Should you try a Teatox Diet?

Should you try a Teatox Diet?

Over the past few months there has been a lot of talk on social media websites about Teatox Diets, but what are they and can they really help with your own weight loss efforts?

What is a Teatox Diet?

The Teatox Diet involves drinking a tea (there are numerous brands available) that will contain ingredients designed to help promote weight loss by cleansing your digestive tract of waste and the associated toxins.

TeaBenefits of a Teatox include:

  • Fast weight loss
  • Reduced body fat
  • Lower cholesterol

Of course there are other benefits too, for example removing the built up toxins from within your body should also improve your overall health too.

You should feel less bloated, with more energy and clearer skin after undergoing a Teatox.

Do Teatox diets work?

Yes, they do work, but you must remember that certain brands of Teatox tea are going to be more effective than others.

Certain ones will only promote weight loss and detoxing as they contain diuretics, which could cause side effects.

Weight loss caused by diuretics will not result in long-term weight loss as the weight lost will likely to be only “water weight” that will quickly be replaced.

Popular ingredients of Teatox teas

While some of the more popular ingredients found in Teatox teas are diuretics like Senna leaf, there are other brands that use better ingredients that have been in use for centuries in Chinese medicine.

For example ingredients like Green Tea, Oolong Tea and Peppermint Tea can all promote weight loss without the side effects.

Potential side effects of Teatox Diets

If the Teatox tea contains Senna leaf than you may find that you will likely visit the toilet more often than you would like.

Senna leaf is approved by the FDA as a nonprescription laxative that can be used to treat constipation.

It works by irritating your stomach lining to produce a laxative effect. Unfortunately this can lead to side effects like stomach discomfort, cramps and diarrhoea.

What to eat during a Teatox?

As with any diet you should not rely solely on the Teatox tea for the weight loss results you desire.

For best results you should always change your diet for the better. This means that you should:

  • Cut back on the amount of takeaways and junk food you consume
  • Increase your intake of fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Eat more fibre-rich foods
  • Eat more protein, such as chicken, turkey or salmon

Tips for a successful Teatox

As well as ensuring you eat as healthily as possible, you should also consider visiting the gym a few times a week too.

Rather than waste hour after hour with steady-state cardio, I would suggest you workout either with weights or complete a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout.

It is pointless going to the gym if you are not going to give your all. Give 100% and you will soon see the effects it will have on your body.

Which Teatox tea is best?

EvoTea TeatoxAs stated above there are numerous Teatox brands available, each with their own unique blend of ingredients that offer differing benefits.

Our recommendation is a newer entry into the market, yet it is one of the best available.

Its name is EvoTea, and it is sold online by Evolution Slimming who are offering a 30 day supply for £19.99/$30.

This Teatox tea is made using 100% natural ingredients (that doesn’t include Senna leaf by the way), so will provide numerous benefits without the side effects.

Click here to read our full review of EvoTea

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