Is the Slimax Garcinia trial offer an auto-ship scam?

Is the Slimax Garcinia trial offer an auto-ship scam?

If you are looking to “jump start your life today”, then Slimax Garcinia could perhaps be what you are looking for. That is if you believe the hype.

The following review will look at this trial offer in more detail to see firstly how it works, and whether there are any of those hidden charges and auto-shipping that these types of offer have become well known for.

Please read on to discover the truth for yourself.

Claimed benefits of Slimax Garcinia

Unlike some offers we have seen previously, that make some pretty incredible claims. Slimax Garcinia does not make any outlandish claims. They do however make the following statements:

  • All natural
  • Made in the USA
  • Feel great

Most claims we have seen are designed to get you to sign up for the offer as quickly as possible, but I am not sure these claims would achieve that goal.

To find out what actual benefits are on offer we would need to look at the supplement in more detail, in particular at the ingredients used.

Ingredients found in Slimax Garcinia

At the very bottom of their website you will find a link to their ingredients.

While there is no label present, there are a list of ingredients with their dosages. Among these are Calcium, Chromium, Potassium and Garcinia Cambogia.

The amount of Garcinia Cambogia present is 1,000 mg in each serving, which is good. However, the HCA percentage is not as high as some other supplements we have reviewed with only 50% HCA used.

This means that the quality of this supplement is not the best and more benefits can be experienced by those supplements with a higher percentage of HCA.

How much does Slimax Garcinia cost?

When you initially sign up you will have a shipping charge of $4.95 to pay. This will then give you 14 days to trial the supplement, after which time you will be charged again.

This next payment will amount to $89.95, with further monthly payments to be expected for future deliveries.

Slimax Garcinia as so many other trial offers before it, leads onto an auto-ship program.

Is Slimax Garcinia a scam?

The ingredients used are certainly not the best, while the price is high.

This is not a good combination, with the use of auto-shipping the final straw. My suggestion to you would be to look for an alternative.

Contact details for Slimax Garcinia

You can contact Slimax Garcinia using the following details:

Phone: 877-744-4694
Email: cs@slimaxgarcinia.com

Please leave a message below if you wish to write your own review.

Garcinia PureAlternative to Slimax Garcinia

Our suggested alternative to Slimax Garcinia is a supplement available to buy ($61) online via the Evolution Slimming website.

This supplement is called Garcinia Pure and it contains 1,000 mg of Garcinia Cambogia with the recommended percentage of HCA (60%).

Benefits provided include:

  • Weight reduced
  • Less body fat produced
  • Food cravings reduced
  • Lower cholesterol levels

As Garcinia is not available for trial there is no auto-shipping or hidden charges.

Click here to read our review of Garcinia Pure


50 comments on "Is the Slimax Garcinia trial offer an auto-ship scam?"
  1. I need a refund! I did not give my permission for the amount of $89.85 off of my debit card! Management please call me at 937-622-8447!

    • You will need to contact them yourself. This website has no link to this or any other trial offer.

    • Right I didnt give permission either just wanted a free trial

      • You will need to contact Slimax to cancel your order.

      • on Dec. 4 2016 I ordered the trial of your product. and paid for it. I went on my bank acct today and discovered you had billed me $89.95 for a order I DID NOT order. You didn’t tell me at the time I ordered the trial order that you would automatically send me another order and take money out of my bank. I DID NOT WANT ANY MORE of your product. If it has not been sent, you will be getting it back. If it has not been sent yet keep it and return my money to my bank acct.
        By the way you overdraw my acct. and it is going to cost me $35.00 for an overdraft.
        Frances Hurdle
        161 Taylor St
        Strasburg, VA 22657
        I tried calling you but never got anyone. You evidently don’t return calls either.

        • Firstly, this is not my product, so you have no been trying to contact me.

          The above is a review warning of these charges. If you are not able to get in touch with them I would suggest speaking to your bank. They will know what you need to do.

    • Trust me, they aren’t gonna give you anything back. I just went through hell and back for them to offer 50 and 75% off future orders, and never give me a refund. I begged them to cancel my account and it took a million offers and no’s for them to get the point and cancel the account. Still will never get the refund for two 80$ purchases. It’s a load of crap and I want everyone to know about it. All they want to do is scam you!!

  2. Yep ,just found out I got burned for both the garcinia and the coffee cleanse .Took out 89.95 and 85.95 both !I am so upset for my own stupidity falling for this crap.I called and yried to get them to put it back but she informed me I authorized it after a 14 day trial if I didn’t cancel before.Did not see any of this so must be really fine print?So anyhow I guess that’s how they make their money.So sucker me ,but for the last time.

