Testosterone and weight loss

Testosterone and weight loss

We would all love to find a miraculous way in which to shed pounds from our spare abdominal tyre without having to significantly increase our exercise routine or massively alter our diet.

The quest for this miracle fat-busting trick is seemingly never-ending. Or is it?

If you walk into a gym and ask your average fitness enthusiasts to name a physical influence that you can increase that will help you to lose weight, you will get a harmonious (and possibly breathless) answer – testosterone.

Can testosterone really aid weight loss?

Research has proven that there is a definitive link between increased testosterone and weight loss, with lean test subjects proving to have significantly higher testosterone levels than the larger subjects.

So, is upping your testosterone levels really a magic way in which to reduce your body fat?

The science behind the claim of a notable connection between high testosterone levels and a lean body proves that increased testosterone levels will promote weight loss.

In case you need further convincing, the researchers at the Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science released an interesting fact from their study:

When test subjects had testosterone levels of 600 ng/dl that were reduced to 300 ng/dl, fat mass increased by 36 per cent.

This proves that men with raised testosterone levels are able to retain a leaner physique.

This is partly due to the fact that in a body with a high level of fat cells there is an elevated level of inflammation, which can suppress the production of testosterone.

With the body of an obese man unable to generate the standard levels of testosterone, it’s easy to see why gaining weight can be a vicious circle that for many can be hard to break.

In another interesting study, low testosterone levels were found in 75% of men who were classified as being “very obese“.

When their testosterone levels were increased, they relatively quickly lost significant amounts of body fat, particularly stubborn abdominal fat.

How can you raise your testosterone levels?

So it would seem that being a testosterone-filled alpha male will engender a lean body. But how can you raise your testosterone levels?

TestosteroneIf you want to be a fat-incinerating machine, here are some of the best ways in which to increase your testosterone levels:

#1 – Sprint hard & fast:

Sprinting up and down hills two-three times a week in six-second bursts has been proven to increase testosterone levels during and after the exercise.

#2 – Lift heavier weights:

Regular lifting of heavy weights is also effective, with exercises such as kettlebell snatches, squats and deadlifts proving to be some of the best.

#3 – Increase zinc & Vitamin D consumption:

Both of these are imperative for healthy testosterone production.

#4 – Reduce sugar intake:

Sugar increases insulin levels which compromises testosterone production.

Eating the right fats and reducing stress levels will also help your body to produce more testosterone, which as we have already determined is a natural and highly effective way in which to burn body fat.

Being an alpha is all about being the best possible version of you. Losing weight by increasing your testosterone levels can be a productive way to becoming leaner, healthier and in turn happier with yourself.

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