7 Methods to Stop Feeling Hungry Constantly

7 Methods to Stop Feeling Hungry Constantly

If you want to lose weight then you most certainly need to take steps to eliminate those hunger cravings you constantly seem to suffer from.

So what can you do? Here are some methods that really work to stop feeling hungry constantly.

#1: Drink more water

Often when you think that you are hungry it is simply your body crying out for a drink.

It is easy to confuse being thirsty for hunger, but if you drink water regularly then this wont become an issue.

Drinking water is a good weight loss tip in general too. As it is a much better option than your usual soft drink choices.

For instance it contains zero calories, and can help to improve your digestion. Drinking it before a meal can also fill you up, which will ensure you do not have to eat such a large portion of food for satisfaction.

#2: Keep yourself busy

If you experience a food craving but you don’t want to give in then I would suggest that you try to take your mind off the craving by doing something else.

A good idea would be to go for a short walk. As not only will you be removing yourself from the food and temptations, but you will also be getting a little extra exercise in the process.

Finally, by keeping yourself busy you will also be eliminating the snacking that occurs when you are bored too.

#3: Cut back on sugar

When you eat foods that contain a lot of sugar you will find that your blood sugar levels will rise quickly.

The problem with sugar though is that is quickly digested, so once it has digested your blood sugar levels will crash.

This leads to further sugar cravings, which are hard to resist as sugar is also highly addictive.

#4: Brush your teeth

This may seem like a strange tip, but it really works.

Have you ever tried eating after you have brushed your teeth? It’s not nice I can tell you that.

The next time you experience a food craving, get in the bathroom and give your teeth a quick brush. I guarantee you wont want to eat after it.

#5: Eat slowly

If you tend to eat your food quickly then chances are you will still be hungry after your meal.

What you need to do is simply start eating a little slower. It actually takes 20 minutes for your brain to receive the signal from your stomach that it is full.

I would suggest chewing your food thoroughly as this will slow you down, plus you could put your cutlery down between bites too.

#6: Eat more fibre

If you eat more high fibre foods then chances are you will experience fewer food cravings.

The reason for this is that fibre is slow to digest so will stay in your stomach longer.

Weight LossFibre is also good for your overall health too, as it can improve your digestion.

Good examples of high fibre foods include:

  • Broccoli
  • Apples
  • Carrots
  • Spinach
  • Quinoa
  • Chia seeds

#7: Meditate

Meditation can help reduce food cravings as doing it will help to de-stress you.

When you are stressed your hormone levels can become messed up, with certain hormones being over-produced, with others not produced at all.

This can lead to various issues, including food cravings.

If you don’t wish to meditate there are other methods you can use to reduce stress. For example exercise, or simply reading your favourite book.

To lose weight, taking control of your food cravings are key. Hopefully the above tips will help. If you have any additional methods that you have used please post them below.


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