Is the SlimBody Cleanse trial a scam?

Is the SlimBody Cleanse trial a scam?

Unfortunately our daily lives are blighted by toxins from our environment and the food and drink that we consume.

These toxins when built up within our bodies can lead to various health issues including weight gain.

This is why products such as colon cleansers were invented, to help remove those toxins and stored waste from your colon.

The problem is that some of these colon cleansers are being offered as a trial, which inevitably leads to people unknowingly signing up for auto ship programs that charge an excessive amount of money.

SlimBody Cleanse is available as a trial, but does that automatically make it a scam. Let us look at this colon cleanser in more detail before we come to any conclusion.

Claims made by SlimBody Cleanse

The following claims have been made on the SlimBody Cleanse website:

  • Flatten your stomach
  • Flush extra pounds
  • Increase calories burned
  • Remove toxins
  • Relieve bloating and constipation
  • Improve skin quality
  • Boost energy levels

These claims are pretty impressive to be fair, but it is impossible to verify them without first looking at the ingredients used.

Ingredients of SlimBody Cleanse

Although mentioning that SlimBody Cleanse contains ‘proven ingredients’ in a ‘gentle proprietary formula’ there is no mention of what these ingredients are.

Without this important information how do you know if this supplement actually does what it claims to do?

Whenever you choose to buy a supplement the ingredients used should be an essential part of your decision.

For all we know SlimBody Cleanse could contain dangerous ingredients.

Cost of SlimBody Cleanse

The main issue with SlimBody Cleanse is its price, which is outrageous.

Although the initial 14 day trial costs £1.99 to cover the cost of postage and packaging, once this time has elapsed you will be charged an unbelievable £84.71.

Worst of all you may not realise that you have also signed up for an auto ship program where you will be sent further monthly packages of this supplement at a cost of £84.71 plus £4.95 postage.

There are plenty of alternatives to SlimBody Cleanse that do not charge such an excessive amount.

Is SlimBody Cleanse a scam?

SlimBody Cleanse have been very clever in their sales tactics as the cost of the initial trial is low to entice people to sign up for their offer.

Unfortunately those that do will likely feel aggrieved once they realise the true cost of the trial.

These types of tactics are not new and are not illegal, you just need to make sure you read the terms and conditions before signing up.

In our opinion you need to be incredibly careful when signing up for any trial offers.

Contact details for SlimBody Cleanse

You can contact SlimBody Cleanse on (0203) 514 0641 within the UK. We could not find an email address listed on their website.

If you have been unfortunate enough to sign up for the SlimBody Cleanse trial then we would love to hear about your experience. Please leave a comment below.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Alternative to SlimBody Cleanse

A proven alternative to SlimBody Cleanse is DetoxPlus, which is made available through the Evolution Slimming website at a cut price £19.95.

DetoxPlus actually lists its ingredients and is not offered as a trial so you are safe from repeat payments.

Click here to read our review of DetoxPlus!

64 comments on "Is the SlimBody Cleanse trial a scam?"
  1. I ordered a trial AT £1.99 only to find £84.71 taken out of my account without my permission 2 weeks later. I tried to phone their number and waited eventually getting a recorded message saying all staff busy please call back later or email us. I have emailed both the site and their product support team (who send an email to you after ordering the trial)

    I have since seen on line may people have been duped in this way. I would not buy anything from them now. This is a scam. I have informed my Bank who stop any further charges going through and will take it up after I have given Slim body cleanse time to sort my grievance. I was not aware that I had signed up for any auto ship programme. I saw nothing on the site to tell me this. HELP!

    • This is the sam thing that happened to me and I am having to tell my bank what happened. Luckily my bank is giving me my money back and so now I have to go in and get a new card and a whole bunch of extra work because them and the garcina cambogia took well over $150 dollars for product I never wanted or recieved.

    • What is the phone number???

    • the same thing has happened to me except I was billed a total of $247.46 U.S. I ORDERED TWO ITEMS. and have six payments billed to my credit card.
      I do not want anything to do with this organization and wish I had read these articles prior to
      ordering. If anyone reading this can assist with email or telephone number it would be appreciated.
      Thank you.

  2. This is a real rip off. In spite of cancelling, they still charged me and continue to send the stuff. I feel a fool – and was/am.
    They don’t answer their phone or reply to emails.

    The owner of the company is American. Her are his contact details:
    Gordon Smith
    5348 Vegas Drive
    Las Vegas
    NV 89108

    • How do I stop this happening? I too have been charged for something that I had asked not to be sent to me.

