Stay in shape with The Saturdays Vanessa White

Stay in shape with The Saturdays Vanessa White

In a recent interview with OK! Magazine, The Saturdays singer Vanessa White has revealed how she manages to maintain her size 8 figure.

What does she eat?

As part of her diet Vanessa is a fan of macaroni cheese, but obviously this is not the healthiest choice.

Nowadays she will eat foods such as fish with chickpeas or lentils, as well as various fruits and seeds like flak seeds, sunflower seeds, blueberries, raspberries, bee pollen and goji berries.

If she suffers any food cravings she will curb her appetite by making her own energy balls.

“For snacks, I make energy balls with dates, kale, flak seeds. I basically just mix them all together in a NutriBullet and roll them up into balls.”

She even claims these energy balls are as good as chocolate.

“A million percent, if I fancy chocolate, I mean who doesn’t love chocolate, I’ll have one of those and its just as good.”

What kind of exercise does she perform?

For her workouts Vanessa would spend a lot of her time with weights, doing circuits and plenty of squats.

“You always feel better after coming out of the gym, it’s horrible at the time but then when you leave its always worth it.”

Vanessa White fitnessShe also has a personal trainer who trains with her 5 times a week.

“Yeah, to be honest I do have a trainer, I’m useless on my own I need that kick up the butt, you know?”

Recently she took part in a Tough Mudder event where she had to complete a 12-mile course set up with various obstacles.

Is she happy with her body?

Nowadays Vanessa seems to be more confident with her body.

“In the past year I’ve slowly dropped weight, just by making healthier choices and training. About four years ago I never really used to do that much. When I look at pictures from then and now I can see a difference, but it didn’t just fall off me it was like a slow process. I prefer that it happened you know slowly rather than you know, just straight away because I just feel like if it happens quickly it can easily, you can just as quick put it all back on.”

She is also proud of her new bum.

“Umm I think in general for me I love, like my bum, I’ve worked on that, I’ve been doing so many squats.”

So do you want to be fitter and healthier? Maybe you could take some inspiration from Vanessa White. She seems to be enjoying her new healthier lifestyle choices.

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