5 Surprising weight loss tips

5 Surprising weight loss tips

Weight loss can be difficult, with various diet and exercise regimes available that can really push your boundaries.

Often these methods can be drastic, with hundreds of calories to be cut from your diet or endless hours spent in the gym needed to see results. So what if I were to tell you of some surprising weight loss tips that could help you to see results even without exercise?

Of course you would be tempted wouldn’t you? Well, read on to see if you could integrate some of these ideas into your own efforts.

#1: Put out a bowl of fruit

You will probably make tens or possibly hundreds of decisions throughout the day regarding what you are going to eat.

Often you will make the unhealthy choice, which will damage your weight loss efforts.

However, by setting out a bowl of fruit you will find it easier to make the healthy choice as you wont have to go searching for it.

#2: Make nicer friends

Studies have shown that if you hear words of encouragement regarding your weight and your efforts you were more likely to want to either maintain your current weight or to lose a few pounds.

On the other hand those who were criticised about their weight often gained weight.

#3: Get more sleep

This may seem counter-productive but the reality is that if you do not get enough sleep (a minimum of 8 hours per night) then you will eat more the following day.

Sleep for weight lossNot only will you be eating in a desperate attempt to give you the energy you need to function, but a lack of sleep will cause an increase in cortisol production, which is a hormone associated with raised stress levels.

When your cortisol levels are high you will find that your cravings will also be high.

#4: Eat more almonds

Eating almonds as a snack-food is better for you than reaching for a chocolate bar or a packet or crisps.

Almonds contain healthy fats that can help to curb the appetite; just make sure to eat the antioxidant-rich skin too.

#5: Drink more water

There are various benefits you can experience just by drinking more water.

For a start water contains zero calories, so is a much better alternative to those caffeinated soft drinks that contain sugar, sweeteners along with various other additives.

Drinking water can also help to suppress your appetite and can help to flush out those toxins that cause weight gain.

An added bonus of the removal of these toxins is that your skin and overall health will improve too.

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