      • I Just got scammed for $90.00 and $79 I just cancelled the order is told them I was going to call my bank and then all of a sudden they change their attitude and said they would give me half my money back if they keep sending me things and keep charging me I will flip out I hope to god that my order was cancelled because this is a total rip off it should be illegal

    • Do you have an email for Gordon? How did you cancel your subscription?

      • Please file complaints with the bbb if you dont this will continue, i already filed my complaint i cxled within 14days and got charged anyways.two dyas after also their customer service is extremely unprofessional Theyrefuse to give my money back

  3. What I would like to know is what are regulators doing about these companys. Everyone is getting ripped off and they are still advertising.

    I too was duped over the offer of 4 weeks “free” trial … 4 weeks later my bank account was lighter to the hefty tune of £179 !!
    I emailed them to say I hadn’t ordered more product and I didn’t authorise them to take almost £180 from me..
    They emailed me back saying that I had agreed to the Terms & Conditions …. I was horrified that I had unwittingly signed up to this scam … and the damn pills don’t work !!
    I emailed again to cancel my subscription, but I was doubtful of getting my money back.
    5 days later they confirmed that my subscription had been cancelled and I would receive no more product …
    Three weeks later … another £179 had been taken from my account !!
    In effect, I’ve been charged £360 for 2 bottles of rubbish !!
    I have since emailed them everyday … nothing !! And don’t try calling them … they keep you hanging on for ages – on a premium number !!
    I don’t hold out much hope of getting almost £400 back (which I can ill afford) ….I am upset, distraught and VERY angry … with them and myself for being such an idiot ..
    I am going to continue to badger them via email …. I’ll keep you posted…

    • wow.. and i felt bad when i lost $95 to this scam

    • I cannot reach anyone – getting the run around – overcharged on my cr crd – trying to return unopened shipment – according to the terms and conditions – LOL – I HATE SCAMS! why o why did I do this!!!

  5. I bought these pills thinking they were £1.99 and realised 6 weeks later after receiving my third bottle of pills that I had been charged £90 or thereabouts for each one. I was enraged when I got a very rude and foreign person on the phone saying I couldn’t do anything about it.

    I was distraught as we were not doing very well financially as it was and £1.99 was about all I could rustle up. It took us overdrawn at the bank who put a stop on any other payments coming out. I cancelled it with the company who gave me one lot of money back. How on earth can they be so expensive. I daren’t take the things but feel I should as they have cost me almost £200! They must be damn good! I bet they are rubbish and am going to take them to my pharmacist first to check out the ingredients before I take them.

    I am gutted with how stupid I have been.

  6. I stupidly gave my bank details to receive a free sample but I do not remember any suggestion that I was committing myself to a direct debit. The bank details were for the postage and packing I think, and the pills were just a trial.
    When the first large sum was taken I contacted my bank who said they would stop all future payments. I also tried to phone Slimbody but no reply so I sent an email canceling. I kept receiving pills but assumed they had been paid for from the initial large payment taken from my account. To my horror I have just checked my account and noticed 3 more payments of 89.66 pounds. Have contacted my bank again and they will look into a refund.
    This is a criminal activity wrapped up in a vague cover of legitimacy.

    • I do not remember anything about them saying I have to cancel it’s a total scam Someone should arrest these people for stealing money from hard working people unbelievable that they get away with this

  7. Has anybody else noticed that:-
    1. it is impossible to access the Terms & Conditions without having to fill in your personal details of name/address first?
    2. There is no price of the product mentioned on their website
    3. There is no ‘Acceptance of T’s & C’s’ box to tick
    Surely this is illegal and essential for on-line selling?

    • YES! No price was given for this product in the first place. They just gave the shipping cost or the “trial bottle”. A few days later I received what I thought was the trial bottle of both the Garcinia Plus and the Slim Cleanse Plus. They both say to take 1 a day with water — they don’t say when to take them. I took both in the morning. After 2 weeks of nothing at all happening and $90 charged to my account, I called. You wait on the line FOREVER, then when someone finally comes on the line they barely speak English. They told me you take 1 in the morning 30 minutes before breakfast then 1 30 minutes before dinner. How the heck are we supposed to know that?? So another week i tried that. Still no kind of results. If anything, my capris are getting tighter. They said to increase the dosage to 2 pills in morning and 2 pills at night. I told them I don’t want to take them anymore and I want my money back. They said I signed up for automatic refills and I will be getting a new bottle in 30 days.
      What happened to satisfaction guaranteed?? I’m so gulable! I can’t believe I fell for another scam!!
      I’m not going to give up until I get this cancelled!

