8 Steps to a Healthier and Slimmer Future

8 Steps to a Healthier and Slimmer Future

You do not need to make drastic changes to your lifestyle to see a huge difference in your health.

Just a few small changes will suffice.

The following steps will help you to lose a few extra pounds and ensure you see a healthier and slimmer future.

#1: Be aware of what you eat

A lot of us will eat in front of the TV or while playing away on our mobile or iPad, yet eating while distracted is a bad idea if you are trying to lose weight, with numerous studies showing as such.

When you are distracted you will not be taking notice of how much you have actually eaten, which could result in you consuming much more than you need.

I would suggest that you switch off all of those distractions and to instead focus your attention solely on the food in front of you.

#2: Drink more water

An easy way to boost your overall health while also increasing your ability to lose those excess pounds is simply by increasing the amount of water you consume throughout the day.

Often you will experience what you think are food cravings, when the reality is that you are thirsty.

When you are dehydrated your body will produce the same signals as if you are hungry. Therefore the next time you suffer these cravings have a sip of water and if the cravings subside then you do not need to reach for the snack.

#3: Reduce those portion sizes

If you want to lose weight then you need to look at how big your portion sizes are.

Most of us overestimate how much we really eat, so it is worth your effort keeping track of the exact amounts.

You most certainly do not need to starve yourself to lose weight. In fact this could have the opposite effect as your metabolism will slow if you are not eating.

#4: Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is an ideal way to get the vast variety of vitamins and minerals your body requires without affecting your calorie intake too drastically.

Weight LossThese foods are typically low calorie, so you can fill up on these without ruining your diet.

#5: Be honest about those treats

Of course you are allowed the occasional treat when losing weight, but when these treats become the norm then you need to be careful.

If you are not seeing the weight loss results you would expect, yet you have overhauled your diet perhaps you need to look at what treats you are eating and how often you allow yourself to have them.

I would suggest trying to aim for a diet that is 80% healthy, which will allow you 20% for treats.

#6: Add more fibre to your diet

Fibre is incredibly important for weight loss, not only will it fill you up but as it is slow to digest will also keep you feeling fuller for longer.

A bonus of a fibre-rich diet is that your digestive system will work more efficiently. So you wont experience that bloating that can make you feel fatter than you are.

#7: Be creative

If your diet is boring then chances are you are not going to be able to stick to it.

Your diet does not need to be boring, get creative and try a few different recipes. You may surprise yourself and discover a new favourite dish.

#8: Watch out for salt and sugar

While it is probably not the best idea to completely cut these from your diet you most certainly should make an effort to cut back on your intake of them.

Of course, it makes sense to stop sprinkling salt and sugar on your food, but you should also make an effort to read the labels of the foods you usually buy to see just how much added salt and sugar is present.

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