Simple Trick to Stick to your Weight Loss Goals

Simple Trick to Stick to your Weight Loss Goals

Your New Year resolution to lose weight might seem like a good idea at the time, but when it comes down to it success maybe harder than you realise.

Yet new research has found a simple trick that could help you to stick to your weight loss goals, do you want to know what the trick is?

What research was undertaken?

In the study published in the journal Self & Identity a team of researchers gave 124 women information on food portion sizes before asking them to keep a food diary for a period of 6 weeks.

This group were then split into 3 separate groups:

  1. This first group were given standard educational materials on nutrition.
  2. The second group was given no information.
  3. The third and final group was asked to write statements that linked good nutrition to their own identities. For example “I am a healthy eater” or “I am a fruit eater”.

Which group lost the most weight?

Surprisingly the group that saw the best results were those in the “self as doer” group (which is the name give to those who made the healthy eating statements).

They found that those who made these statements ate more healthy foods, even after a month, even though those in the other groups had started to introduce more junk food into their diets.

The scientists behind the study also found that making statements could break other unhealthy habits. For example, if you are a fan of soft drinks (which can promote weight gain) then saying to yourself that you are “not much of a soft drink fan” could reduce your consumption.

Final thoughts

While this trick seems simple enough, this study has shown that it works.

Perhaps next time you are cravings that packet of crisps or a chocolate bar you can tell yourself that “you are a healthy eater” and see what happens.

If you have tried this trick and have managed to lose weight please tell us below.

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