4 Ways That Social Media Can Help You Lose Weight

4 Ways That Social Media Can Help You Lose Weight

Are you trying to lose weight? If you are then you have obviously taken steps to eat a little better and to get regular exercise.

What else can you do though to ensure your weight loss success?

Well, it may surprise you to learn that social media could help. Yes, that means that using Facebook or Twitter may help your weight loss efforts.

In a study (Computational Approaches Toward Integrating Quantified Self Sensing and Social Media) of over 2 million tweets researchers discovered that those who were most active and had a positive outlook were most successful at keeping to their allowed calorie limits.

Whereas those who had a negative tone to their tweets were those less likely.

Lead researcher Dr Munmun De Choudhury, assistant professor at Georgia Institute of Technology had this to say about those with a negative tone:

“These users tend to be more anxious seemingly because of a lack of emotional control, and because of certain activities and events of daily life.”

Social media can also help:

#1: Keep you accountable

By posting on social media regularly, you can hold yourself accountable for your own actions, in particular if you post regular updates of your progress.

As you are showing these updates to others you will be more likely to want to live up to these expectations, leading to more success at your weight loss efforts.

In a study at the Dominican University of California they proved that sharing your goals with a friend increased the chances of achieving it.

#2: Helps you keep track of your progress

I always recommend that anyone that wants to lose weight that they keep a diary of their progress.

Social media accounts are a great way to do this.

You can write down your progress, weight lost and any images along the way, you can then look back over them to see just how far you have progressed.

This can be incredibly motivating and can help keep you from becoming disheartened at a supposed lack of progress.

Studies have shown that those who keep these types of diary are more likely to lose weight.

#3: Boost self esteem

Posting images of your progress online will likely encourage others to their own words of encouragement towards them.

This can help boost your self esteem and help you push harder.

In a study by Cornell University, they discovered that feedback from friends on Facebook who viewed these types of posts were overwhelmingly positive.

What else can you do to lose weight?

Eating healthily and getting regular exercise is a must, but you should also looking at what you drink too.

You should try to avoid soft drinks and should opt for water instead.

Stress and a lack of sleep can affect your weight too, so try to take steps to eliminate stress and if possible aim to get at least 7 hours of sleep every night.

PhenQYoga, or deep breathing exercises are a good solution for both of these issues.

Finally, I would recommend that you consider using a product such as PhenQ, which offers the following benefits:

  • Fat burning
  • Appetite suppression
  • Stop fat production
  • Improve mood
  • Boost energy levels

It contains proven ingredients and comes highly recommended by those who have used it.

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