10 tips for successful fasting

10 tips for successful fasting

Fasting diets such as the 5:2 Diet are a great way to lose weight and give your body a good detox. Unfortunately as with many diets it has its problems.

Fasting involves significantly reducing your calorie intake, which inevitably will leave you feeling hungry.

If you are not able to keep your food cravings under control then your fast will fail and any good work done previously will be in vain.

Benefits of fasting

Please watch this video to find out why you should consider fasting for weight loss:

Here are some tips that you can use to have a successful fast:

Successful fasting tip #1 – Eat small before a fast

Before starting a fast you should not overindulge in heavy solid foods, instead choose smaller and healthier options.

Successful fasting tip #2 – Drink cleansing tea

If you drink green tea or a herbal tea you will see even better detoxing than before.

You can buy many different varieties of tea, if you experiment then you will be able to find one with a taste you approve of.

Successful fasting tip #3 – When do you fast

One of the easiest ways to fast is from dinner to dinner; for example 8pm to 8pm.

Not only will you be sleeping through much of the fast but this also seems to fit in well with peoples schedules.

Successful fasting tip #4 – Drink plenty of juice

A great way to fill you up without consuming too many calories is through the creation of your own fruit or vegetable juices.

Simply blend your favourite vegetables or fruit and drink. Rather than allowing those food cravings get the better of you.

Successful fasting tip #5 – Drink plenty of water

Not only can water help to flush out all those toxins but it can also help to suppress your appetite too.

Often your body will mistake thirst for hunger so drinking water will keep you hydrated and those food cravings at bay.

Successful fasting tip #6 – Eliminate those toxins

A big part of any fast is the detox your body will undertake.

This may mean that you will frequent the toilet more often than normal, but do not worry as you will feel better within yourself.

Successful fasting tip #7 – Get plenty of exercise

If your aim is to lose weight then you will need to exercise.

Exercise will burn calories and stored fat, and depending on which exercise you perform can help build muscle.

Extra muscle helps to burn more calories while resting, plus looks a lot nicer than fat ever did.

Successful fasting tip #8 – After the fast

It is important that after your fast you try to avoid eating a large meal straight away, especially if you are finishing at 8pm.

Your food will not have time to be processed correctly if you eat too late and will simply sit in your stomach or even worse be stored as fat.

Successful fasting tip #9 – Have some alone time

If you know why you are fasting then take a little time to think about it and how you are going to achieve it.

This will help you if you ever have any issue as you would have prepared yourself beforehand.

Successful fasting tip #10 – Take a supplement

If you know that you may struggle with cravings then there are supplements available designed specifically for this problem.

One fasting supplement is known as the 5:2 Fast Formula that can eliminate cravings, while ensuring your body gets the nutrients it needs to stay healthy while fasting.

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