Tips for Success with Slimming World

Tips for Success with Slimming World

Are you trying to lose weight with Slimming World but are finding that despite your best efforts you are not seeing the results you would expect?

If so then read on, here are some tips that will definitely help you succeed.

#1: Keep snacks at hand

We will all suffer from cravings from time to time, but instead of letting them ruin your previous good efforts I suggest that you keep healthy snacks close by. In particular when you are out and about.

Good ideas for snacks that you can eat include:

  • Quorn sausages (free either day)
  • Boiled eggs (also free on both days)
  • Fruit salad (free either day)
  • Fish sticks (free on red days)
  • Chicken strips with low fat yoghurt and cucumber (free on red days)
  • Low fat cottage cheese (free both days)
  • Muller yoghurts (free both days)

#2: Don’t weigh yourself daily

There is no need for you to weigh daily, just stick to weighing once a week at class.

Your weight will fluctuate during the week for a variety of reasons.

If you do not see any changes or worse still put on weight while weighing you maybe tempted to quit and have a chocolate bar or other food you know you shouldn’t to try and cheer yourself up.

#3: Buy the magazine

If you have never bought the Slimming World Magazine then you could be missing a trick as it is full of helpful tips and recipes that will be low in syns, are easy to make and are tasty.

This will help you from becoming bored with the same foods day in day out.

Make sure to buy it in class though as it will be cheaper than from your newsagent or supermarket.

#4: Get online

Like the magazine the official Slimming World website is full of tips and recipes that can help keep you interested.

Success at Slimming WorldThere are also various groups on Facebook that you can join where you can speak to others who are going through the same journey.

You can get advice and support, which will go a long way to helping you achieve your goals.

#5: Don’t deny yourself

If you have a craving then by all means indulge yourself, but within reason and count them as a syn.

Constantly denying yourself your favourite foods will only leave you wanting them more, which will eventually lead to you either quitting or overindulging.

#6: Set yourself small goals

If you want to succeed you need to set yourself smaller but more achievable goals, regardless of whether you only want to lose a few pounds or a few stone.

Achieving these smaller goals will help motivate you, and they will soon mount up.

#7: Plan ahead

Most of us know more or less how each day will plan out. So to ensure you are not tempted you should plan your eating ahead of time.

You can even do this while shopping too. Write a list and try not to deviate from it too much.

#8: Get support

This can be from family or friends, but if they are not going through the same journey they may not be able to offer the same level of support as another Slimming World member.

If you are going to the class each week then there will be opportunity to chat to the other members about any issues or solutions you discovered.

There are also online groups that you can use daily, when the need arises.

#9: Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables

There is a reason why fruit and vegetables are good for weight loss and healthy living.

They are high in nutrients but low in calories, so eating them will fill you up without ruining your diet.

Eat them with every meal, and keep a bowl of fruit out so that you can pick up a piece when you feel peckish between meals.

#10: Make healthy swaps

There are various healthy swaps you can make that can make a big difference to the numbers you see on the scales, for instance:

  • Swap oil and butter for a low-calorie cooking spray
  • Choose whole fruit instead of juice
  • Swap sugar for artificial sweeteners or honey
  • Use fat-free vinaigrette instead of high-calorie dressings
  • Choose skimmed or semi-skimmed milk instead of whole-milk

#11: Write down everything

It is important that whether you are a part of Slimming World or not that you keep a diary of not only what you eat, but also how you were feeling at the time too.

You can look back through this food diary to see patterns and will be able to make necessary changes to your behaviour if necessary.

You should also keep note of your progress too, both in terms of numbers but also a few photographs too, so that you can look back at these when you are feeling unmotivated to see just how far you have come.

#12: Weigh and measure your food

How can you keep track of your syns and healthy extras without being accurate with the amount you are eating?

If you do not keep track of them, then there is no way of knowing whether you are overeating or not, but if you are not seeing the results you would expect then maybe this is one of the reasons.

#13: Exercise

Exercise is not only important for weight loss but also for your general health too.

You wont even need to join the gym if you do not want to. I know that for some it can be a daunting task.

I suggest that if you are new to exercise then you start slow, and to perhaps go for a brisk walk every day. You can build up the intensity over time.

There are also a number of workouts that you can do from the comfort of your own home, below is an example of one that can be completed using your own bodyweight with no equipment, and very little room:

#14: Drink more water

An easy way to cut calories is to watch what you are drinking.

Out should go those soft drinks, they are after-all ‘empty calories’ that serve very little nutritional value.

Water is an ideal replacement as it contains zero calories, it can help fill you up pre-meal, and can help flush toxins from your body, so you will see your skin health improving too.

#15: Don’t pick at your children’s food

For all those parents out there that pick at their children’s meals it is time to stop.

Those crisps, or biscuits may seem tempting but they will add up over time, and no doubt you will not keep track of them in your diary.

#16: Stop skipping meals

Skipping meals, means fewer calorie consumed, right? Well, this is probably not true in the long run as chances are you will make up for the lack of food in the next meal.

Your metabolism will be slower too, so you will find that burning off that food will be difficult too.

I suggest that you eat more often, but smaller portions to ensure your metabolism is working to its fullest.

#17: Get plenty of sleep

A lack of sleep can ruin your efforts, this is because it can affect your hormones that control your appetite and cravings, making you feel hungrier than normal.

Weight Loss with Slimming WorldYou should aim to get a minimum of 7 hours sleep every night, so I would suggest that you switch off all distractions in your bedroom (phone, laptop etc), and to try and relax before you jump into bed.

Perhaps have a nice warm bath to destress just before bedtime.

#18: Don’t waste your syns

There are so many meals that you can make using free foods that its seems to be a shame to waste your syns on your main meals.

I would suggest that you save your syns for those foods you really crave, for example chocolate. Just make sure you count them and don’t dwell on the fact you have given in to temptation.

#19: Don’t guess the syns

There is a reason why we have these syn values, and you should check them before you eat them. Otherwise you could be in for a shock.

It is always better to plan ahead, rather than getting a surprise that you regret.

#20: Pre-prepare meals

If you lead a particularly busy life then preparing meals low in syns (or syn free), then freezing them for reheating later will save you having to buy a takeaway that you will regret eating.

#21: Experiment with your meals

If you are bored with what you are eating then you may be tempted to start eating too much junk.

Get creative and make your meals more interesting, you will be more likely to want to eat them.

#22: Don’t think of this as a diet

Slimming World is not a short term fix, and thinking that it is only a ‘diet’ will not work in the long run.

If you want to experience the success you crave then you need to start looking at this as a lifestyle change.

Think of it like this. Giving up will result in your lost weight being regained, so stick it out. The health benefits alone, make the effort worthwhile.

#23: Don’t give up

We will all encounter problems from time to time, but you must not let them get you down.

If you make a mistake just move on from it, it is no good dwelling on it, and definitely not a good idea to quit your efforts either.

Learn from any mistakes and don’t give up until you reach your goal. Your body will thank you for it.

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