Super Yacon Review

Super Yacon Review

To start this review is of Super Yacon a supplement sold online by Bauer Nutrition, not Super Yacon Plus the product available on trial that operates an auto ship scheme.

Both supplements are similarly named, but is this where the comparisons stop? I guess the only way to see if Super Yacon is worth buying is by looking at it in more detail.

Benefits of Super Yacon

Super Yacon will provide the following benefits:

  • Lose weight safely and naturally
  • Prebiotic’s promote the growth of healthy bacteria
  • Improved digestion
  • Boosted metabolism
  • Appetite is suppressed
  • Antioxidants and dietary fibre for various health benefits

How does Super Yacon work?

The prebiotic’s found inside Super Yacon help to promote the growth of healthy bacteria such as Bifidus and Lactobacillus, which helps to keep both your colon and digestive system running as it should.

Super YaconThis improved digestion helps to boost your metabolic rate, which any dieter will tell you is important for burning off those excess calories before they are stored as fat on your body.

The high fibre content of Yacon also ensures you experience fewer cravings between meals, with a lower appetite overall so you will feel less inclined to overeat at dinner time.

Is Yacon proven?

While Yacon is more famous for its appearance on the Dr Oz Show, it first cam to the attention of the weight loss community back in April 2009 when a study was published in an issue of Clinical Nutrition.

Over a period of 120 days, 55 obese women were asked to consume Yacon every day.

At the conclusion of the study it was shown that the women lost an average of 33 pounds, with 4 inches lost from their waist alone.

Ingredients of Super Yacon

Each Super Yacon capsule contains 500 mg of Yacon root, which means you will be receiving the recommended 1000 mg each day.

This means using this supplement will provide you the exact amount to experience the full benefits.

Will Super Yacon cause any side effects?

While Yacon is safe for the majority of people, those who often suffer from diarrhoea or are allergic to sunflower seeds or similar are advised not to use this product.

As always if you have any previous medical condition, are pregnant or have any doubts about its use then it is always advisable that you speak to a doctor before trying it yourself.

Is Super Yacon recommended?

Super Yacon contains the correct dosage of Yacon so you will undoubtedly experience its full benefits.

The only negative is the high cost of the supplement. It is a shame as otherwise is would be highly recommended. As it stands there are other similar products available that offer the same amount of Yacon at a fraction of the cost, such as Yacon Root Pure for example.

Where to buy Super Yacon?

You can buy Super Yacon online from Bauer Nutrition. A months supply of 60 capsules will set you back £49.95.

Each order is eligible for FREE delivery and a 60 day money back guarantee.

Click here to buy Super Yacon from Bauer Nutrition


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