How To Stop Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

How To Stop Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

Too many people embark on a gruelling diet and exercise regime and can’t help but sabotage their own weight loss.

It can be hard to motivate yourself and stick to a strict diet, especially with other influences around. However, if you want to lose weight badly enough, you need to make sure you aren’t doing things that could be detrimental to your weight loss.

Personal trainers often get frustrated with clients that don’t follow through on their advice, and fail to gain the benefits of exercising, because they find ways to sabotage their weight loss.

Your fitness trainer can’t be with you 24 hours a day, so you have to take some responsibility for your fitness and diet plan.

Many people claim to have been exercising and eating well, yet they still struggle to lose weight. If you aren’t losing weight, then it’s likely that you are doing something wrong.

There are so many ways in which people manage to ruin their weight loss plan. The following things will definitely sabotage your weight loss and have a significant impact on your success.

#1: Following fad diets

Following FAD diets will not help you to achieve your personal goals.

Focus on your diet and fitness plan rather than getting distracted by the diet of the year or what celebrities are doing. Get a diet and exercise plan that’s designed specifically for you from a fitness trainer, nutritionist or dietician.

#2: Attempting unsustainable diets

Stay away from crash diets that are very difficult to maintain.

Extreme diets might help you to lose weight in a short space of time, but most of them are not achievable on a long term basis. Plus people often put the weight straight back on again when they finish their diet and go back to eating badly.

It’s also not safe or healthy to follow a crash diet for a long time. Find a diet that you will be able to stick to.

#3: Not doing enough exercise

There’s absolutely no point in following a strict diet if you don’t bother to exercise. You might lose some weight, but you won’t be toned, fit and healthy.

If you are going to start a new weight loss plan make sure it includes enough exercise. You should exercise at least three times a week if you want to see any real difference.

Some people don’t seem to need to exercise in order to drop the pounds, but that doesn’t mean they are healthy.

#4: Failing to plan meals

Where some people really fall down is with the organisation of their diet. If you are going to eat properly you need to plan your meals in advance.

orgetting or not bothering to plan meals can lead you to choose foods that aren’t allowed in your diet. If you already have your meals planned and your ingredients ready in the fridge then you are less likely to stray from your diet.

#5: Being influenced by others

When it comes to diet and nutrition, people always have something to say.

Don’t worry about what other people say about your diet, they don’t know what you are trying to achieve. Friends can also encourage you to stray from your diet by tempting you to eat foods that are bad for you.

Try and stay focused and explain to them that you need to stay true to your goals.

#6: Doing exercise you hate

Don’t try and do exercise that you hate in order to lose weight. You will probably give up quicker and will be less likely to put 100% into your workouts.

If you can find a type or exercise or a sport you love then you will be much more motivated to fit your training sessions in.

#7: Eating badly when you are out and about

A lot of people ruin their weight loss plan whilst they are out and about. It can be hard to avoid unhealthy options when you are eating out with others. However, it is possible to eat healthy at restaurants.

Check the menu before you go and ring up with any special requests to ensure your meal is diet friendly.

#8: Skipping breakfast

The old saying ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ is so true. A lot of people who are dieting think that skipping breakfast will help them to lose weight, when in reality it could make you put on weight.

If you skip breakfast you will be hungry and more likely to tuck into naughty snacks.

#9: Eating lots of sugar

Some people will stick to a diet but stray when it comes to sugar. It’s also easy to miss sugar in some food and drink. For example, there is often a lot of sugar in supposedly healthy fruit flavoured drinks and soft drinks.

Weight Loss SuccessProcessed foods and microwave meals also contain unhealthy amounts of sugar. Sugar could be sabotaging your diet by hiding in foods that you assume are healthy.

#10: Cutting corners

It’s pointless only doing 90% of your diet, and finding ways to cut corners. For example, if you are only allowed dark chocolate eating Dairy Milk.

Don’t cut corners and stick to what you can and can’t eat.

#11: Not having a specific aim

You will find it very hard to stick to your diet and lose weight successfully if you don’t have an aim. You need goals to keep you motivated. Your diet should be S.M.A.R.T (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time constrained).

#12: Thinking just doing cardio will help you lose weight

A very common error people make is just doing cardio and expecting miracles. Running at a moderate pace on the treadmill or cross trainer for 20 minutes just won’t cut it.

Doing weights as well as cardio will help you to lose weight.

#13: Exercising then eating a lot afterwards

Some people wear themselves out so much that when they finish exercising they can’t help indulging.

If you do this you might find you put back on the weight you have just lost exercising.

#14: Drinking too much alcohol

So many people sabotage their diets by drinking too much alcohol. They might be eating perfectly, but then they drink alcoholic beverages that are full of calories.

Keep an eye on your alcohol intake if you are trying to lose weight.

#15: Poor portion control

Portion control is key to a successful diet. If you are eating a really healthy diet and aren’t losing weight, you might want to address your portion control as it could be sabotaging your weight loss.

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