Is SlimTrim PM an auto ship scam?

Is SlimTrim PM an auto ship scam?

Sales of supplements containing Garcinia Cambogia have exploded over the past year, probably its appearance on the popular Dr Oz Show had something to do with it.

Unfortunately despite its undoubted weight loss abilities there are some Garcinia Cambogia supplements that should be avoided. Such as those available on a trial.

These supplements may appear tempting but often cost a lot more than you would expect.

The trial is usually offered at an affordable price to entice you into signing up, but once you do you will quickly regret your decision once you are charged the full price of the trial after the trial period has concluded.

SlimTrim PM has a growing number of complaints from angry customers who feel that they have been ripped off.

In this review we will look at this supplement in more detail to see if there are any redeeming qualities.

Claimed benefits of SlimTrim PM

The following claimed benefits have been made on the SlimTrim PM website:

  • Attack belly fat
  • Suppress appetite
  • Prevent overeating

These claims all sound reasonable and should the correct amount of Garcinia Cambogia be present then I see no reason to question them.

The biggest claim made by SlimTrim PM however, is that it can help you to lose weight while you sleep, which is certainly a good selling point.

While Garcinia Cambogia has been proven to aid your own weight loss efforts, I am not sure it is going to make a huge difference to the weight you can lose while you sleep.

What I do know is that to verify these claims the ingredients found in SlimTrim PM will need to be checked.

Ingredients of SlimTrim PM

SlimTrim PM contains pure Garcinia Cambogia, which will provide you with 60% HCA (Hydroxycitric acid).

This is a high amount of HCA so you would expect this supplement to help you with your weight loss attempt, especially when used in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

SlimTrim PM also make the claim that it contains the highest percentage of HCA on the market, which sounds good on the website, but is actually incorrect as there are numerous examples of products with the same amount.

Price of SlimTrim PM

With the ingredients of SlimTrim PM looking to be the correct amount of Garcinia Cambogia why are there such a high number of complaints on this supplement.

Well I will tell you that it is all to do with the price.

Although the trial only costs $5.99 this is only to cover the 14 day trial period. Once this elapses you will be charged the full price of $99.99.

These payment terms are covered in the terms and conditions on the website, but as you well know who reads these?

No doubt the complaints are from people who have signed up without realising they had to cancel their membership within 14 days.

What makes these trials offers worse is that once signed up you will continue to receive packages and will be charged until you cancel your membership.

Is SlimTrim PM a scam?

Although SlimTrim PM have covered their payment terms there is little doubt that this supplement should be avoided.

The cost of the product is too high and you can get similar ones for a much cheaper price.

How to contact SlimTrim PM

You can contact SlimTrim PM from the US on 800-969-8219 or from the UK using 0207-998-1570

Their email address is support@slimtrimpmnow.com

Their postal address is as follows:

JG Direct LTD
219 Kensington High Street
London W8 6BD

If you have signed up for the trial offer then please leave us a message below with your experiences.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Proven alternative to SlimTrim PM

Our recommended alternative to SlimTrim PM is Garcinia Pure, which is a supplement that also contains 60% HCA (1000 mg per capsule), with no caffeine present, yet costs a lot less than SlimTrim PM at just $62 for a months supply.

Best of all you can buy this supplement without having to sign up for any auto ship program.

Click here to read our review of Garcinia Pure

28 comments on "Is SlimTrim PM an auto ship scam?"
  1. My young daughter agreed to this trial & before I knew what was happening I was ripped off for $300 even though I refused all their shipments because I didn’t recognize them. I would love to organize with others who were targeted by this scam and go after this company.

    • can you help me please

    • Luckily I was around when the second shipment arrived, so this is how I learned that my daughter was taking Slim Trim PM. Three transactions, this includes the trial, came close to $200, fortunately I called and received a refund for the second shipment. Of course minus a $15 restocking fee, additionally a shipping and handling fee. For each charge MasterCard charged an international transaction fee for the company is associated with the country Moldova. I later discovered this by reading the last line of information on the Slim Trim PM website. So check your charges carefully. It is very important to get an RMA number for returning a shipment or they will not do a refund.

      My daughter learned a great lesson from this…read the terms and conditions, and to do the research on the product. It is obvious this product is overpriced.

  2. I too feel I got ripped off. I thought it was a free trial and was surprised to see an approx. $206.00 taken off my credit card. I was also shocked to read as I followed up on this company that if you don’t cancel your membership that I would continue to have shipments sent and charges made. I have called and cancelled my membership so will see what happens. I should have known better!

    • I called to cancel when I saw the $99.99 charge on my credit card and I would of had to pay to ship it back and wait 30 days or more for a refund of around $74 after restocking fees and such. Or you could get 50% off the charge and refunded in 3-5 business days. WHAT A SCAM!!!!

  3. can someone help me cancel it I just ordered it today I did it without my husband knowing please help me

  4. Ordered from slim trim for the 14 day trail … Today makes 13 days since ordered and they charged my account 89.99 today… I have only received the product 4 days ago… When I called about canceling my order they said we had to send the original bottle back and pay a $15 restock fee then it will take 7-10 days before receiving a refund on the 89.99…. So a free trial costs the 5.99 to have it shipped and when returning it the $15 applies plus the $3 to ship it off which ends up costing a total of about 23.99 for a FREE 14 day trail … Do not try from them please companies like this should be illegal … They are stealing from our hard earned money without even batting an eye 🙁

    • The same scam happened to me. Ordered Slim Trim Pm and also Garcinia Cambogia, a trial offer for $4.99 for each. Turned around and was billed $89.99 and $86.69 on my credit card. I called and returned unopened bottle of Slim Trim to a Florida address I was given when I called 800-281-2045.I Sent it there a week ago and charge was not removed. They wanted to charge me a $15.00 restocking fee. To make a long story short, Call your Bank (Chase) and tell them the story. Ask them to intervene. They told me they will remove charges on my acct. in two days, and block these scam artists from contacting me again! Good luck!!!!

