very few people would buy in the first place & of course they
    know that.

  69. it has deducted 87 pounds through the name ROSELYKETONE be careful!!!

  70. Hi all I signed up for the tablets at a special offer of 8 euro, unfortunately they took 158 euro from my bank account, i v sent a email as I cannot contact by phone, I only praying I get it back, will let you all know x

  71. I ordered yesterday. contacted my bank today who said they cannot do anything as i did authorise the payment ans agree to the terms (small and hidden i know) so advised i need to show i have made attempts to contact the subscription which can be an email, ans if no response the bank will refund me based on that. The bank have also cancelled my card and issued a new one. The company only have our card details (not bank details for direct debits) so if u change card number etc they cannot take further payments as the details they have will be the blocked card. As i only paid yesterday im lucky as the £8 delivery has gone through but now the cards blocked they cannot take any further money from me.

  72. Hi can anyone advise me of the postal address in the UK to return theses tablets send 4 emails and tried phoning also no replies. Have cancelled credit card and credit card company also aware of the scam. Can anyone help me with UK address

  73. My email is naomirussell@btinternet.com please message me if you want the return address and instructions which I have JUST received! If you haven’t received your “free” trial products yet you can contact your bank and order a new debit card (this is what I did) I also spoke to the debit fraud department and they refunded payments and sent an instruction to Slim Wise telling them to close my account and remove ME from their data base

  74. can I please close my account with you and please remove me from your data base I have instructed my bank yto make sure you do not take money from me my husband works for a law firm so I trust you to unsubscribe me from your database thanks best wishes mrs Margaret phillips

    • Please contact Slim Wise Ketone.

    • They do not care who your husband works for and in my experience they don’t respond to threats, only action! Return products, email slim wise instructing them you do not wish to receive ANY products from them and if you have been charged already contact your bank’s dedicated debit fraud team who will refund amounts provided they are satisfied you have tried to cancel your “subscription”

  75. I have recently sent tablets back tonight airmail first class cost me £5.15 but money well spent I have sent 10 emails with no response and tried calling the telephone number over 176 times still with no luck still got automated message the company needs closed down.. ASAP

    • As long as you have emailed them to try to cancel your subscription your bank’s debit fraud team will refund payments taken from you

      • I’ve tried contacting my bank for a refund of £316 but because I didn’t notice until two days after they took it out the bank said they can’t refund me! Can anyone help me please

  76. I orderd some free sample tablets from a company called I love my ketone slim tablets, found out after i recived them that the tablets caused all sorts of problems, so I sent them back to head office in the netherlands. I tried to phone and cancel the orders but nobody would answer the phone, so sent a letter no reply.End of month £87 was taken from my bank account,next month £87 was taken pills arrived later but it was a company called slime wise,again I retuned them this time to an English address.This month £87 pound was taken this time by diet slim plus prod.this is a big scam as the names used to take money from my account all belong to one main company ,namely SLIM WISE My bank has put a stop on this hope its the end.I am of to the citizens advice tomorrow for advice what to do ITS A SCAM ITS A SCAM ITS A SCAM.

  77. Hi I have recently just received an email from the company which came in at 3am this morning. I am so surprised anyone actually takes the time to read and reply to the emails just asking me for a copy of the receipt in which I sent the goods back so they can watch out for them arriving they should have them back with 5 – 7 working days. Credit card cancelled and new one ordered and Barclay Card have put the £16.00 back into my account also which is a bonus so this scam company will not be able to get any monies out off me at all. Dispute department within credit card company were amazing in helping me and also the fraud department they probably have 1000’s of people going through this scam company.

  78. This product is a total scam. DO NOT BUY IT. I stupidly went for it, thinking, the trial would be cool to try. they double charged me for the trial which I still haven’t received. Then charged me for the full version after I mailed them NUMEROUS times looking for receipt and confirmation that I DID NOT ORDER the full version.

    How are businesses like this able to keep going? they should be shut down.I don;t know what I was thinking but they have screwed me big time, and don’t even have the gall to respond.

  79. I`ve sent the items in Netherlands,to the address provided from this “Company“ to me with
    Recorded delivery as they adviced me.Tracking and Trace said:” A delivery was attempted for your item with Reference………….. in Netherlands on 07/03/15 at 7.30 a.m.Undelivered-not at address,Office closed.If the addresse does not collect it or make an arrangement to have it
    redelivered,it will be returned to the sender”(i.e. to me).
    The situation is more than clear.I`ve sent around 10 e-mails+receipt for cost of services10pounds, checked again,they didn`t try to have their products.After,they will say,that i didn`t sent it to
    them,But I hold my proof. I blocked my card immediately when I red this Custemer`s comment-
    Fortunately.My Bank refunded a sum of shipping-16 pounds.
    Easy money,isn`t it???