  8. Further to my comments on May 11, 2014, if you look at an alternative product, Super Ketone Plus with Aloe Vera Cleanse, it operates in exactly the same way EXCEPT that the Terms & Conditions are accessible on the front page and nobody should be deceived even if the price is stupendous and you do not have to ‘accept’ or ‘decline’.
    SLIM BODY Cleanse is a scam when the purchaser is unable to see the T’s & C’s.

  9. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS TRIAL!!! Such a rip off… I stupidly signed up for the low cost trial (you need to cancel within 12 days but the product doesn’t even come for 2 weeks) Next thing I know my card gets hit for $160!!! For 1 bottle of each!! Are you freakin kidding me?
    I would love to go to Las Vegas and have a little face to face “chat” with the guy running this scam…..

    Consider yourselves warned… DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH THIS COMPANY!!!!!

  10. I just wanna say thank you Ladies, Y’all saved me from a huge mistake!! 🙂

  11. Same thing has happened to me Charged $76 to my account. How do I stop it! I do not know if I am signed up to the automatic monthly shipping. Please someone send me an email on how to cancel it!!!!

  12. It states everything in the terms and conditions. Unfortunately I didn’t read it until after I had signed up and read these reviews. Fortunately I did read these reviews. I emailed my cancelation, called to cancel on the phone and will also be sending a certified letter to cancel any auto ships. That better cover all the bases :\

  13. I just called them and DEMANDED my money back. They gave me 75% and let me keep the product. I told them I would file fraud charges if I didn’t get money back. They started with 25% and then went to 75%. This is definitely a deceptive way to do business. A joke!


    • What phone number did you call???
      Thank you for help.

  14. I also bought this product for $4.99 and was then charged $84.99 a week later without my knowledge because of the hidden terms and conditions (which no one reads). Just remember..if it sounds to good to be true..it is! Don’t fall for this scam that many of us have already.


  16. I ordered a trial bottle of SlimCleansPlus, knowing it sounded too good to be true, and found out the hard way that it was! Luckily I saw the details of the Terms and Conditions before my trial period was up so I cancelled right away, being assured that my membership was cancelled and I would not be responsible for any more charges. Well, a few weeks later, I was charged almost $52 from them (for what, I have no clue since my membership was cancelled and I received no more product from them in the mail). It was like a nightmare trying to get a refund and the lady I dealt with would beat around the bush and avoid the main issue and I never got my money back from the company. I had to file a complaint with my credit card company about them and they were the ones who reimbursed my $52-not the SlimCleanse company. Even though I got my money back, it was so stressful to deal with that mess and I’ve finally learned that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

  17. I am so upset after trying the initial trial I didn’t notice any results and now they are charging me 150$ a month!! I would love to cancel this but conveniently for the company their mailbox is always full and they are slow to answer emails. I am a recently graduated college student who can not afford this outrageous price especially for something that doesn’t work!. word of advice don’t even try this crap its a headache

  18. I was scammed too. It said FREE trial but when I realized they had taken nearly $90 out of my account for the FREE trial nearly a month after it was shipped, I called them and they said it was FREE only if I didn’t like it and I had two weeks to call and cancel before I was charged for that initial FREE trial. I’m so mad! When I called they said they already charged my card AGAIN and sent out another bottle because I somehow agreed to a subscription of this garbage? It even said no commitment on the ad! How is this legal???

  19. I got the trial tablets, i didnt take all 60 in 30 days, i only took them for 15 days and lost about 2 stones of weight, i stopped taking them after that as i had reached my desired weight.

    Then I noticed the £84 payment gone from my account, so instead of going through the whole drama of contacting them and trying to cancel, i just contacted my bank and stated I had not authorized the payment, my bank (natwest) were very helpful, they canceled any further payments going to slimbody and also took my money back from them, within 3 working days my money was back in my account.

    Don’t bother contacting the company, contact your bank, they are there to help you keep your money safe, dont forget that.

  20. Contact attorney generals office to report them. At least in the US that’s is what we do

  21. I was caught up in this as well. I made the trial order then called to cancel the product after 3 additional charges we made to me. I received a confirmation via email that the refund had been issued and nothing ever hit my account. I did get someone named Andrew on the phone and he was about as rude as could be. Please save yourself the trouble and do not make a purchase from here.
    This is a scam and additional products were also sent to me without permission and after I asked the order to be stopped.

