Stomach Botox Injections for Weight Loss

Stomach Botox Injections for Weight Loss

When you think about Botox you will probably think of its ability to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

However, there is recent research that has found that using Botox is a way to aid weight loss too.

How do Botox injections for weight loss work?

Well, the stomach is a muscle, and using Botox can help to relax it, which will then slow down the speed that food travels through it.

This will help you feel fuller for longer, as the food consumed will be staying for a longer period of time in your stomach.

How is the Botox administered?

A gastroenterologist using an endoscope will use a syringe filled with Botox or another neuromodulator like Dysport or Xeomin to inject the actual stomach.

Would we recommend Botox injections for weight loss?

As with all surgery there will certainly be risks involved, plus the cost of Botox is high too.

Of course I can see this becoming a popular trend amongst certain groups of people, but for the average person it is best to stick to more traditional methods of weight loss.

A healthy diet and regular exercise is always going to be the better choice long-term.

Our suggested weight loss method

First you will need to look at your diet, out should go the junk food and takeaways, and instead you should start eating more fresh and whole foods.

Diet SuccessWhole foods are foods that have been minimally processed or refined, so are free from additives and other artificial substances.

Good examples include fresh fruits and vegetables.

You should also be eating good sources of both fibre and protein. The fibre as it will fill you up and keep you feeling full, while the protein-rich foods are good to repair damaged muscle fibres after you workout and for a constant source of energy.

What you drink also has an impact on your weight, so you should cut out soft drinks, even those free from calories as they are full of artificial sweeteners that cause sugar cravings.

Instead try to drink more water. It is totally free of calories, and can help curb any hunger pangs you may experience.

Next you need to look at your activity levels. Of course regular exercise is a good idea, but what you do outside of the gym will also have an impact.

Think about your own life, is there anything you do daily that you could change to burn more calories? For example, could you take the stairs instead of using an elevator, or perhaps you could walk to the shop instead of taking the car?

As for exercise, whatever you do is better than nothing, but it must be fun so that you want to do it.

Cardio is good for calorie burning, but weight training can be even better as it will help to build muscle mass, which will increase the amount of calories you can burn while at rest.

Our final tips would be to try and cut out stress and to get plenty of sleep (at least 7 hours a night). Both of these tips will help to cut back on food cravings.


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