    To WRobinson

    Please May you write me the English address? Thank you in advance!!!

  80. I have cancelled my order immediately but they still took postage x 2 and two payment my bank cannot help they say. Am very upset

    • I have just ordered this and I looked on website and came across this am not happy at all

    • I ordered the free trial – didn’t receive product was charged €11 on my credit card – sent 2 emails within the 14 days canceling any further payment from my credit card – my bank told me that they would put a hold on any payment and I needed to send them in my emails – was going on Hols for a week and told my bank I would send in emails on my return – the product arrived while I was away – when I came back received an email from Slimwise saying that I had to return the product within 14 days which had now passed – ph my bank they told me that €221 was taken out of my account – I felt physically sick – I never buy anything like this on line and never will again – they are immoral, disgusting people to do this – they are corrupt and they need to be stopped – if someone mugged me on the street and stole €221 from me I would contact the garda – why is no one doing something about this – I want to scream – THIS IS IMMORAL- THIS IS A SCAM – SHAME ON SLIMWISE – there must be something we can do – all ideas are welcome

    • to JEN !!! JEN JEN JEN

      Hi Jen.I would like to advice you:If your bank can not help you,to recover your two payments,
      go ASAP to ANOTHER branch of your bank,ask them again and if not,tell them that you will
      close your Bank Accaunt with them NOW and just do it on the same visit.On this way you
      will not be charged anymore from Slim Wise. But first, call another bank to book appointment
      ASAP to open a new bank account. There is an exellent offer with Halifax Bank now,until 5 April
      only.So they give 125 pounds cash into your new account with them,if you close your active
      account anywhere in the UK, + 5 pounds monthly long,long time.The rest is their busines,
      Hope it is a good ,very good idea.Please,respond me

  81. I, today, was on Facebook and see the advert. I’ve just ordered these on the 4.99 trial offer of two months supply. PLEASE CAN SOMEONE TELL ME HOW I CANCEL. I have had my email from them saying my payments excepted and they gave dispatched my item. What do I do?? Please anyone what is there email address many thanks in return

  82. I have already blocked my account within the time (I think) I checked my account and it doesn’t seem like anything was taken (thank god) but the question is, if I’m still in my trial period and I already cancelled, do I still have to return the product?

    Question…despite all this scam problems with the product…does it actually work?

  83. I just bought these and didn’t realise that I had to pay £79 per bottle!! And they sent me 4!!! I need the return address immediately as I do not want to keep these bottles. I am panicking as I cannot afford this and didn’t realise the true price. It said free trial for 14 days and shipping was £4 per bottle… I cannot remember how long I have them now! Please someone help me quick! I dunno what to do!

  84. Hi
    I would like to point out to everyone that you can buy raspberry ketone capsules in Holland and Barratt. Exact same ingredients and no scam.

  85. just got £316 taken from my bank trading standereds said call the bank the bank said call the tradingstanders done this 4 times now still no result bank say the wont help

  86. I stupidly ordered the trial. They took £8 out of my account instead of the £4.99 I called my back and cancelled my card within 20mins of ordering so hopefully they won’t b able to take anything from me as I didn’t give my account number or sort code

    • I have order this two days ago and the cut £16 from my card .i send them email i want cancel this trial.i dont know what did they do now.

  87. Please help me I do I cancel this scamming thing, I just realise they took money from my account and I didn’t give them my consent to do so. They took £158.

    • Hi, I have just been looking at my statements and too have just seen they have just taken £158 out of my account on 3rd March. The companies email did not work and I dont trust the phone number as worried too that will get charged loads for phoning it. Plan to get in touch with my bank first thing in the morning. I so hope they can help me. I have been on maternity leave and just gone back to work this week. With 2 small children and a husban currently out of work I need all the money I can and dont take too kindly to people taking my money that i didnt agree to. I havent even tried the product yet. I paid £16 for the reduced price trial which I agreed too but didnt expect further money to be taken. First time I have ever had an issue buying something online! Not a happy lady!