  22. Omg! I signed up before reading the reviews but I’m going to order a new bank card tomorrow so that way they won’t be able to rip me off

    • it’s no use changing your debit/credit card as they have your authorization to take the money out of your bank account.
      firstly, you need to inform your bank,
      secondly, cancel your bank account and open a new one.

      I say this from experience and a loss of almost £200.00, andy

  23. They hit my credit card with over $160 for pills that I didn’t order. They had a trial charge said to only pay the shipping charges of $4.95 each and now two weeks later they are charging my credit card. I am disputing the charges with my bank. This is so wrong on every level to do this to people. The pills don’t even work!

  24. This truly is a major scam. They did the same to me as every one of these comments. Took my money when they said it was a free trial. Then took 84.00 from my account. I unsubscribed and today they sent me another bottle. I did talk to my bank after the first 84.00 haven’t seen the money taken out yet but,will contact the bank again tomorrow.If they want this bottle back they can come and git it.

  25. This is defo a scam I fell for it and got sacked right in I cancelled the tablets and still they sent more and took money from my account I lost it all and to top it all off I was just clearing my cupboard to find the bottles of tablets only to find they had put a label over the original label which I took off to find lean muscle tablets which is stupid because somebody could of been allergic and could of died so I think this should be looked into

  26. This is the worst product I’ve ever purchased does not work and they keep taking my money! I WANT MY M9NEY BAVK!!!

  27. Well I’m so angry I’ve ordered what I thought was a one off free trial and today see that £94.99 has been taken from my account and because I’ve just noticed and it’s out with the 14 days they won’t refund my money. I’ve phoned and got an agent who says the best they can do is give me 50% back. Bank has cancelled any future payments to them. Rip off. Terms and conditions are available only after you sign up but stupidly I’ve not read them clearly.

  28. I just went through the same thing. While yes, sadly, their policy is in print it is very deceptive. To even find out if you qualify you have to accept their terms and conditions. I noticed the charge for the near $80 and called them. The CSR was very unhelpful and after about 10 minutes of telling them that their policies are not made apparent I was offered a 25% refund. I asked her why she hadn’t offered that up front and if she could offer 25% why Couldnt she offer at least 50%. She had no response for that. after receiving the confirmation number for the cancelation of the account I ended the conversation and did some research.
    First of all I had received a phone call prior to my order being placed. They told me during that phone call that before they could ship my order they had to let me know that part of the offer included a fitness coach of some sort and that at the end of the 30 day trial my card would be charged for those services. They told be I would receive an email and that if I wished for my card to not be charged I needed to reply with cancel. I never received that email.

    When speaking to the CSR I told her about this and she said that was some other company that got my number from when I signed up (great! So they’re selling information).

    Going back through my purchase history and came to find that payment for shipping and handling wasnt processed until 5/4. the payment for the full $80 went through today 5/13. Clearly not 14 days. I called back and spoke with a new CSR and explained this. They then tried telling me it was a 12 day trial. I asked how I was supposed to have a 14/12/whatever day trial when I haven’t even physically had the product for a week. They assured me my account was canceled and that I would be refunded the full amount. Dont trust this company. They are deceitful. Glad I checked on that initial purchase date. You can’t start a trial of anything if they don’t give you the product over night. Be warned.

  29. My mom ordered a different product online for arthritis, then thought better of it the next morning and spent about two hours cancelling her order. Two months later this bottle of slimcleans crap shows up, and sure enough, she’s been charged some $60 Canadian having never ordered it. After 5 minutes on the phone with her credit card company (MasterCard supplied their service phone number), and about 45 minutes with a woman from the company “Slim Cleanse”, mom has been told she’ll be refunded and doesn’t need to return the bottle of mystery. Are these capsules safe to dispose of in land fills?

  30. customerservice@trypureslimcleanse.com and number 1 866 915 9351 (although no human answers) ….also make sure you call your credit card/bank

  31. SCAM!! My Visa provider said that I need proof that the subscription has been cancelled. Once I have proof in writing from the merchant, any further charges can be reimbursed. They said they can not do anything about the charges until there is proof that I have cancelled. They said this happens all the time and there is nothing that they can do. Good luck to all and do not sign up for a “free trial”!!

