Should you sign up for the Slimfy trial offer?

Should you sign up for the Slimfy trial offer?

Slimfy is a range of 3 supplements that supposedly takes you through 3 different stages of weight loss.

As it is available for trial though I suspect that this supplement would be better avoided, as trial offers such as this in the past have turned out to be auto-ship programs.

Lets look at this trial offer in more detail to see if my suspicions are correct.

Claims made by Slimfy

Using Slimfy supposedly offers the following benefits:

  • Accelerated fat burn
  • Appetite suppression
  • Metabolism boost
  • Increased libido
  • Energy and motivation
  • Improved mood

This all sounds promising to be fair, but you should never rush into signing up for a trial offer before first checking to see if the claims are accurate, which you can only do by looking at the ingredients used to make the supplements.

Ingredients found in Slimfy

It is disappointing to see that there is very little information regarding its ingredients on the Slimfy website, with only brief mentions of 3 ingredients; Green Coffee bean, Raspberry Ketone and Caralluma Fimbriata.

We can see from the images of the packaging that there are more ingredients present, but without accurate information it is impossible to know just what it is you are taking, and whether it is as effective as it is claimed to be.

It is also important you know what you are ordering to ensure you do not take something that could potentially cause you side effects.

Cost of Slimfy

There are various package options available for Slimfy. With most working out to around $87.30 for a 2-month supply, which is a little high but not overly when compared to some supplements available.

What is less impressive is the ‘Slimfy Introduction Kit’, which offers a free month supply, along with a second month for $87.30. With this option if you fail to contact the manufacturer you will be sent further packages.

This option is essentially auto-shipping, which if you are not careful could result in deliveries and payments you were not expecting.

Is Slimfy recommended?

Despite using some good ingredients there is not enough information available on the dosages to recommend this supplement.

Also, while the cost is not too high there are other products available that are more cost-effective, and with no auto-shipping.

How to cancel your trial?

You can contact Slimfy using the following methods:

Phone: 855-575-4639

Please leave a message below if you have tried this supplement yourself.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Is there an alternative?

My suggestion for an alternative to Slimfy would be Raspberry Ketone Plus (available from Evolution Slimming).

This particular supplement uses a variety of proven ingredients that it is unafraid to list, along with their dosages so that you know exactly what you are taking.

A months supply will cost just $30, which is much more affordable and since it is NOT an auto-ship program you can relax knowing that there will be no hidden charges.

Raspberry Ketone Plus comes highly recommended.

Click here to read our review of Raspberry Ketone Plus

25 comments on "Should you sign up for the Slimfy trial offer?"
  1. I ordered the trial size which took £16.00 for the following week you took another £300.16 that was my full pension I am now out of funds you had no right to do this I think this is a terrible con marlene gray

  2. I tried to sign up for the trial offer but if i sign up for the trial why ask for my banking details?the website is not userfriendly as well as their marketing strategy

  3. The intro kit is definitely a scam, They claimed to charge me only the shipping but instead they charged me an additional $87.30 for second stage without my knowledge and approval on that same day, not 30 days after receiving my intro kit.

  4. I did trying to order the trial pack last few days,i think that was july 31,2015. I asked my sisters credit card forme to use since i wont submit my order without credit car. All i knew was the cost for shipment in a minimal amount $17. When i came to realized it was less than $200. , i tried cancelling. Since they never forward any tracking # or confirmation on my part if my order were push through or not, i just thougth ,my order was nver been pushed and i never informed my sister (bernadette who is the owner of the credit card ). Last morning my sister called me and informed me the credit card cmpany called her n informed about my usage in slimfy purchase.
    In this connection ,may i asked your office if my order has been pushed through , if ever yes,why do they dont sent me any tracking #? I indicated my email add but i nver recieve any update..may i please ask your help to let me know please.

  5. Please let me know the update,i just want to order the trial pack and ywt they are now collecting the whole purchase amount to my sisters credit card, is this only a scam? Please be kind not abussive. Give what is due to your customer as have been stated in your promo write ups.

  6. I am withdrawing my trial offer which was signed this morning. My niece is just playing my iPad when she told me that she signed up a form asking for this product and she used my name in signing it. I don’t need this because I am just 110lbs.
    I am sorry for this.
    Thank you!



  8. I did order the slimfy for 2 months and you charged me more because suppose to be free trail .And now i did nt oerder the third bottle you sended to me and you charged me 110$ againe i talked to my bank and told me this should not happen.I don t want anything send by your company .Cos i will send it back and take action you cant take money from people from their visa

  9. Can’t get through toll free number. Please refund the amount you deducted from my credit card on 26.10.2016. i will return your product. I am not happy

  10. This is the bulshit why you take this money to my account

  11. i want to cancel my free trial

  12. The Slimfy free trial offer is indeed a scam. They immediately charge you an additional amount that is 3 times more than what they have stated you will pay. The only way to cancel further charges is to call them directly. You cannot cancel any other way.

    On the other hand, I have purchased products from Evolution Slimming many times and they are an excellent source for dietary products, vitamins etc.. Excellent prices, fast shipping and always reliable. No hidden gimmicks for tricking you into further purchases, and always offering discounted products.

    I highly recommend Evolution Slimming – but stay away from Slimfy!

    Thank you Jac for your website to help people find the right products and supplier.

  13. Hello,
    I signed up and paid for the trial (about $20). They now say it was not a trial but that I signed up for the first increment which would be around $ 100.
    I asked them not to bill me for subsequent charges as I signed up for the trial only (get one bottle and pay shiping).
    Now they billed me for the whole amount which is fraudulent in my opinion. I am in Thailand and have not gotten the first trial shipment yet.
    Nevertheless, they billed me now for the whole amount which makes me very unhappy on principal.

  14. Dear all,

    I think Slimfy is scam. I was tricked too. Perhaps you can email Slimfy cancelling the trial or whatsoever and instruct your bank to block any billing from Slimfy. What a bad Slimfy!

  15. SCAMMERS. You have to cancel your card to stop them taking money. Will not respond to e-mails

  16. They said free trial and I was supposed to pay $29 for shipping fee only to be deducted close to $250 dollars in my account…I’m in Ghana and do not know how to contact them…am so devastated rights..the comments about them being a scam and auto shipping is making me go nuts…please help

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