Research Shows Smoking Reduces Calorie Intake

Research Shows Smoking Reduces Calorie Intake

Smoking has long been thought to be associated with weight loss, but it wasn’t clear why.

While it is certainly not good for your overall health, with the increased risk of numerous cancers, a new (albeit small) study has revealed that smoking reduces calorie intake.

What research was undertaken?

In the study that was presented at the European Respiratory Society International Congress it was revealed that 14 healthy males were tested.

The volunteers underwent 2 trials, which they underwent after being prevented from both smoking and eating.

During the first trial the volunteers were asked to smoke 2 cigarettes, of any brand. The second trial simply involved them holding the cigarette as though they were smoking it.

These initial tests only lasted 15 minutes, but once concluded the researchers were asked to wait for 45 minutes before being allowed to eat whatever snacks they wanted.

The researchers then took notes of the following:

  1. Dietary intake
  2. How hungry they felt
  3. Cravings for smoking
  4. Blood test to test for hormones such as ghrelin, obestatin, insulin, CCK and GLP-1

What were the results?

At the conclusion of the trial the researchers found no difference in dietary intake, nor any change of appetite or hormone levels.

What they did note however, was that those who smoked consumed 152 calories fewer than those who did not.

Due to the proven dangers of smoking further research will need to be undertaken to see if there is a way to replicate these results without the use of cigarettes.

Obesity has its own well-documented issues, but smoking is not the answer despite these results.


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