8 Surprising Ways to Burn Fat

8 Surprising Ways to Burn Fat

So you have decided to lose a few pounds, but whatever you try you are not seeing the results you would expect.

While diet and exercise will work, the results can be slow. Luckily for you there are a few other things that you can do that will help.

Read on to discover a few surprising ways to burn fat that you have probably not thought of. They really work and will certainly speed up your weight loss results.

#1: Have a sing in the shower

Have you ever felt tired after singing? Well, there is a reason for this.

Singing works various muscles, including the diaphragm in your abdomen, as well as the tiny muscles found in your larynx.

No wonder a 20 minute singing session could burn as much as 42 calories.

#2: Do something during the ad breaks

We all love to sit down after a hard days work in front of the TV, however if you have been sat down in work all day then you may not have burnt off many calories.

What I would suggest is that instead of sitting there doing the ad breaks that you get up and do a little exercise.

It may only be for a minute or 2 but they will add up over the night.

#3: Use the stairs

Rather than using the escalator or elevator, try using the stairs instead.

Your legs are your biggest muscle group so using them will help you to burn loads of calories, and subsequently fat.

#4: Park further away

Rather than parking by the door of your office, try to park a little further away so that you have to walk that little bit.

Burn FatThese few extra steps will mount up over time.

#5: Try standing on one leg

To workout while you are brushing your teeth I would recommend that you try standing on 1 leg.

Doing so will work on your balance as well as your back and core muscle that will be working to keep you upright.

#6: Have sex

Just half an hour of love making can burn as much as 85 calories.

Those who have regular sex are also happier in general, and have a lower risk of both cardiovascular disease and stroke.

#7: Walk and talk

For those of us who work in an office all day, and rarely get up to move around and burn calories perhaps every time someone phones we should walk and talk, rather than just sit there.

A working day can be long and you are missing an opportunity to burn a few extra calories if you choose to sit there all day.

#8: Watch a scary film

While you sit down at night wondering what to watch, perhaps you should choose a scary movie instead of a chick-flick.

Research has shown that scary movies can cause an increase in your heart rate, which can help to release adrenalin, while also helping to burn calories.

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