Svetol Green Coffee

Svetol Green Coffee

Over the past year sales of Green Coffee Bean extract has overtaken those of Green tea. This rise in popularity is no doubt due to its appearance on a popular TV doctors show and the growing proof of its fat burning abilities.

Yet which supplement is the best? There are literally hundreds of options all claiming to be the next miracle fat burner.

Perhaps Svetol Green Coffee made available by Evolution Slimming is what you need to reach your weight loss goals.

How does Green Coffee work?

Green Coffee Beans are simply unroasted coffee beans, which mean that they contain more chlorogenic acid than those that have been roasted.

Chlorogenic acid has been shown to aid slimming, with research also suggesting that it can help to control your blood sugar levels and prevent excess glucose from being absorbed into your blood stream.

By reducing the amount of glucose your body absorbs you will be forced to break down and burn fat for energy.

Benefits of Svetol Green Coffee

The following benefits can be experienced when you use Svetol Green Coffee:

  • Break down and burn fat
  • Control blood sugar levels
  • Contains 50% GCA (more than the minimum dosage)
  • Less caffeine than other Green Coffee supplements

What is Svetol Green Coffee made from?

Svetol Green Coffee supplementSvetol Green Coffee is made from 200 mg of pure Svetol Green Coffee Extract, which will provide you with 90 g of Chlorogenic acid.

It does not contain any chemical fillers and is completely safe for use by vegetarians.

Why use Svetol Green Coffee?

Unfortunately not all Green Coffee Bean supplements contain a high enough dosage of Chlorogenic acid to make it an effective fat burner.

It is recommended that to burn fat any supplement should contain a minimum of 45% Chlorogenic acid, with Svetol Green Coffee containing 50% CGA.

Unlike other forms of Green Coffee Bean, Svetol does not contain the same levels of Caffeine so is a much safer option.

Green coffee and Dr Oz

Back in 2012 the American TV personality Dr Oz made the claim that Green Coffee Bean extract was a “miracle.” Now although he will not endorse any one product he did say that you should look out for products that contain Svetol Green Coffee beans and at least 45% CGA.

Dr Oz also tested the power of Green Coffee Beans on a group of people, half of which were given Svetol (400 mg three times a day) with the others given a placebo.

At the conclusion of the two week test those who took the Svetol Green Coffee lost an average of 2 pounds compared to the single pound lost by those who took the placebo.

Other clinical studies

Clinical studies on the benefits of Svetol Green Coffee is increasing all the time.

Svetol clinical studyOne recent study published in the French scientific review, Phytothérapie was particularly promising.

During this study 50 people between the ages of 19 and 75 each with a BMI over 25 were split into two groups with one given 400 mg of Svetol daily and the others given a placebo.

After 60 days those who were given the Svetol lost an average of 11 pounds or 5.7% of their initial body weight.

Recently Svetol Green Coffee has been given a Natural Product Number (NPN) from Health Canada for its benefits on weight management and cardiovascular health, as well as a Health Functional Food Ingredient Certificate by the Korean Minister of Food & Drug Safety.

Side effects of Svetol Green Coffee

Some Green Coffee Bean supplements contain high levels of Caffeine that can cause side effects such as headaches, insomnia and high heart rates.

Svetol Green Coffee on the other hand contains less than 2% Caffeine, making them extremely safe to use.

If you have any allergies to Caffeine or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding then this supplement is not recommended.

How to see the best results?

Taking Svetol Green Coffee does not have to interfere with your day as you wont have to pop hundreds of pills to see results.

Just take 2 pills a day, 1 half an hour before breakfast and another half an hour before lunch for the best results.

It is recommended that you take this supplement with water, which is a good weight loss tip in general as water can help keep any cravings at bay if you are dieting and can help to remove any toxins from your body.

Svetol Green Coffee conclusion

Svetol Green Coffee is recommendedSvetol Green Coffee is highly recommended as it is made from powerful proven ingredients. It is also affordable and if used alongside a healthy exercise regime with regular exercise then you should start to see some good losses on the scale.

Where to buy Svetol Green Coffee?

The best place to buy Svetol Green Coffee is from the Evolution Slimming website, a well known stockist of some of the most popular weight loss products.

A one month supply of 60 pills will cost you £24.95, although you could buy larger quantities for big savings.

Each order is available with a 30 day money back guarantee, a FREE 7 day diet plan and fast FREE UK delivery with discreet packaging.

Click here to buy Svetol Green Coffee

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11 comments on "Svetol Green Coffee"
  1. I’m so glad I cam across this website. Signed up for one of those auto ship thingies but managed to cancel before they managed to take more than the shipping costs.

    Now gonna try this svetol. Sounds like it could be what I need.

  2. Down 20 pounds this first month, used alongside slimming world. x

  3. Bought a couple of bottle of this last September and while I been going to the gym my diet hasnt really improved so I am impressed that I have lost just over 2 stone in that time.

  4. Can I use this with garcinia pure?

  5. Hi, I’m 29 looking for something to help with my weight loss alongside exercise and eating healthier. I’ve read your reviews on both Phen375 and Svetol green coffee (possibly alongside detox plus). I do have approx 3 stone to shift so I was wondering which you’d recommend.

    • Hello Clare, if you are planning on going to the gym regularly then I would recommend Phen375 out of the 2. However, if you are after a more natural product then Svetol would be the better option. 🙂

  6. Despite my worries gave it a try and am glad that I did. Price paid was the price you see online which was great as I have heard so many horror stories about other products. Used it now just over a month and am close to a stone and a half down.

  7. Have been taking this for a month or so now and have seen my weight drop so am happy so far. Think I may need to do a little more though.

  8. Do I need to continue or can I stop whenever I want to? Thanks

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