7 Summer Food Swaps

7 Summer Food Swaps

Well done on losing weight ready for the summer holidays, however with all those treats tempting you at every turn your new slimmer body wont last long unless you are careful.

Here are some summer food swaps that will stop you from overindulging:

#1: Polenta Chips for Fried Chips

Fried chips are always tempting, but can ruin your efforts and cause weight gain if you are not careful.

Instead try eating polenta chips or make your own chips using sweet potato instead.

#2: Vodka for Cocktails

It can be tempting to have a cocktail while you are lounging around the pool, however they are full of sugar that you really should be trying to avoid if you want to avoid gaining weight.

I would suggest vodka instead as it contains hardly any calories.

#3: Caesar Salad for Burgers

Burgers are often fried and usually covered in cheese and a variety of unhealthy additions (bacon, tomato sauce, mayonnaise etc).

Order a caesar salad instead when you are feeling hungry.

#4: Turkey for Pasta

Pasta will inevitably expand when consumed, which will leave you feeling bloated and uncomfortable. A feeling and look that you don’t really want when in your bathing suit at the pool or beach.

Instead try to eat lean meats such as turkey as this will fill you up without the bloat.

#5: Water for Soft drinks

Caffeinated soft drinks are full of ‘empty’ calories as they provide little if no nutritional value.

WaterInstead you should drink water. It has zero calories, can help control your appetite and can help flush away those toxins that can cause weight gain.

These toxins can also affect your skin and hair health, so removing them will be beneficial to these too.

If you find water boring then add a slice of lemon or lime for taste.

#6: Gin and Tonic for Wine

Wine is highly calorific, with some bottles of wine containing up to 1,000 calories.

While it would be easy for me to suggest water again, some of us like the occasional tipple so you could try vodka or a gin and tonic instead.

#7: Olives for Bread

When sitting down for a meal you will sometimes receive a complimentary basket of bread to snack on while you wait for your food.

White bread in particular is not good for weight loss as it is processed and contains numerous additional ingredients including sugars and preservatives.

Instead ask the waiter if you could have a bowl of olives instead. They would be a much healthier alternative to snack on while you wait.

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