  88. Hi, yes, it’s a scam!! They just take €320 from my account without my permission!

  89. I got caught with their free trial, what a scam.
    However having then se the comments on this site instantly contacted my credit card company who paid the amount requested and then lodged a claim back against companies as more than one company name is involved. they charged £158 to my credit card , I paid nothing. Remember to always use a credit card for such payments the credit card act will then cover your payment, not so with a debit card.
    I contacted the companies by e-mail and told them that if they sent me a Stamped addressed label I would return the items however nothing was received.
    These items are being dispatched from the UK and so the Purchase of Goods Act 2000 applies, the seller is responsible for postal costs if for any reason you return the good
    See (Distance selling regulation) of the above act .
    I have heard nothing from them since, that was in January 2015

  90. hi I signed up for the free trial, there wasnt anything stating a subscription services or any other payments to be taken. It was £4 for p&p so after I entered my card details and paid I checked my bank and noticed £8 was taken So I initially thought it was my mistake maybe £4 p&p per bottle. That same evening I checked my bank again and there was £80 missing. I immediately rang my bank and they passed me through to the fraud team who cancelled my card and refunded the money. This payment was taken out on the same day of me signing up for the free trial so I didn’t even receive the tablets And still haven’t. I emailed them that same evening and still haven’t had a reply. I’m just glad I always check my bank at least 5 times a day as I run a business if I didn’t I wouldn’t of noticed the missing money or been able to get a refund. They took the payment using the name KEY MOMENTS.

  91. I bought these tablets aiming to lose weight and i thought that £4 each for p&p was a great price for a trial. I didn’t realise that it was a 14 day trial and they would then charge me. I have had 13 days free trial and it is due to be up tomorrow however the scumbags have already taken £284.40 from my bank account which was to make my car payment.

    I’ve emailed demanding the money back as they had taken it before the trial ending date.

    I’ll never order anything like this again!!!

  92. I bought some from them and now I don’t know how to stop them taking more money from my account cause they tried already and I just hope they didn’t take any money and I never signed up for them to keep taking money from my account so please give back if you have taken two instalments of £49.00 cause this money is for bills not for you to take when you want to.

  93. I too fell for this scam, got a txt from the bank asking for my authorisation of payment, txt back no! Received a call from bank to say that I had subscribed to this company, after reading back through their terms and conditions I did agree to subscribe but nowhere does it say how much it’s going to cost you, anyway to get back to the point, the bank refused payment I just have to change my card to stop them trying it again, I also found a page for cancellation of order which may be helpful it is csm123.com
    Hope this helps.

  94. Its a huge scam, can’t believe I fell for it. The site looks legit but i have also struggled to contact them and they have taken £160 from my account. Hopefully the dirty thiefs will be caught soon, untill then I will be more careful what I sign up for

  95. It appears that the web site has closed, I too have fallen for this 🙁 however the bank are on the case.

    When going back to the site and selecting ‘Order Now – rush my sample order’ I am taken to a blank Google search page…….

  96. they took money out of my bank before the 14 days were over! thank god i already warn the bank and they refunded me money today. So to anyone that unfortunately like me came across with the site contact your bank so that they can help you..

  97. My daughter has had £ 158 taken from her account . she had not thought it necessary to read terms and conditions and did not expect further payments to be taken . we are in contact with her bank. the fraud office have been informed and we are also speaking to trading standards . call me on 07984 464422
    thank you

    • The exact same thing happened to me. I did not get any confirmation from them nor did I know of any 14 day trial. I have contacted my bank and cancelled cards etc and went onto cms123.com which said:

      Your cancellation order has been received. You will no longer be receiving our products or communications about our products and any pending orders will be cancelled and no further payments will be billed to you.


      Your Customer Support Team

      I would like to get in touch with Trading Standards also so can you let me know who or how to get in touch that would be great. Thanks!

    • Hi I spoke to you earlier on the phone if you could email me that would be great thankyou

  98. i too have joined the ranks of been fouled i paid for trial £8.00 then found payment for £158 and another of £120 had been taken out of my bank. ive cancelled my card so hopefully no more will be lost. i agree it should be shut down. i am so cross with myself for falling for this i suffer bouts of deep depression and was not thinking straight i don,t know how these people live with there selfes they took all the money i had to live on.

  99. I have been charged £158 for free trial that i never received. Sent about ten emails to them telling them that i hadn’t received it, not to send me another delivery and to stop any further deliveries. They have replied but only to say that the delivery will be late. Even after all this, they still charged me so didn’t even get a chance to send back after two week trial .

