13 Straightforward Ways to Burn Fat

13 Straightforward Ways to Burn Fat

Of course weight loss can be difficult, but it most certainly does not need to be complicated.

Often with so many opinions and contradictory advice it can seem almost impossible to find methods that actually work.

Luckily for you we have found a few methods that truly work. Read on to discover some straightforward ways to burn fat and lose weight.

#1: Stop starving yourself

When you think about losing weight you may think that you need to literally starve yourself to see any results.

The reality is that this wont work in the long run as skipping meals and drastically cutting your calorie intake will only result in your metabolism slowing.

As you know it is your metabolism that helps to burn off calories. Yet, when you skip meals your body will respond by reducing it.

The reason for this is that your body will think that it is actually starving, so will take steps to hold onto its fat reserves for energy.

#2: Get more sleep

A lack of sleep (at least 7 hours each night) will result in the hormones that control your appetite to become messed up.

This will result in more food cravings than usual.

Also, a lack of sleep can cause your body to produce more cortisol, which is a stress hormone that has been shown to inhibit fat loss.

#3: Get more protein in your diet

Those who eat a protein-rich diet have been found to be slimmer than those who don’t.

This could be because protein is hard to digest, so more calories will be burnt doing so.

As it is hard to digest it will also stay in your stomach longer so will keep you feeling full.

Protein can also help repair damaged muscle fibres post-workout, plus can help with insulin resistance too.

#4: Eat organic if possible

Research has shown that the toxins found in pesticides may make losing weight more difficult to achieve.

This is just one reason why you should choose to eat organic if at all possible.

#5: Get up as often as you can

Nowadays many of us spend the majority of the day sat on our backsides, either in work or at home.

Inactivity like this can cause weight gain, so even if it is just standing up behind your desk at work, it is still better than spending all day sitting.

#6: Drink cold water

When thirsty it is always better to choose water over the various other drinks available.

For a start water contains zero calories, so wont affect your calorie intake. Plus drinking it before a meal can help fill you up, therefore reducing the amount you will need to eat.

Also, if you drink it cold then it will cause your metabolism to increase as your body will attempt to warm itself back up.

Research has shown that drinking 6 cups (48 ounces) of cold water daily could result in an extra 50 calories being burnt each day. While this is a small amount, it will mount up over the course of the year.

#7: Eat some peppers

Peppers get their spicy flavour thanks to capsaicin that can also benefit your weight loss efforts.

This is because once they have been consumed they will cause an increase to your internal temperature (a process called thermogenesis), which also results in an increase in your metabolic rate.

#8: Eat a healthy breakfast

To give your metabolism an initial boost and to ensure you do not experience any mid-morning food cravings I would suggest that you eat a healthy breakfast.

I would suggest choosing a breakfast with a good source of protein and fibre. Scrambled eggs on whole wheat toast would be a good option.

#9: Drink some green tea

Green tea contains catechins that are a type of antioxidant that has been shown to boost the metabolism.

As you most likely already know, the higher your metabolism the more calories you are able to burn.

#10: Eat fibre-rich foods

There are various weight loss and health benefits you can experience from eating fibre-rich foods.

To start fibre is slow to digest, therefore keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Weight Loss SuccessInsoluble-fibre can also carry away fat and other toxins too.

Finally, eating fibre-rich foods can help with any digestive issues you are currently experiencing.

#11: Make sure you are getting enough iron

Iron is used to carry oxygen to your muscles, so if your iron levels are low you may find that your energy and metabolic rate will suffer.

Make sure you are eating the following foods to keep your iron levels high:

  • Shellfish
  • Lean meats
  • Beans
  • Fortified cereal
  • Spinach

#12: Get plenty of vitamin D

If you workout and wish to maintain muscle mass while losing weight then protein is essential. You also need to look at your vitamin D levels too.

Good sources of vitamin D include salmon, tuna, fortified milk and cereal, as well as eggs.

#13: Snack on watermelon

If you are peckish between meals then you cant go far wrong with snacking on a watermelon.

This fruit contains an amino acid called arginine that has been shown to burn fat.

Other foods that contain this amino acid include seafood, nuts and seeds, so make sure you are adding these to your diet too.



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