4 Health Tips that Slow Weight Loss

4 Health Tips that Slow Weight Loss

The key to weight loss is living as healthily as possible, right? Well, in most case yes. However, there are certain supposedly healthy tips that may in reality slow weight loss.

Below you will find some of these tips that you may want to reconsider.

#1: Flavoured water

For those who would usually consume sugary soft drinks, these flavoured waters may seem like a healthy alternative, however if you read the label many of these are just as bad for you. Many are full of sugar and other additives.

Our advice would be to at least read the label before you buy, as there are some that are not too bad for you. Or alternatively choose normal tap water instead, you can always add your own fruit to it for extra flavour.

#2: Shop bought salads

When you think of dieting the one food that will spring to mind is the salad.

Unfortunately if you do not have time to make your own it is best not to buy one from a shop or restaurant.

While the lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes are a good option, the added dressings or salt can add hundreds of unnecessary calories to your meal.

#3: Watch that portion size

A good way to lose weight is by cutting back on your portions, but how much should you be eating?

Most of us will likely overestimate how much we are eating, which will derail your weight loss efforts before they even begin.

The following graphic is a good idea of what portion sizes you should be using:

Estimate portion size with your hands

#4: Fruit juice

What could be healthier than fruit juice? After all it is made from real fruit, right?

Well, you would think that it would be a healthy choice, however many fruit juices are full of added sugars. And even if they are only made using 100% fruit they are still best avoided.

The reason why is that when the fruit has been juiced, it loses its fibre content, which is what will fill you up.

The only thing you will actually be drinking is the sugar from the juice, which will soon add up if you are not careful.

My suggestion would be to drink water and to eat whole fruits instead.

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