  100. I just received my statement and was shocked about a £158 charge for the free trial.I responded also to a pop-up and tried really hard to find the small print.I was also confused because it said first£4 for delivery but when I ordered it it was£8 and now the £158.I saw their customer service e-mail address and that gave me some reassurance because I once fell in such trap but there were no contact details at all.It seems that does no matter at all.
    This is absolute meant to m i s l e a d customers and a very deceptive way to trade.Should be forbidden and they should be sued for this.I cannot understand how such company can exist.

  101. To add, yesterday I contacted them about the payment via email and in their answer I saw first time very clear the terms and conditions.Now that they have the money they display it but in my order confirmation was nothing

    Email: support@tryslimwise.com.

    Address:Slim Wise Ltd
    Customer Support
    NL-6679AA ZETTEN
    Today I went to my bank after checking this website and they suspended the payment,cancelled my card and advised me to send back the pills recorded. They will try to get the money back from them.

    • It seems that you cannot now order through their website Slimwise UK as they are probably using another scam name. I have had an email back from them this morning after I stated I wanted to cancel any further products. They have asked me to return the products (2xkeytone and 2xcleanse) wthin 30 days of my original ‘free trial’ offer for a refund. Whether I get it I am extremely doubtful but my credit card company will pursue them if not ! I see from all your comments that the company return address keeps changing. The one they gave to me is Postbus 6176, 4000HD TielNetherlands !! Total scam.

  102. I got ripped off!!!!!!!!!!! £500 taken from my account

    • Omg that is a lot of money to be robbed with they had my poor nan over also she had thought it was legit but turns put it wasn’t they had kept going into her account t but luckily she found out just on time to try claim £80 of it back they had taken over £100 of my nan who is a OAP x

  103. I am taking medication that makes me act impulsively, but normally I am very careful with anything I order online. I can’t believe I fell for this scam, it’s not like me at all. I usually stick with major companies such as Amazon & eBay or I buy directly online from a shop or store I’m familiar with. I must’ve been woozy from my meds, so I can’t remember which website I saw these items on. I don’t remember seeing any terms or conditions, which makes me believe the box to tick saying I had read them was automatically done, not by me.

    I received a box with 4 items, 2 of the ketones & 2 of the colon cleanse, whatever they were called, but it all said Slim Wise on the bottles. There was no paperwork included, such as an invoice. I thought that what they sent me was a lot for a trial. They took out £8 twice from my bank account, so I thought “Oh Well”, but when they took out 2 lots of about £150 or so later on,I flipped out.

    My bank wasn’t very helpful. I called the main number of the bank & was told since I willingly gave them my debit card details, it would ‘t be considered fraud. They gave me 2 numbers to call to reach the company, but I got a recording, which I think was coming from the U.S., even though it was a UK phone number. Very dodgy indeed. The bank canceled my debit card & are sending me a new one. They said they would put a block on this company. I told them they use different names. One said ILOVEKETONE& the other said EASYEFFECTIVE CLEANSE. The bank assured me they put a block on.

    I received this email from SlimWise Cleanse

    Thank you for your email.

    Please note that the auto ship program has been canceled already.

    But the initial order was already processed and sent.

    We are not able to cancel it since the shipping was already paid for.

    If you prefer to return your order please ensure we receive it within 30
    days of your initial order. If we do not receive it within this time, we will
    not be able to offer you a refund or ship the product back to you. Please
    note that your payment will automatically be taken on day 14, but this will
    be refunded if we receive the product within the 30 day limit. In order to
    identify you correctly please include your name and address including postcode,
    and your email address in the envelope. We strongly urge you to use a
    recorded delivery service so that you have confirmation of timely

    Write all this on the outside of the envelope and send it back to:

    SlimWise Ketone

    Postbus 6176,4000HD TIEL


    I sent the items to this company using the tracked & signed for way & have kept the receipt. I included a piece of paper with my name, email address & the only number I ever received from them in an email, which they called an Order ID. I put my name & address on the package.

    I did this a few days ago & so far, when I track it, it says it’s reached the Netherlands. How long is it supposed to take & is it a legit address.

    I will try to do a Visa Chargeback & also ask to speak to the debit department of the bank. I have every enail

    Please make sure your name and email address along with your order ID
    number is included.

    If you wish to keep it at 30% off, please let us know.

    If you require further assistance, please reply to this email ensuring the
    ticket number is included in the subject line.


