Stop dieting, change your diet instead

Stop dieting, change your diet instead

When people think about weight loss the vast majority will immediately think about dieting. Unfortunately this may not be the best course of action to undertake.

Diets are often seen as temporary, so even though you will probably lose weight, once you start eating as you did before the weight lost will no doubt return.

What you need to do is make changes to your diet that you can stick to for the long-term, which will enable you to see long lasting results.

Here are some tips to help you achieve your goal:

#1: Make small changes

If you decide to go cold turkey by drastically cutting back on your junk food then you are likely to fail as it will be too big a jump for you.

What you need to do is make small gradual changes to your diet so that your body gets used to the changes you are making.

#2: Swap foods

Rather than cutting certain foods completely, see if there are healthy alternatives.

For example, you could swap white bread for multi-grain.

#3: Exercise

For those who wish to lose weight, exercise is a pretty obvious tip. However, there are still those who believe that you can lose weight without exercise.

While this may be true, for better results exercise is recommended.

Exercise can help to release feel-good hormones that will help to improve your mood, which in turn should help cut those bouts of emotional eating. A problem that can ruin any potential weight loss attempt.

#4: Watch what you eat post-workout

Even if you have had a good session in the gym, this does not mean that you can pig out afterwards.

Of course you may be hungry, but there are plenty of filling foods available that wont contain hundreds of unnecessary calories.

#5: Find what works for you

There are some people who follow an 80/20 rule where they allow themselves a treat 20% of the time.

Others allow themselves the occasional cheat meal, while others eat cleanly for 6 days of the week then eat what they want for the remaining day.

Whatever you choose, just make sure that the treat/cheats do not become the norm.

#6: Keep track of your progress

A great motivational tool you should use would be a food journal, where you would write down exactly what you are eating, what exercise you are doing, along with the results.

Doing so will allow you to see your progress and whether you need to make any changes to see better results.

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