Lose Weight with Sweet Potato Waste Water

Lose Weight with Sweet Potato Waste Water

The sweet potato is a delicious and nutritious alternative to white potatoes.

They are full of various nutrients including vitamin A, as well as various antioxidants and ant-ageing properties.

Sweet potatoes have even been shown to help prevent certain forms of cancer.

Now, research has shown that sweet potato also offers another benefit; weight loss, but how can it aid your slimming efforts?

What research has been undertaken?

According to new research that has been published in the journal Heliyon, the starchy water that is left over after cooking sweet potatoes may help with weight loss and your digestion.

Sweet Potato for Weight LossWhen this wastewater was tested on mice, the researchers found that those who consumed the sweet potato peptide protein (SPP) in the higher concentrations had significantly lower body weight.

They also had smaller livers and cholesterol levels, which suggests that the SPP can help suppress both appetite and lipid metabolism.

While this research is promising, further research will need to be undertaken on humans to see if similar results can be replicated.

Perhaps in future once the research has been finalised we will be able to make use of our own sweet potato waste water, rather than throwing it away.

Why was this study undertaken?

This study was undertaken by the team of researchers at Japan’s National Agriculture and Food Research Organisation.

With so much wastewater being discarded into rivers and oceans, this research was originally planned to look for ways to reuse wastewater that is produced from the countries industrial-scale processing of sweet potatoes.

Around 105 million metric tons of vegetables in Japan are grown every year to produce various food stuff including flour, noodles, candy, bread and other starch-based products.


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