Tea Tone Plus Review

Tea Tone Plus Review

Tea Tone Plus is weight loss pill designed to help your body not only burn off that stubborn stored fat, but also prevent any future fat build up too.

Using Tea Tone Plus will help you shift those excess pounds and inches.

What are the benefits of using Tea Tone Plus?

  • Metabolism boosting
  • Fast fat burning
  • Reduced hunger levels
  • Lose 2-3lbs a week
  • Increased energy levels
  • Made from natural ingredients

Experience the benefits of Tea Tone Plus today

Ingredients of Tea Tone Plus

Every Tea Tone Plus capsule contains 800mg of fat burning ingredients, including 3 different weight loss teas, and Raspberry Ketone, the latest fat burning miracle.

Lets look a little closer at each ingredient used:

Green Tea ExtractGreen tea extract

This ingredient can target those stubborn fat cells before burning them as energy.

In one particular clinical study performed on 50 individuals, weight losses were around 30lbs on average.

Puerh tea extract

This particular ingredient helps to suppress your body’s fatty acid synthesis that can help with your weight loss efforts and help prevent cardiovascular disease.

Taking Puerh tea can help stimulate your nervous system, which will help your body to use up more energy, and calories.

Oolong tea extract

Oolong tea contains a high dosage of antioxidants that can offer numerous health benefits, including the ability to boost your metabolism.

One particular study undertaken at the Ehime University in Japan has shown that Oolong tea could stimulate lipolysis, which is the process where fat is broken down to provide energy.

Oolong tea was also shown in the same study to block the action of an enzyme that breaks down fatty acids. This process therefore helps to reduce the amount of dietary fat you can absorb.


Razberi-K™, which is often called Raspberry Ketones is a compound found in red raspberries.

Consuming this compound helps your body to release norepinephrine, which is a powerful hormone that sends signals to your brain to break down fat cells.

Over the last year or so sales of Raspberry Ketone supplements have exploded thanks to this ingredients appearance on The Dr Oz Show, where fitness expert Lisa Lynn showed how effective it can be at burning fat.

Is Tea Tone Plus safe to use?

Buy Tea Tone PlusAs Tea Tone Plus only uses 100% natural ingredients there is little chance of suffering any side effects.

The capsules are also manufactured in an FDA registered laboratory so the highest safety standards have been met.

Tea Tone Plus conclusion

If used alongside a healthy diet with regular exercise then I see no reason why you cannot lose the weight you want. Just remember to continue with this new healthier lifestyle if you want to keep the weight off long term.

Where to buy Tea Tone Plus?

You can buy a 1 month supply of Tea Tone Plus online through the official website for £22.77, which is a saving of £22.83 off the RRP.

For even bigger savings you should order 3 bottles as you would receive 1 FREE bottle, with an incredible £81.54 saving.

Click here to try Tea Tone Plus today

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