7 Methods to Spring Clean your Diet

7 Methods to Spring Clean your Diet

With summer fast approaching, thoughts of your upcoming holiday will obviously start to dwell on your mind.

How are you going to fit into your swimsuit? Are people going to laugh at me? However silly these thoughts may be, there is no mistaking that most of us have thought it at one time or another.

So what can you do about it? If you are worrying about the weight you have gained over the winter months then perhaps an overhaul of your diet is in order.

Read on for a few methods to help you spring clean your diet, which will no doubt help you to lose a few of those excess pounds.

#1: Swap red meats

Of course the protein content of red meat is a good thing, however most red meats are higher in fats than their white alternatives.

To save on vital calories try swapping for fish, chicken or turkey instead.

If you really can’t go without red meat try to choose the leaner cuts available.

#2: Eat plenty of vegetables

If you are trying to lose a few pounds then filling up on vegetables is a great idea.

Vegetables on the whole are full of fibre, which can help to fill you up, while also being low in calories, so wont cause weight gain.

#3: Curb your sweet tooth with fruit

Fruit contains natural sugars, so if you have a sweet tooth and crave sugar then they are the perfect alternative.

If you love ice cream, then a potential alternative would be to freeze and blend fruits.

#4: Healthy food swaps

To lose weight you should start to make your own meals from scratch, rather than relying on ready-meals or takeaways.

Tips for Weight LossThere are plenty of recipes online, but to make these meals even healthier look for potential healthy food swaps, just to help you save a couple more of those all-important calories.

Healthy food swap examples include:

  • Swap white bread for whole grains like quinoa, oats and barley
  • Swap refined flour from recipes with beans and starches like rice or corn

#5: Use low-fat ingredients for baked potatoes

Do you love a baked potato? Me too, but if you are going to be filling it with high-fat creams, butters and cheese then you are not going to see the best weight loss results.

Instead try swapping these for low-fat alternatives like cottage cheese or yoghurt.

#6: Watch your sugar intake

Sugar may make your foods and drink taste nice but it is certainly not the best if you are trying to lose weight.

To drop those excess pounds I would recommend avoiding adding unnecessary sugar to your diet.

That means you should try to avoid adding sugar to your tea and coffee, or other foods. You most certainly should avoid soft drinks too.

Soft drinks are full of sugar, with a single can containing as much as 9 teaspoons of sugar.

My suggestion would be to drink more water, which may seem boring to some. However by adding a slice of lemon or another citrus fruit to it then you can add a little more taste.

#7: Cut back on processed foods

Our final tip to spring clean your diet would be to cut back on processed foods. They contain very few nutrients and are full of sugars, salt, fats and other additives that wont do your health any good.

Whenever possible choose fresh ‘clean’ foods, which have not been overly processed. They will be the best option for anyone looking to overhaul their diet.

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