Should you avoid the Super Yacon Plus trial?

Should you avoid the Super Yacon Plus trial?

Back in November 2013 the famous Dr Oz spoke about the benefits of Yacon, where he conducted a small study on its benefits.

Following this appearance sales of Yacon have skyrocketed with many stores selling out.

There has also been an increase in supplements containing Yacon, such as Super Yacon Plus that is made available with a 14 day trial.

Let us look at Super Yacon Plus before we decide if it is a good option for supplementing our own weight loss efforts.

What is Yacon?

Yacon is a root vegetable found growing in the Andes that has traditionally been used to treat digestive problems.

YaconRecent research however has shown that Yacon can help with your weight issues too.

For a start when used as a replacement for sugar and artificial sweeteners it will reduce your calorie intake, as it contains a form of sugar that is not absorbed by your body.

This will also have an impact on your blood sugar levels, which will stay low so you will not experience any sugar highs and lows that cause food cravings.

Yacon also contains probiotics that will help your colon and digestive system to run smoothly as it can promote the growth of healthy bacteria.

Finally Yacon is full of antioxidants that will offer various health benefits including the ability to lower cholesterol levels, boost your immune system while fighting against heart disease and certain forms of Cancer.

Claims made by Super Yacon Plus

The following claims are made by Super Yacon Plus on their homepage:

  • Melt away fat
  • Tighter abs
  • Firmer bum
  • Thinner legs
  • Detoxify your body

These claims are certainly what you would expect to see, but can Super Yacon Plus stand up to further scrutiny?

Super Yacon Plus ingredients

Super Yacon Plus is claimed to be made from 100% pure Yacon with no additives or artificial ingredients.

Although there is no mention of the quantity of Yacon present the bottle clearly shows ‘1000’, which we can assume is the dosage amount.

This all seems promising as this is exactly what you should be looking for in a Yacon supplement.

Price of Super Yacon Plus

As previously mentioned Super Yacon Plus is available on a 14 day trial that will cost you £6.95 to cover the cost of postage.

Unfortunately when you sign up you are also agreeing that at the conclusion of the trial you will be charged the full price of £99.

Not only is £99 simply too much to be paying out for any supplement, but these kind of auto-ship programs are notoriously difficult to cancel.

Is Super Yacon Plus a scam?

Although there are terms and conditions present on the website to cover their sales tactics you will still get people signing up without realising that they are going to be charged such an extortionate fee.

No doubt once they see their bank statement they will see the true cost of this ‘trial’ and will undoubtedly call Super Yacon Plus a scam.

In our opinion these kind of offers should be avoided. It is unlikely that you will get much chance to experience the full benefits of Yacon within the 14 days, especially after you wait for delivery.

How to contact Super Yacon Plus?

If you have signed up for this trial and wish to contact Super Yacon Plus there is an email address (customerservice@super-yacon-plus.com) and phone number ((0)20 3014 5486) available.

To cancel you should use the following email address cancel@super-yacon-plus.com

The address for returns is similar to many other products that like to use auto-shipping as their business model:

Skin Rite Ltd.
PO Box 13511,
West Lothian
EH49 7YH

We would love to hear from you if you have signed up for this trial. Please leave a comment below.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Alternative Yacon supplement

For an alternative to Super Yacon Plus you should look at trying Yacon Root Pure.

Each Yacon Root Pure capsule contains 500 mg of pure Yacon in each dose, so the full benefits can be experienced.

Prices for Yacon Root Pure start at £39.99 for a months supply of capsules, with FREE UK delivery, a FREE diet guide and 30 day money back guarantee.

Best of all, unlike Super Yacon Plus, Yacon Root Pure does not offer its product as a trial so you do not have to worry about unauthorised charges being made.

Click here to read our review of Yacon Root Pure!

5 comments on "Should you avoid the Super Yacon Plus trial?"
  1. I signed up for a trail which I received for 2 95 igot my bank statement to day andthey have
    taken 93 pounds from my bank I am an old age pensioner 80 next January I cannot afford

    this please help me and tell me what to do thank you

    • i am also a pensioner and cant afford this how can you send them back there is no information came with the trial

  2. Pay for this stuff and use PayPal . You can get your money back from them if you ring up PayPal .

  3. A complete con…draw you in on free trial less than £10, then bill you £93 after 14 days because you hadnt realised you were being conned via small print into auto shipping scam! this is fraud nothing else and then 2 lots of £95 plus monthly this is disgusting.

    Has to be stopped NOW

  4. Definitely a complete scam
    theres no way i signed up to any charge beyond original 4.95 trial

    the customerservices email address does not exist as emails are returned

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