    • SAME EXACT THING happened to me. I was charged $89.99 on the 13th day and called to complain and they said they couldn’t give me a full refund, besides sending it back, paying for shipping, a restocking fee, and tracking number. They ended up giving me the 50% off employee discount, but I still wasted $45. And I never took any of the pills, and don’t plan on it. Very upset.

  5. I had absolutely no problem with this product or company! The $4.99 trial expires after 14 days, so you have 14 days after you sign up to call the company back to either cancel your order (in which you have to return the product and pay a $15.00 restocking fee) or continue receiving the product. If you choose to continue with the product, you still have to call the company back and talk to customer service so they can cancel the trial and you WILL NOT be charged $89.99.

    Five days after I signed up for the trial I, I still did not receive the product so I called the company and the guy I talked to gave me a 10 day extension. So I had an extra week and a half to decide I want to keep/buy the product. When my trial date was up I called and told the woman I spoke to I waned to continue receiving the product. They gave me 25% off the regular price so I ended up paying $68 instead of $89.99.

    As long as you read the terms and conditions it’s quite clear what the protocol is.

  6. I Had to get a new debt card! Dont Use

  7. i did try this product, an it worked for me, in one week have lost 7 pounds, so befor you get mad try it , see what it might do.then do what you have to.

  8. I did the trial. And then I cancelled it. Unfortunately I cancelled it like two days after the trial period ended so I knew that I was going to be charged the $100 for the first month. But the guy on their end that cancelled it for me assured me that there would be no more shipments or payments to be made after that. Well about a week ago, (about 7 monthsjeans later) 6 bottles came in the mail for me, and I was charged $600 for them! AFTER I ALREADY HAD IT ALL CANCELLED! I got on the phone with my bank right away, and thankfully was refunded the $600, but never again will I order anything g again like that. They are a horrible company.

  9. I ordered my free trial back in February of 2014, but never received anything, so I assumed it was a scam and I had simply lost $6. That is, until my card was charged $89. I never received the trial or anything from the company. I tried calling with no answer. I cancelled my card, and decided to forget about it. A few weeks ago, in September 2014, I received a package in the mail, with my pills. SEVEN MONTHS after I ordered it. Would not recommend.

  10. I decided i wanted a change in my body so ordered the samples (of course not reading the terms) but who does eh?? They came and i set them aside for now. But when i received my visa bill i was shocked to see i had been charged the full price. I phoned the company but was told it was past the trial period and the charge would stay on my card. Furious i said i would never order again from them. The only thing i wanted to do was to lose abit of weight before going to a christmas party and a surprise party for my sister. Well needless to say i wont be going to my sisters party because now i cant afford to drive there(10 hrs.away). was charged over $300.00 for these items which put my card over the limit…so now i have to pay over the limit fees as well. Im still trying to get caught back up in my bills. Its so unfair how these people can get away with this. This experience has stopped me from trusting to order anything again..very disappointed

  11. SCAM sCAM SCAM!!!!!!’

  12. I just saw the charges on my bank statement. . I ordered I called when I saw the charges and the girl was nothing but rude. I told her I didn’t receive anything, wanted the charges reversed, and wanted to stop anything else that might be shipped. She said I had to send the shipment back, kind of hard to do if you don’t have it. I told her I wanted to speak to a supervisor, who would have to call me back. Sure. I’m calling my bank tomorrow. What a scam!!!

  13. Everyone is talking about the cost but I don’t hear anyone staying whether or not this product is affective.. Does it work and if so please let me know

  14. This product does work! I lost 35lbs. It is not a scam. Website – and customer service says $99.99 after trial. People who don’t read are fools. Stop blaming the product on your ignorance. A 2 week free trial is just that – a two week free trial.

    Also – make sure you order the detox as well. Keep in mind the detox (colon cleanse) is only needed for the trial. Cancel after the trial – but keep the SlimTrim

  15. I see a lot of complaints about the price but more importantly did the product work for those who have tried it.

  16. Ok I just ordered this free trial like 10 minutes ago, I see a lot of angry people on here but like a free others asked, DOES THIS PRODUCT REALLY WORK? ? IS THIS A SCAM AND DID I JUST MAKE A MISTAKE IN PURCHASING THIS PRODUCT? ??

  17. It made my back hurt like hell, I would not advise the use of the product, I did not sleep for three nights, sending it back for my full refund do not go for the trial offer it is a scam, for sure

  18. I just received the product for my free trial. But they charged me more for the trial then they said. So I just canceled my debit card and ordered a new one so they cannot charge me the full amount later….

  19. I too ordered the trial offer and paid shipping and handling only..Then to my surprise two weeks later there is a charge of 99.99 twice out of my checking account. I did not know you would be charge the full price after two week trial. I feel this is very misleading and a scam for sure!! I called and cancelled my membership!

  20. Same thing what a ripp off shame on them

  21. I have been scammed and cannot contact them at all. Does anyone have a number I can contact them with in Australia? I have called given number, emailed with no answer and never received anything along with being billed 12 days after trial order! Terms and conditions stated 18 days! I have had to cancel my card and the bank said they can’t do anything. Help!!!

  22. I have ordered this product, and read the terms and conditions, I have been taking them, I have lost weight, have more energy during the day, no 3 o’clock crash and look forward to going to the gym. This product works

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