    • I signed up for the free 14 day trial but they send a month worth it did not say anywhere that you has to cancel in that 14 day period so now I was charged $140. Told them that they sure know how to scam people. Never again will I fall for that again

  32. I had a bottle sent to my S&H only. About 2 weeks later I went to check my account and $135.00 dollars had been taken out by these people. 99.00 american, 135.00 canadian. I am pissed right off as I thought I was getting a good deal, and got ripped off. Never again will deal with these slimes again. Gotta read the fine print I guess. For 135.00 I got a bottle of Garcinia Cambogia, I can get this at my health food store for 35.00. I am so mad.

  33. please cancel my future orders

  34. I AM HAVING NO JOY WITH THE COMPANY AT THE MOMENT BUT I HAVE TRADING STANDARDS ON THE CASE they say a trial offer so what is the trial offer you only get the pills you ordered and thats what they say is a trial offer so wheres the £85 worth

  35. Bought their trial september 29. Charge me few dollars for handle, shipping received. But october 8th 2015 took over 250.0o dollars on my crédit card. Still trying to cancel online and by email, did not receive products neither re-imbursment (money back)
    Dont but from them Today i had to close my credit card. Because they are trying to take 2more big amount (132 + 187 dollars) grrrrrr i ami really made

  36. This is a huge scam! I have had several hundred £’s taken from my account!! My advise is that these detox products don’t work!

  37. Do not sign up for the trial…it is a ripe-off. They will continue to send you produce and will charge such high prices it will give you a nose bleed. Also, when cancelling they will tell you they can give you back 15%, when you say no that is not fair they will up it to 50% but only of the last produce sold to you. In other words at the least you will be stuck with 100% of the trial product and when they send you another 30 day supply it is this second shipment that they refund the 50%. It is suppose to take 13 days to get the refund…funny how that works…when they take the money it is immediate. I was calm and polite and the first operator hung up on me just at the point when she said she would give me the 50%. When I called back the second person said there was no record of my first call and no refund issued. When he finally agreed to give me a 50% refund he told me he would have to put me on hold for a minute and then for the next 10 minutes he played music in my ear, turning it off and on and they hung up. The third operator said no record of either call and she agreed to refund me the 50% but only for one month and not the trial. SHe gave me her operator number 1557110 and said she would look after this in the next 13 days…do I believe her…..I don’t think so! Be ware!!!!!

  38. April 13/16 received a free supply of product on trial decided not to use and sent the product back by return post after talking to your representative and asked to cancel any future shipments
    May 2/16 my Master card was charged $130.81. I would like this charge reversed immediately
    You may contact me at 613 828 2876
    I expect immediate action to this request or I will pursue legal action
    Jack Moran

  39. I am not sure if they are all operates under the same company tho. Ok. The “trial” is free but not the “product”… Learned my lesson. I was/am a victim of nature’s slim™ loss weight company. I fell for the scam. Until today May 20-2017 I still have not yet received the product but $169.00 was taken from my bank account. I then contacted my bank, hoping they could help me recover my money back but, they said once I pressed the “yes, I want the free trail” button unknowingly I was giving the company permission to take the money ($169.00) off my bank account. Even the fraud department cannot help me with my problem because I pressed that damn button. I tried contacting 1-855-4474-9367 a couple of times not sure if I was dialling the correct number but all I got was a recording message stating to reach them mon-fri eastern time. I then contacted my bank and they recommended and told me the best they could do is to cancel my d/visa account asap. I am not sure if it’s going to stop the scammers from taking more money out of my bank. Any suggestions is welcome. Thank you.

  40. Yeah, I ordered a trial of slim body, never even had the chance to get started on the trial. I got an email on on the same day my triso ended, no forwarning, they really didn’t explain much of anything when I called and ordered my ‘free’ trial. I called the next day after i recieved the email and they had already debited my account for $80.00. I called again after I saw the charge and for the run around. First they said they’d give me 50 percent off and I said no, that I wanted my money back! They said I had to return the ‘free’ trial and they would reimburse me minus the ‘re-shelfing’ fee. So I paid for the priductvto be sent to me, paid to return it and paid the restocking fee. At the end of it in our almost $18.00 and nothing to show for it, not even my ‘free’ trial bottle of slim body. They scammed money out of me. Don’t I feel so taken advantage of and nothing I can do about it…Is there?! Never again !!!

    • The same thing just happened to me and i called the company and they said that there was terms and conditions stating that you must call 14 days after you received that product in order for them not to charge you but that was never stated when i was getting the trial because i made sure i read all the fine print. It’s a scam and it doesn’t even work. DO NOT GET THE TRIAL. If you do they will just take 170 without you knowing two weeks later.

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