Don’t leave summer weight loss till the last minute

Don’t leave summer weight loss till the last minute

You have probably heard before how these quick fix diets may initially result in weight loss, but once you return to your normal eating habits the weight will return often with a little extra.

With summer upon us isn’t it time you thought about making some lifestyle changes that will not only ensure you lose that excess weight, but will also be able to keep it off long term.

Here are some tips to help you achieve your goal:

Remember the phrase ‘plan, do and review

Weight loss will require some effort on your behalf, but if you have a plan and are able to set goals you are more likely to achieve them.

Just remember that you do have to do what you plan, and you are allowed to make changes to it, to make sure you are able to succeed.

How do you plan?

When writing a plan you need to keep it realistic and the goals should be achievable. You need to be specific but at the same time you cannot say that you aim to lose 30 pounds in a week as it is unrealistic and is not going to happen.

Setting unrealistic goals will only leave you disheartened when they are not achieved, which could leave you feeling like you should quit.

It is best that you try to choose weekly goals such as:

  • A 1-2 pound weight loss
  • A weekly goal weight
  • An activity goal to reach

Time to take action and ‘do

Once your plan is written you need to make the effort to achieve them. It is no good writing a plan if you are not going to try.

During this stage you should write down your progress, whether good or bad so that you can make changes if needed during the ‘review’ stage.

Write down what you are eating and your activity levels, along with any difficulties you encounter as well as your progress.

Review’ your current progress

In this stage you will need to ask yourself a few questions, for example:

  • Did you lose weight this week?
  • Did you achieve your goals?
  • Is there anything that you could improve?

Of course if you achieved your goals and lost the weight you expected then you may want to repeat the same process with the same goals, however if you didn’t achieve them or want to make changes then now is the time to do them.

After a week or so you will know what aspects of your weight loss journey you have found most difficult so will be better equipped to deal with it.

It is only by writing a plan, setting goals, doing the work and making changes will you achieve your goal weight.

Weight loss is certainly not easy but with a clear plan and a little hard work it is certainly achievable.

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