10 Ways to Successfully Start a Diet

10 Ways to Successfully Start a Diet

If you want to successfully start a diet that will ensure you achieve your goals then there are a few things you need to consider.

Here are 10 things you need to think about before starting your diet:

#1: When are you going to start?

A good time to start a diet would be immediately after a period of over-indulgence. For example after Christmas would be perfect to get rid of that excess.

#2: Be realistic

You should aim to lose between 1-2 pounds a week, anymore than that is probably unsustainable in the long-term and will likely only be as a result of drastic calorie cuts.

#3: Exercise

Exercise is important for any weight loss effort so you need to include it. If you cannot afford a gym membership then think about doing some exercises at home.

There are various fitness DVDs available as well as routines you can follow online using YouTube or similar video sharing websites.

#4: Find support

If you can find a like-minded friend to undertake the diet with you it will ensure you both have a better chance of success as you can both push each other and support each other in the difficult times that you will likely experience.

#5: What are your weaknesses?

If you can identify any weaknesses you have before you encounter them you will be able to make a plan on how you are going to combat them, so that they do not derail your efforts.

#6: Be prepared for bad days

We will all experience a bad day from time to time. But the trick is to not let it ruin your overall efforts.

If you succumb to a food binge just dust yourself off and get back on track.

Giving up at the first sign of trouble will not get you what you want and will likely result in any lost weight returning.

#7: Watch what you are drinking

To lose weight you shouldn’t focus your entire attention on what you are eating. What you drink is also important too.

Caffeinated soft drinks, coffee and tea, as well as alcohol are all full of calories that you don’t need.

The best thing for you to be drinking is water, as it will offer numerous benefits. For example it contains zero calories, can help with appetite suppression and can help flush out those toxins that cause weight gain.

To make the water taste a little less boring then I suggest adding a lemon to it.

#8: Sit down while you eat

This may seem strange but it has been shown that if you eat standing up you are more likely to eat unhealthily.

#9: Use smaller plates

If you use a large plate you are likely to fill it with food, which you will undoubtedly eat.

By using a smaller plate you will automatically put less food onto it, therefore will eat less. Just make sure not to stack the food high instead.

#10: Take your time while eating

Your brain can take as long as 20 minutes for it to receive the signal from your stomach that it is full.

During this time you might already have had a second helping, which is never good for weight loss.

To give your brain time to receive the signal make sure you chew your food thoroughly. This also helps with the digestive process too.

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