    SlimWise Customer Service Team

    • My post was a little garbled, with part of what they said in the email, mixed up with what I was saying. They did offer me a full refund. There was a UK address & one for the Netherlands on the box. Slim Wise said to return it to the Netherlands address.How do I make sure I get the refund? Has anybody ever received a refund from them? If so, how long did it take?

  104. WHAT A LOAD OF SHIT BIG FAT SCAM . I have taken these with an healthy diet as well as exercise 3 times a week and not lost weight at all total waste of money and my time .

  105. I bought this product and the Slim wise cleanse within the trial. Like many I didn’t read the T&Cs but luckily my bank started blocking transactions when they started taking £158 out of my account every day. I got my money back luckily but I would not go anywhere near this again (have also noticed no weight loss benefit)

  106. My Nana got scammed buy these exact ones slim wise it said she only had to pay £4odd for shipping and get the tablets for free on to trail offer so she paid for them they took £10 pit asap for shipping and then 2 days lager they took another £10 and then 3 days after that they helped themselfs to £80 luckily she had sussed the £80 had been taken quick enough to try and claim it back they said she would get 2 tubs of the tablets on trial offer and the had only sent 1 its defo a scam the want to be ashamed of themselfs my Nana only wanted to lost a little bit of tummy fat of bloating which they claim the help burn fat down well I can say I ha e been taking the tablets my Nana got and they havmt worked at all no difference as been made at all my port Nana had to go through quite a lot to try claim her money back robbing OAP shameless.

  107. Hi to all you people out there that has been scammed by this Slime Wise Diet Pills
    I was also tricked by this so-called free sample ,i just thought i was paying for the postage until
    my Bank ran me up to ask if i had payed out 158 pounds, i was shocked when they told me ,
    I went to Police they gave me a no to ring action fraud actionfraud-police-uk i reported it there , then i went to trading standards , i also sent back pills recorded delivery with a letter. never thought anymore about it as i felt sick that i could have been conned in this way
    last month i had my bank statement in COULD NOT BELIEVE MY EYES 158 Pounds was back in my account , I am ONE HAPPY BUNNY !!! so to all of you lovely people out there dont GIVE UP

  108. Yes I am another victim of this scam,I e-mailed them four or five times trying to cancel my order ,I got no satisfaction at all .they offered me 30% discount and said I would take that but after three weeks nothing in the bank ,sent another e-mail and they sent a copy off the terms& conditions with no mention of any discount still upset about this whole episode and I do think the web should vet these before putting on .Colin

  109. Also been scammed. I live abroad – I ordered what I understood was a free trial when visiting UK. Only when I checked my credit card statements for the past three months do I see they’ve taken £462 (!!!), and two packages arrived at that friend’s home in UK without my knowledge, so I wasn’t able to cancel sooner. I’m a pensioner and NOWHERE did I agree to buy. Can’t believe I’ve been scammed. Not sure that the bank here can do anything about it, but if anyone can let me know how to try to get reimbursed (Fraud Squad?) my email address is with this page’s authors. Sick to the core over this. I don’t have savings or income (£462 is far more than my monthly pension)… What bastards!!!

  110. Wow, so many have been scammed. I’m glad I checked on it before ordering >.< You should all contact your credit card companies and see if they can get you your money back. They should be able to do it, and if many have contacted them they'll know that this is a scam and it should be easier for them to refund you.

  111. Major scam. States £4 shipping but they take £157! Had to inform the bank so that they can try and block the transaction.


  112. Does any one have a returns address please as I also got scamed!!! Need 2 return but have no address can any one help please

  113. Another one who has been cheated.
    5minutes after receiving the confirmation of the order I cancelled the order with an email
    I thought this would stop the process. Wrong. Many emails sent all cancelling, 2 days later 2 x £157 taken from my Credit Card Account.
    The minute I get the goods I am going to return them unopened by Recorded Delivery.

    Anyone got the right address to return to?

  114. i have just seen this product on Amazon UK, surely that wouldn’t be a con ?

  115. Took £157 from account only ordered free sample
    . cancelled my card and going to see bank in morning hope they can help. They also deleted all emails and messages from my phone concerning them.How??

  116. Nothing comes uI am so so so very against this trial order

    My sincere advise to one and all. Never order any of these products. Its always a catch
    20 to it
    nder the title category
    FREE… There is a catch to it. If you notice all these trial bottles make a deal saying it
    will be sent on monthly basis. This is usually what thet write
    Once you do not wish to receive this product please notify us and we will stop your future orders

    Then you hit the big brick wall …that is no answers or their lines are engaged . They will
    ask you to leave messages promising to return your call. The story goes on.