    • Me ither i was scammed you can get these simliar products at GNC or any drug stores

    • I called this morning and complained said you have 14 days my 14 days were up yesterday won’t refund my money you would think your 14 day trial would begin when you receive your shipment not when you place your order definitely a scam I got told the same thing she said we could look at the website together I said I read the terms and didn’t see the 14 days I blew my top and told her they like to screw people out of their money and she hung up on me and you know what their product doesn’t work

    • I too want to say this company is a scam . I only wanted the 2 sample bottles . My checking account was also debited $89.95 and $85.95 today . I called them and they said it was 14 days after you clicked to order it NOT 14 days to try it . Matter of fact one of the employees hung up on me when I called to dispute the charges . I will never order anything from this company again and will advise everyone I know of how the scam works !

  3. This sight is a Joke I just got Charged 94.90 Slimax Garcinia and SlimaxGreen Coffee 91.90 this is crazy I will never fall for this again!!!!!! I emailed I needed to cancel and wanted to return NO responce of course finally found the number on this sight and called The young ladie was nice but refused a full refund even after telling them it mad me deathly sick your and Joke I’ll be sure and spread the word Foul me once you would ever again and I’m checking in to my other options.

  4. Total scam DO NOT DO THIS. Within a month of the “trial” even though I cancelled via email my credit card was charged a total of $266.80 with no product being delivered. I called when I realized my email did not actually get read and cancelled and they did not offer a refund, and as to the response where is my product then they stated it would be delivered today or tomorrow. If I send it back I pay shipping and handling and a restocking fee of $9.95 and wait at least 30 days for the “warehouse” to process a return at their “discresction”. TOTAL SCAM!!!! This company needs to be put out of business my next email is to the better business bureau!

  5. thing happened to me. There is deception occurring here – it is obvious from the amount of people commenting throughout the web.

    I ask this, WHY are the credit card company’s hands tied?
    What loophole does this company utilize?

  6. Fool me once etc. This is fraudulent, misleading and a ripoff. I’m reporting them to the BBB. I don’t usually fall for these scams but they got me this time.

  7. I too fell prey to this scam. I called the number listed above and they offered a 35% discount, then 50% discount, finally agreed to give me back the money and ‘close the account’. I should have known better, but i was quite frankly sucked in by the endorsement by Melissa McCarthy. I would even pay them if it worked, but I have lost zero weight! When you call you must be assertive that you are returning the product and contacting your bank to reverse the charges. Each time the operator puts you on hold to talk to the supervisor they come back with an offer for a discount, until finally they agree to remove the charges. Don’t take no for an answer.

  8. I had a similar situation only once in my life with some anti age products and wellsfargo bank refound me the money. I will never try these kind of products! Go to Amazon! Check the reviews, learn from your mistakes!

  9. Don’t order this product, don’t work

  10. This is a joke sent me two orders taking 375.00 out of my account
    Called and I can’t send back I can’t use because it raises my blood sugar
    I am so mad and the girl was rude sh
    e cancelled so I don’t get any more
    I hope the company gets in touch with me
    Will not recommend anyone to this product

    April Hanrahan

  11. Do not send me anymore of your Slimax Coffee Cleanse or Slimax Garcina Cambodia I broke out in hives and ended up in the emergency room— My doctor said I’m allergic to these products

  12. I just ordered your product or a small fee I think it was five or $10
    It was just a one time order do not want to order it every more
    And was wondering will I inquire anymore billings for your product in the upcoming future

    • Mine was the same way, I just called and they comfirmed that I was on auto ship adter 14 days, and will be charged to credit card I used. I canceled the autoship and charges. Calland confirm if you are on autoship before they charge you.

  13. No where did the webpage I ordered this product did it state after trial period there woild be an auto ship done u til I canceled. Just called and canceled the autoship and all future charge, got a cancelation number and representative name. Also, my doc told me NOT to take this product. So I told them that and there was no proble, so far, with canceling the auto ship.

  14. Please cancel my order ASAP !!!!!!!

  15. I wish I would have read the reviews before ordering. This is definitely a scam. You only have 14 days to cancel or the company will charge your account about $180. Someone needs to stop this company. Terrible!!# Please don’t order.

  16. I was like so many others who signed up for the $4.95 trial and then saw a $89.95 charge on my credit card. I called and was told the same thing about the 14 days to cancel and how the time had passed. The customer service rep told me it was too late and product had already been shipped. We went round and round BUT… I asked if she had a supervisor. She said yes. I said I want to speak to your supervisor. She said OK, but it will take 45 minutes. I said fine. Then, this happened.

