Study Finds Tequila Linked to Weight Loss

Study Finds Tequila Linked to Weight Loss

One thing you have likely heard while you have tried to lose weight is that you should avoid alcohol is it is full of fattening calories, but while this is true for some drinks it is not true for all.

Vodka for example has zero calories, but this can be a little boring to drink on a night out.

Well, a new study has found that tequila may actually aid your own weight loss efforts, so perhaps this would serve as another option.

What research was undertaken?

According to research that was presented at the American Chemical Society, tequila was shown to lower blood sugar levels and aid weight loss.

Researchers fed mice a standard diet, with some given agavins, which is a type of sugar found in the agave plant used to make tequila.

They discovered that those given the agavins ate less and lost more weight, when compared with those who consumed the diet alongside other sweeteners such as glucose, fructose, sucrose, agave syrup and aspartame.

Why is tequila so effective for weight loss?

The agavins are non-digestible, which means that they can act in a similar way as dietary fibre, so wont cause your blood sugar levels to rise.

This is beneficial as it can help ensure that people who consume this sugar feel fuller and are therefore more likely to consume less.

This research also found that agavins, like other fructans, are the best type of sugar for helping to support the growth of healthy microbes in the mouth and intestines.

While this research while impressive does not mean that you should start adding tequila to your daily diet, there are still plenty of risks involved with the overconsumption of alcohol.

With the proven weight loss benefits though, this is probably a good option on a night out when compared to the alcoholic drinks full of artificial sweeteners.

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