5 Strange Reasons for Weight Gain

5 Strange Reasons for Weight Gain

So you have decided you want to lose weight? No doubt you have made changes to your diet, cut out junk foods and started getting regular exercise, yet whatever you do you don’t seem to lose weight.

In fact you seem like you are gaining weight, but why?

Here are some strange reasons for weight gain. Do any of these reasons seem likely for you?

#1: Imbalanced hormones

Your body is full of hormones that if not balanced could affect your weight.

Leptin is one of these hormones, and this hormone is one that tells you that you have had enough to eat. Obviously if you are not producing the correct amount of this hormone then you will crave more food.

Another hormone that can have an affect on your weight is cortisol, which is the ‘stress’ hormone.

When you are suffering from stress then your body will produce excess cortisol, which encourages your body to convert blood sugar into fat, which means you are storing fat instead of burning it like you want.

To reduce stress and therefore reduce cortisol production there are numerous things you can do. For example, yoga or meditation, even a nice warm bath with your favourite book can do wonders for stress.

#2: Medication

Unfortunately sometimes you can take a medicine for a health issue that can cause weight gain.

This does not mean that it is impossible to lose weight but it will certainly be more difficult.

Probably the first step would be to speak to your doctor to see if there are any alternatives to your current medication that you could try.

#3: Underactive thyroid

Your thyroid is important for helping to keep your metabolism functioning as it should.

If your thyroid is not functioning as it should, or is ‘underactive’ then it wont produce the hormones it needs. This can lead to weight gain.

Weight LossAlong with weight gain, another effect you may notice if you are suffering from an underactive thyroid or hyperthyroidism is that your energy levels will severely decrease.

If you think you maybe suffering from this condition then it is best that you make an appointment to speak to a doctor.

#4: Digestive problems

A healthy digestive system is key for good health, not just weight loss, so if it is not working as it should then this could potentially lead to weight gain.

Two potential digestive problems that could cause weight gain include:

  1. Acid reflux
  2. Constipation

When you suffer from acid reflux then you maybe tempted to eat more as eating can relieve the symptoms.

The problem is that eating is not a long-term solution, and will put you into a cycle of overeating.

As for constipation, if you are not getting rid of the waste then it is slowly building up. This can lead to you feeling sluggish, which will make exercise seem impossible.

#5: Lack of vitamins

Vitamins are essential for good health, which is why it is best that you eat a vast choice of foods.

There are also certain vitamins that can help weight loss too, so if you are deficient in them then this could affect your weight loss efforts.

For example, vitamin A, which is found in leafy greens and sweet potatoes. This vitamin has been shown to help regulate fat cells and the hormones that control your weight.

Also, make sure to get plenty of sun too, as this will increase your intake of vitamin D, which can help keep the hormone leptin under control.


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