How to stop overeating?

How to stop overeating?

Overeating has been shown to be a major cause of weight gain, which is why people often ask how to stop overeating?

The famous television personality Dr Oz has also recently discussed this issue on his own show (original air date April 24th 2014), where he gave a few ideas how to combat this issue.

Here were his suggestions:

  • Avoid eating from snack sized bags of crisps or cookies as although they were designed to limit overeating, studies have shown the opposite to be true.
  • Watch out when eating with friends as just 1 friend could increase the amount you eat by 35%. Eating with 7 friends increases the amount you eat by an incredible 96%.
  • You should also be aware that restaurants and food manufacturers want you to crave their products and spend plenty of money to ensure you become addicted to them. How else would they make money?

One of the guests on this particular episode of the Dr Oz Show, Dr David Kessler indicated that the best way to stop overeating was to practice intentional, mindful eating, which basically means you need to be aware of what you are eating and the effects it has on you.

Some more tips to avoid overeating

Here are some more tips to help you to stop overeating and to finally start your journey to a new and healthier future:

#1 – Keep clear of diets

Faddy diets that involve the drastic cutting of calories are going to leave you hungry and likely to fall off the wagon.

This can lead to overeating and the regaining of any previously lost weight.

Rather than drastic calorie cuts, instead just cut out the junk food, replacing it with healthier alternatives.

#2 – Stop using food as a reward

If you are trying to lose weight you may think that it is okay to reward your hard work with your favourite foods.

In all likelihood these foods are the reason you put on the weight in the first place and once you start eating them again it may be hard to stop.

Instead of rewarding yourself with food, perhaps you could reward yourself with a more energetic alternative?

#3 – Eat only when hungry

Many of us eat out of habit, often due to boredom. Instead of doing this only eat when you actually feel hungry.

#4 – Eat until full

Even if you still have food left on your plate, if you are full then it is time to put the cutlery down and to stop eating.

#5 – Eat slower

It can take as long as 20 minutes for your brain to realise that it is full.

Therefore by eating a little slower and ensuring you chew thoroughly you will give your stomach enough time to send those full signals to your brain.

#6 – Check your portion sizes

Just because you are using a large plate does not mean you need to fill it.

A simple trick is to just eat from a smaller plate, but this means that you shouldn’t then stack your food instead.

#7 – Stop tasting your food as you prepare it

A small bit here and there as you are preparing your food can add up.

When combined with your plate full you can easily see why you are gaining weight through overeating.

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