Is Swimming Effective for Weight Loss?

Is Swimming Effective for Weight Loss?

When it comes to exercises for weight loss there are some that are better than others.

Compare walking with swimming for example, which would you say would be the better for burning off excess calories? Well, a 2010 study published in the journal Metabolism―Clinical and Experimental has the answer.

What did the study discover?

In the study, undertaken at the School of Medicine and Pharmacology (Royal Perth Hospital Unit), University of Western Australia, two groups of women who had chosen to undergo a year long exercise regime of either swimming or running were compared.

These women each performed their exercises at equal levels of intensity 3x a week.

At the end of the study, those who swam regularly had lost an average of 2 and a half pounds, which was more than those who walked regularly.

The swimmers also lost more fat from their waistlines, with an average of just under an inch lost.

What causes these results?

One of the reasons for the better weight loss results experienced by the swimmers was that the cold from the pool caused their metabolism to become raised in an effort to warm them.

It is important that after your swimming session has concluded that you eat. Swimming in cold water can leave your appetite reduced, but to regain the warmth and to start the process of repair to your muscles you should eat.

Our final thoughts

While swimming was shown to be the better of the two exercises for weight loss, whatever exercise you do has got to be better than no exercise at all.

Remember, you will be more likely to stick to an exercise regime if you are enjoying doing it.

If exercise becomes a chore then you wont want to do it, whether it is good for you or not.

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