    I have burned my hand once and never never never again will i ever order a trial sample

    Readers you will bless me. Dont fall into this trap

    Better pay a bit more and get one of the product desired and cut your losses

  117. If you sign up for somthing like this there are a number of things you can do.

    1, As soon as you sign and first payment (e.g ‘free’ trial postage) goes out of your account then phone the bank and state your card has been lost. No further payments will be able to be taken with the old card details. Probably better to have a dead account for this fail safe that you only transfer what you need (or think) you should be paying into it.

    2, Go to the bank and state it is an eronious transfer, under banking legislation the bank has to refund you your money (on the spot) and then chase the company for it. If enough people do this then the banks will just block payments to said company.

    3, if you change your mind within 14 days of making an online purchase (including from reciept of item) then you are covered under the distant trading laws/legislation and entitled to a full refund and cancelation of any contracts signed into.

    4, On a side note if these magic beans (pills) dont do what they say on the tin then you are also covered under trading laws such as miss representation of goods (if done knowingly is against the law e.g. fraud) and product not fit for purpose e.g. a chocolate fire-guard would fit in this category.

    Good luck with getting your money back, my advice is if you see a product online like this then check and see if you can actually buy it in a Boots (uk) etc if not then I would use option 1 above as this is the least long term hassle for you as you make the order then phone the bank, otherwise just avoid it like the plague if it is really that good it would be stocked in stores all over the place.

  118. i am gutted that i have fell for this scam.i ordered and 1 hour later i thought i had cancelled.They have charged me 3×157 pounds out of my account,what a job i am having to get a refund,my only consolation is luckly i did on my visacredit card,they are helping me fight my case. Icarnt beleive i have been so stupid at 67 yrs old should have known better.

  119. This guys are just very dubious, I thought I will be paying just £8 for shipping cost, to my shock I got a bill of £157,tried reaching them all to no avail, sent an email and they claim they cant refund due to health and safety reasons, this is indeed an eye opener that nothing is really free. I have informed my bank ,I hope they can claim my money back. Now I have to think not twice by 3 or 4 times before purchasing stuff online.

    • Exactley the same as me. I went into the bank the next day and spoke to the fraud team on the phone, they said I should contact them first but if no refund is given in 14 days they can raise a dispute.
      Initially no response from my email, then after a second they said the sme as you quoting H&S and sent me there terms and conditions. I replied back quoting from there T&C there 14 day tria offer which was included.
      They responded saying return the items (which i havent recieved yet), then request a refund – lets see what happens.
      Incidentley I have cancelled my debit card and ordered a new one.

  120. Yes, I am another idiot. All above complaints in order, and then some . Problems ;- Duped into losing £314 when I thought it would be £16 – No response to telephone calls – Totally evasive response to emails – total incompetence and lack of cooperation from their Customer Service ?? team.
    In short, they are a bunch of rip-off merchants who are getting away with a major scam

  121. I have read people’s mesiges and it looks like a big con job if that is the case you should be in jail

  122. Big con job


  124. I have also fell for this scam. However a lot of people are not getting there full money back. I would just like to say that depending on how you pay credit card/bank card. You still have certain rights under the consumer credit agreement also again depending on how you pay, you should be covered for this type of thing Mastercard or visa.
    Notify your bank or credit card company immediately and order a new card and tell them what has happened, they should send you out a form to fill in, send this form back to them and let your credit card company or bank look into this, they should see that this is a scam and reimburse you the full amount. I no a specialist in any way but I think this is the normal procedure.

    Good luck


  125. An additional warning:

    This company can pass on your details to third parties and/or under different company names deduct money from your account.

    Some transactions may take 7 days before they show up on your account. So you will need to be vigilant and check your statements regularly even after your initial payment.

    The best step to take to prevent future deductions is to stop your card. However, bear in mind that you will be without the use of your card for up to 5 working days and can only make cash withdrawals by going into your bank branch.

  126. I purchased this so called wander drug, but I can tell you it doenst work. I got in touch with them in December 2015 via email I had been charged two lots of £157 on my credit card, I told them they dont work and they promised to give me back 30 pct of the cost, and guess what im still waiting. I have sent them aprroxiamately 8 emails since January chasing the refund and it has not come. DONT SIGN UP ITS A SCAM AND A RIP OFF

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