Supermarket tricks making you fat

Supermarket tricks making you fat

We all know that supermarkets are trying to make as much money as possible, they are a business after all. Well, what you may not know are the tricks they use to get you to buy those unhealthy, expensive foods.

Below you will see some of the tricks that supermarkets use that may make them money but are also making you fat.

#1 – Putting those unhealthy foods at eye level.

The saying goes that “eye level is buy level”, which makes sense in the supermarkets mind as this is what your eyes will immediately be drawn to. Not those cheaper brands at the very top or bottom of the shelves.

#2 – Larger shopping trollies

You may think that the supermarkets have tried to make life easier for you by making their shopping trollies larger, when in reality it is for you to buy more.

A recent study has shown that people buy an average of 19% more using this bigger trollies.

#3 – Putting cookies next to milk

While the cookies next to milk is just one example this can be used for various other food types that are often eaten together.

The aim is to tempt the shopper into impulsively buying more.

#4 – Freshly cooked food

Freshly cooked food is very tempting and while those freshly cooked chickens are a healthy food, there are others that are best avoided. For example the bread and cakes.

#5 – Playing music

Some supermarkets will play music that can relax you while shopping, resulting in your inhibitions being lowered causing you to make unhealthy food choices.

In conclusion

The tricks shown above are just the tip of the iceberg. No doubt there are plenty of other tricks these supermarkets will use to entice you into making those bad decisions.

Just remember the next time you go shopping and are tempted by those cakes or crisps, perhaps there is a reason why.

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