Can you spot reduce areas for fat loss?

Can you spot reduce areas for fat loss?

So you have lost weight already, but although you have reached your weight loss goals there are still parts of your body that you would like to change.

If this problem sounds like you then you may look to spot reduce these areas, but is it possible?

Lets look at spot reduction in more detail before we concluded whether it is possible or not.

What is spot reduction?

Basically it means the act of targeting and attempting to reduce fat from a specific part of your body.

Some may think that certain exercises can focus on fat loss from certain areas, while there are also various creams and wraps that promise the same too.

Unfortunately, despite the claims it is impossible to spot reduce problematic fatty areas.

Why does fat deposit in certain areas?

This all comes down to genetics, unfortunately.

Of course other factors have an impact on your body, for instance:

  • Dietary habits
  • Exercise
  • Overall lifestyle

The main cause of these fatty areas is your genetics, which you wont be able to change, unlike these other factors.

So, what can you do to target they problem areas?

While it is not possible to reduce fat in specific areas there are certainly ways to create the appearance of less fat.

For instance, if you build muscle in these specific areas then the fat deposits will appear less visible.

A sagging bum for example, can be lifted with squats, or you could tighten your arms with exercises that focus on the bicep and triceps.

What else can you do?

You should continue to eat and drink as healthily as possible, to ensure you lose fat across your entire body.

Weight training can then be used to build muscle, but you must ensure that you are eating a good source of protein to enable you to grow this extra muscle mass.

Remember even though you wont be able to spot reduce fat, with a good diet and regular exercise you most certainly can take steps to improve the appearance of even the most hated areas of your body.


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