6 Methods to Stop Food Anxiety

6 Methods to Stop Food Anxiety

If you are trying to lose weight, perhaps because of health reasons or just to ensure you start living a little healthier then good for you.

Unfortunately for some, just the word “diet” can bring all sorts of thoughts and anxiety, for example the fear of failure.

Of course you need to look after your body, but not at the expense of your mental health.

Lets look at some ways to stop food anxiety from ruining your weight loss efforts.

#1: Stop feeling guilty about your food choices

You are not a child anymore that needs to be punished anytime you make a mistake.

If you have the occasional treat or indulgence then it is not the end of the world. Punishing yourself will only lead to you quitting your efforts entirely.

Simply move on and forget about this indulgence. I would actually encourage them as a diet too boring will be hard to stick to.

#2: Take a deep breath

When you are starting to get anxious or are feeling overwhelmed by temptation then try to adjust your breathing.

A deep breath, or a few minutes of deep breathing will calm you down.

#3: Celebrate the other benefits besides weight loss

Losing weight is not the sole purpose of your diet, so look at the other benefits you have gained from losing weight.

For example, has your energy levels increased? What about your skin, is it clearer?

These other benefits can help keep you on track and will take your mind off the stress of losing pounds.

#4: Give yourself 10 minutes

ClockWe all get tempted by certain foods from time to time, but if you are serious about losing a few excess pounds then you cannot give into this temptation at the first sign.

You need to ask yourself whether you are just bored, or perhaps another reason besides hunger.

10 minutes should be enough time to evaluate if you really want to give into your desires or not.

#5: Take time to enjoy those treats

You shouldn’t give in to your temptations all the time, but the occasional indulgence wont harm.

When you do allow yourself to indulge you should not rush the food, take your time and enjoy it. It maybe a little while before you should allow yourself it again.

#6: Eat mindfully

It can be easy to eat your food as quickly as possible but this would be a mistake.

Not only will you likely overeat as you are not giving yourself chance to receive the signal from your stomach that you are full, but also you are not allowing yourself chance to enjoy your food.

A simple way to slow down the rate you eat your food would be to put down your fork between mouthfuls.

Food anxiety can stop you from achieving your weight loss goals, hopefully the above tips will give you a few ideas on how to overcome it.


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