    After 2 minutes on hold, I was disconnected. As I sat there thinking about what to do, my phone rang. It was the customer service rep. She had spoken to her supervisor and they gave me a full refund! It has posted to my credit card, so it is legit. BTW, no product has ever arrived, and 1 month has passed since. Be very firm, people. Don’t take no for an answer.

  17. I received a shipment today. I immediately called them onlyrics to be informed that no refund would be given, but they would close my account. After I cooled down and called back in 20 minutes, my account was closed and my money was refunded. I don’t know what I said or did, but I got my money back. I also pointed out to them that the site I ordered from said nothing about auto shipments. Maybe that was it because I went over that website VERY WELL and saw nothing stating that.

  18. I am a senior that is disable and I am on fix income and you have charged me for 2 Items that I did not order… I am reporting U to our bank Wells Fargo to report you. I am not able to pay for my rent now I’m 200 dollars short.. This is fraud Kathy Brugge and you are dodging phone calls

    • Kathy, this website has no link to this or any other trial offer. Please read the above review again so that you can discover the contact details for the actual company behind it.

  19. This whole company is bullshit!!!! Don’t order anything from here it doesn’t work and they charge you more than t hey’re supposed to. They should rot in hell!!!

  20. They got me with this scam today, I called after I seen they took out money from my account and was told that I authorized it because I had 14 days to cancel this so called trial, I hope they stop this scam all there info must be in really fine print cause I never saw it, now I’m out a few hundred dolllars, don’t fall for this scam people

  21. I ordered this product and it was supposed to be a 14 day trial for $4.95 then they charged my boyfriend $89.85, we did not authorize this. If I get more pills than it’s alright but so far nothing. Where are my additional pills??

  22. What is the number to talk with a person about canx. my order? The number on my bill is another scam!


  24. i want this canceled ASAP yes this is a mail order scam . you call the number and no one answers they dont call you back either

    • What number did you all call the cancel? The number on the site doesn’t work!!!

      • Phone# 844-477-5333

        email care@cendgarcinia.com

        Wife just got caught up in this scam and we tried to cancel an order from an order given them last night and they argued etc etc and she finally just ended conversation and advised we would contact our Visa account. After 20 minutes rec’d email canceling order and supposedly charges (remains to be seen)

        Keep away, phone and be firm and don’t let them talk you out of anything. email may not get any response. Good luck

  25. I also got scammed. The was no mention of being charged $89.95 when I ordered this product. When I called a representative assured me I would be refunded the full amount, and they would cancel my account. I waited for my refund that never came. I called back and the woman I spoke to said they had no proof I spoke to anyone! They are supposed to refund 50℅ back to my account which is a load of crap! They should be shut down! DON’T ORDER THIS DAMN PRODUCT!!!! SCAMMMMMM.

  26. I, too, got scammed. Im very skeptical of those sites and even made it a point to look for fine print about having tonpay more money but nowhere to be found. I check my bank acct everyday, so when i checked it last night, my heart dropped when i saw they charged me $89 & $85 for this product. I immediately called my bank and filed a claim with them. Thankfully, the charges were still pending so they were able to take it off. The advised me to call them and cancel so there wouldnt be any additional charges. I searched their site all over he place for contact info but couldnt find any. Thanks to this website, it provided all the info i need! Tried calling yesterday, no answer. Then sent them an email. Called them again today and talked to a woman who immediately canceled my subscription with no questions asked. She was very pleasant which I was shocked. I didnt bother telling her that my bank got rid of the charges, didnt feel like arguing with them after all the comments Ive read on here. I’ll never let myself fall for this crap again

  27. My neighbor ordered this Shit not me. She used my phone and my card.is saved in it so when I buy things it automatically puts my card number in and pays for.whatever..she is under age. And I did not agree.to.this transaction her.parents cannot afford to.pay me for this so I want my money back. NOW. I’m on disability and I.don’t have any money now to.buy foodthis.month.

  28. I was just charged 89.95 twice plus 4.95 twice for shipping AND THEY SO T REDUND MY MONEY EVEN THOUGH THEY HAVE NOT SHIPPED THE PRODUCT YET. I AM SO EMBARRASSED THAT I FELL FOR THIS. Dr. Oz needs to stop promoting this product! It’s such a scsm

  29. I tried the trial bottle and had very little effect on me. Then saw this $89.95 pending charge on my bank statement.A clear scam to rake money out of you for inferior product.

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